How to Hard Reset Smartwatch Forgot Password?

If you are looking for how to hard reset a smartwatch forgot password? look at this there are a few steps to do.

1. While the watch is on, press the Mode button until you see the time and date screen (you can also enable Always On to make it easier.)

2. You will see a gear with small lines around it: this means that you are in engineering mode. Press Mode again until you see an android with a triangle and exclamation mark: this means that your watch is “bricked”, i.e., cannot connect to its paired phone anymore because of an unknown reason such as invalid password or formatting of eMMC memory (please note that the factory reset process does not format eMMC memory).

3. Press Start, then Volume Up for two seconds, then Power to load recovery mode menu. You should now be able to see the Android mascot!

4. Press Volume Up until it says “Factory Data Reset” at the bottom of the screen, then press Power to confirm. You should now be able to create a new password/PIN/pattern for your smartwatch.

[note note_color=”#e4e8ef” text_color=”#000000″ radius=”4″]Note that resetting your watch will remove all its data so make sure you’ve backed up important information before doing this.

The whole process takes less than one minute and is completely safe as long as step 3 is done correctly – do not release buttons or tap on any other part of the screen during the whole factory reset process otherwise you might mess something up and cause even more damage than what you’re trying to fix in the first place![/note]

If you forgot your lock screen PIN code: the same steps as the factory reset process (from step 3 onwards) should work except that you don’t need to create a new one. Just type in 0000 and your PIN code will be restored;

If you forgot your password: this cannot be recovered unless you write it down somewhere or someone tells it to you. Please note that we don’t store any of your passwords on our servers and no data is transmitted over the Internet so there’s nothing we can do to help recover it for you!

Please also note that with most smartwatches only the first four digits of your password count – if you have something more than four, just omit some numbers or symbols at the beginning so all five numbers are used. For example, if your watch has a password lock set to 1234XXXX, then your password is just 4343.

If you forgot your pattern or PIN code: all you have to do is re-enter it on the watch – once you’ve done this, make sure that phone data is synced with your watch (open clockface settings, select server at the bottom of the screen and press Sync now).

You can always send us an email if something went wrong during the factory reset! We’re happy to help but please note that we don’t keep any of your passwords on our end so it’s nearly impossible for us to recover them for you.