best smartwatch for iphone 7 plus

Best Smartwatches for iPhone 7 Plus – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Smartwatches are wearable smartphones that you can carry with you on your wrist. Smartwatches are not just showing the accurate time, they have many other features that convince us to compare them with smartphones. The advanced smartwatches are connected to our smartphones and give us all important updates. They also have colored touch-screen but those are the expensive ones, normally a smartwatch has a black and white screen. A smartwatch also has buttons but it’s your choice weather you want to use a touch technology or buttons. Many smartwatches contain features that tell you heart rate and information about your body fitness.

As we achieve more advancement in technology, the size of our devices gets shorter. Some early smartwatches have the feature to receive messages but we can’t reply. Now, smartwatches are so much revolutionized that they can manage some complex circuits and perform various tasks. The world is advancing towards technology, Apple company introduce new smartwatches that are going to give you a technology lifestyle. If you compare android and iPhone smartwatches you almost end up with the same reviews. But the iPhone watches get more scale in pricing. You usually see that almost every smartwatch sports an Android phone but only a few sport iPhones. For this purpose, apple made many smartwatches that are compatible with the iOS series.


Smartwatches compatible with iPhones 

The smartwatches that have Google Wear Operating System are also capable of working with iPhones. It is not an easy challenge to find a perfect smartwatch for your iPhone. Many Samsung smartwatches are work perfectly with iPhones. The watches that track fitness features are good for an iPhone user with GPS tracking and waterproof quality.

The following list is for iPhone 7 plus users who want a perfect smartwatch. You can choose according to your need and affordability.

Best smartwatches for iPhone 7 plus
        Name of the watchPrice of the watchesSpecifications
1.Apple watch series 3


$528 Color:                                 space gray

Additional feature:          Heart rate monitor

Brand:                                Apple

Size:                                    38mm

Bluetooth:                         802.11b, 802.11g

2.Samsung Gear S3 smartwatch


$381 Color:                                 frontier

Additional feature:         Pedometer

Brand:                                Samsung

Size:                                    US version

Bluetooth:                         802.11b, 802.11g, 802.11n

3. Fitbit Ionic watch


$297 Color:                                 Charcoal/Smoke gray

Additional feature:         Pedometer

Brand:                                Fitbit

Weight:                              0.67 pounds

connections:                     Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, GPS

4.Huawie Watch 2 classic


$277 Color:                                  Black

Additional feature:         Fitness tracker

Brand:                                HUAWIE

Connectivity:                    Bluetooth

Technology:                      GPS, NFC

5.YAMAY smartwatch compatible with iOS$45.99 Color:                                 Pink

Additional feature:          Fitness tracker

Brand:                                YAMAY

Voice command:              touchable screen

connections:                     Bluetooth

6.Willful smartwatch


$35.99 Color:                                  Black, pink, blue, purple

Additional feature:         Fitness tracker, sleep tracker

Brand:                                Willful

Connectivity:                    Wireless

Bluetooth:                         802.11b, 802.11g, 802.11n

7.MorePro Smartwatch


$54.99 Color:                                 Pink

Size (l*W*H):                    9.8 * 0.4 * 1.2 inches

Brand:                                MorePro

weight:                               1.76 Ounces

Bluetooth:                         802.11b, 802.11g, 802.11n



Apple Series 3 Watches

This is the third upgrade form of the apple smartwatches series. It has watchOS4 and Dual-core processor which make it exceptionally advance. Apple S3 smartwatches support SIM and GPS which make you stay connected to the social world when your phone is dead. It has a 50m waterproof warranty and is used for underwater exercises like in swimming pools and the ocean. It is compatible with all iPhone series above 6. This watch tracks your cardiovascular activities. It also has an altimeter, accelerometer, and a gyroscope.

If you are on a call or going jogging just to stay healthy, this watch helps you to stay connected, make calls, write text messages even when your iPhone is not around you. The apple S3 smartwatch has two different forms one is with GPS and the other is with GPS and cellular, both types are capable of fast processing with a wireless chip inside it.


