Pros and Cons of Smartwatches

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Smartwatches are ruling the wearable industry for quite some time now. A smartwatch can play the role of a fitness tracker and a smartphone. It also looks fashionable on your wrist. So most people nowadays fall for the different smartwatch options available in the market. However, there are still many people who are unsure of whether such a device is needed for them. Such people may read this article to find the pros and cons of using a smartwatch.

Let’s start with the pros.

  • Supports a healthy lifestyle

Besides the pedometer role, smartwatches offer several fitness features like activity tracking, calories burned, nutrition, etc. Some smartwatches also monitor blood pressure and heart rates. You will get to know more about your health and allow you to reach your fitness goals easily.

  • Easy-to-access notifications

A smartwatch offers quick access to notifications. The user gets notifications on messages, emails, texts, calls, news, social media apps, and more on their smartwatch. Thus, there is no need to look at the phone always to stay up-to-date. Smartwatches are more convenient when you are driving or in a meeting.

  • Send and receive calls

You always have the chance of missing calls when you are busy. The ring of your phone may not be heard when you are in a busy place. However, your smartwatch will send you vibrations for calls, allowing you to send and receive calls easily.

  • Convenient

Modern smartwatches are equipped with several convenient features. Some of them have NFC features to make cashless payments. The LTE cellular capabilities of some smartwatches allow users to make calls and send messages even without a smartphone in hand.

  • Music and movies

Smartwatches are kings in terms of entertainment when compared with ordinary watches. Some smartwatches allow users to watch a full movie. Connecting earphones to the smartwatches helps you to listen to unlimited music.

Now, it is time to learn about the cons of smartwatches.

  • Price

Smartwatches are expensive. Even the affordable ones are costlier than ordinary watches. People on a tight budget should rethink buying a smartwatch.

  • Battery life is limited

Most smartwatches claim to have 1-2 days of battery life with a single charge. However, some of them don’t even last for a day when battery-consuming features are used. If your watch does not have a charge, it will stop tracking your fitness in the middle.

  • Always needs your phone

If your smartwatch cannot be connected to a WiFi network or does not have a cellular connection, it needs to be in the Bluetooth range of your phone to operate. Therefore, you will have to always keep your phone near you to operate your smartwatch.

  • Small screen size

Everything in a smartwatch is cluttered in a little space. You will have to take extra effort to tap the right button on your smartwatch. It is very hard for people with big fingers. Watching movies on your smartwatch will not be pleasing when compared to a tablet or a smartphone.