  • Water resistance
  • Dual-core processor
  • Compatible with iPhone series above 6
  • GPS and cellular processing


  • Not compatible with early iPhone series
  • Expensive

You can get this watch by clicking on the following link.

Samsung Gear S3 smartwatch

This stylish watch can give new exposure to features. Samsung Gear watches have a gear through which you can rotate the buckle to select the icon you want to openThis watch can give a feature of Samsung payments just by swipe or tapping a card no matter what place you are. The Gear S3 watch connects with your iPhone and android phone by Bluetooth. As we know Samsung always gives high quality, there is no way to review the quality of a Samsung product.

The touch system is outstanding you hardly see something wrong in the touch system throughout its life span. The 4GB memory is available for storing music and connecting to Bluetooth. You can snooze the alarm with just a swipe and setting alarm is also very easy. The vibration is the best feature for your alarm, it makes a soft vibration which enough to awake you. It offers wireless charging, fully recharged your watch in just a few hours.


  • Offer wireless charging
  • Connectivity with both iOS and Android
  • Samsung payment at anytime
  • Advance touch system
  • 4GB memory


  • Recharge it time to time
  • Not actually a fitness tracker
  • Watch is not awake with hand movements.

You can get this watch by clicking on the following link.

Fitbit Smartwatches

Fitbit watches give you guidance about your goals by teaching you dynamically. Keep you aware about your heart activity and fitness condition regularly. You can also store more than 300 songs to keep yourself motivated. You can use main applications and payments on your wrist. Fitbit watches have a long-lasting battery life of 5 days. It has a beautiful large touch screen with colors, which makes it easy to understand. Its curve structure makes it look slimmer when worn. A green light is always blinking which detects your fitness but you can’t off it by yourself.

It is one of the most advanced watches Fitbit has ever made. A combination of plastic and metal is used to make its body tighter on the wrist and give a perfect grip. It is waterproof and has good brightness even in bright sunlight. Sometimes its functioning may slow down due to switching between apps which is quite frustrating but still a popular choice for users.


  • Good memory
  • Long-term battery
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Waterproof
  • Have a fitness tracker.


  • Greenlight blinking every time.
  • Slow down touch system sometimes
  • Little heavy

You can get this watch by clicking on the following link.

HUAWIE smartwatch 2 Classic

The HUAWEI watches can offer you coaching which can help you maintain your fitness and help you to reach your goals. You can connect the apps with Android Phones and iOS also but limited compatibility with iOS. You can receive all the upcoming information of your smartphone on its small screen. Using Android payment, you can also make payments from it. This watch is not only water resistance but also dust resistant. A SIM card slot with 4GB memory you can’t deny its advanced features. This version of the HUAWEI watch has a GPS now and you don’t need to take your phone while running or doing workouts.

A side button that is used to discover new workout features. The body of this watch is designed beautifully which makes it look smaller on your wrist. It is 5mm larger than its previous version. Using the touchable display is difficult during workouts so the buttons on the right side are good for users.


  • Fitness tracker
  • Payment system
  • 4GB memory
  • Waterproof and dust resistance


  • Limited iOS compatibility
  • Little big on the wrist
  • Health apps are more congenital

You can get this watch by clicking on the following link.

Willful smartwatches 

These Willful watches offer compatibility with iPhones and Android phones. You get all notifications on your wrist by connected to Bluetooth. GPS helps you in tracking your location when you are jogging or during travel. You have to download an app to connect your phone with Willful smartwatches. Your all activities include running, walking, swimming and 6 more sports are tracked by this watch.


It has an IP68 rating of waterproof which allows you to swim while wearing it. It is water-resistant but can’t record data underwater. The app also allows you to connect with android and iPhone. You can use is 7 days for full-time use and 30 days. They are available in the market at an affordable price. The most interesting thing about these watches can analyze whether you are in deep sleep or a shallow one.



  • Track Heart rate
  • Waterproof watch
  • Brightness options
  • Music controller
  • Breath rate 


  • The functions are affected by sunlight
  • You can’t change the faces of watch
  • Can’t reply to texts.

You can get this watch by clicking on the following link.

More-Pro Smartwatches New version

It is the most affordable smartwatch you can find. It has all the features one should want in his smartwatch with a glamorous designing. This exceptional model is waterproof, count your footsteps and your cardiovascular activities. More-Pro brand upgrades its watch regularly with new features like it work as a remote controller for your iPhone 7 plus camera. Sometimes it gives inaccurate counting or tracking and its screen is also easily damageable. Still, it is perfect for a health-tracking smartwatch lover.

The camera remote feature is helpful for you. If you want to upload videos and pictures while doing exercises this watch is a good choice for you. Just leave your phone at some appropriate place and use a tracker to control the camera. Here is another exceptional feature for women. This feature is called the physiology period reminder. It will help women to keep a check on their monthly period fluctuations.


  • Fine quality
  • Monitor your heart activities
  • Long-lasting battery which lasts for 5 days
  • Affordable


  • Sometimes not find accurate measurements
  • Can damage easily
  • Waterproofing is not so accurate.

You can get this watch by clicking on the following link.

YAMAY New smartwatches

It is offer connectivity with both iOS all series and Android. These watches are a perfect match for fitness tracking, they have 14 different fitness features that allow us to keep control over our health and calories. YAMAY watches are waterproof so you can use them during bathing or swimming without any worry. It can tell you about your breath behavior and inhale, exhale rate. This watch is made with TPE texture which makes them more comfortable and durable. The touch system is fast and gives you an option to set your brightness according to your need.

You can get all your iPhone notifications on the watch. The additional advantage of this watch is that it can compatible with windows, iPads, and tablets. If you want a smartwatch that enjoyable for your social life as well as for physical life then YAMAY watches are made for you.


  • 14 features with perfect working.
  • Compatible with Androids and iPhones.
  • Water resistant quality.
  • Very pleasant to wear


  • You have to buy a charger
  • Not compatible with the early iPhone series.

You can get this watch by clicking on the following link.

There are many more smartwatches that are good for iPhone 7 plus users. This list is based on personal reviews and opinions.

Different forms of smartwatches 

There are basically two main categories of smartwatches. First one is Wear OS Watches, these are general watches that are highly dependent on your smartphone. They are a small form of your smartphones which you can wear on your wrist.

The second form is niche watches, these watches are made while keeping a specific purpose in mind like fitness tracking and sleep monitoring. For example, Fitbit watches are niche smartwatches.

Swimming and Hiking watches are good examples of niche watches they are made for traveling and hiking while tracking your fitness, footstep, dustproof, vibration detector, timing, depth of the sea, GPS for your location, and many more. We also have a separate market for smartwatches that are used for flying purposes. They show your location on a map and height from the ground. Smartwatches achieved so much advancement to make your goal and challenges easy for you.

Points you should consider before getting a smartwatch

There are many points you should consider before buying any smartwatch. Some of them are listed below:

Compatibility of phone: The very first thing you should keep in mind is the compatibility of your smartphone with the smartwatch. The apple smartwatches are only compatible with iPhones. The Wear OS devices are work with iOS and Android phones also. So, you need to check the compatibility of your phone because nobody wants a watch that collects all data but not able to send it on your device. Samsung smartwatches are compatible with both Android and iOS but you have to download an app to connect your phone.

Cost and affordability: Smartwatches are usually very expensive especially Apple smartwatches. Their cost is approximately $150 to $300. The more expensive the watch is more advanced the features it has. They have GPS and NFC which are not available in low budget watches. Many companies make customize fitness watches that have many fitness applications. Their cost is $500 to $600, these watches are mostly used by sportsmen and athletes. So, chose according to your need and affordability.

Capacity of battery: The biggest complaint about a smartwatch is battery life. Apple and OS wear watches can survive two full days. Watches that have a 3100 processor have extensive battery life. If you don’t want to use other features that are consuming battery you can simply turn them off and just display the time it gives you a 5 days long battery. The battery life of some fitness apple watches lasts for 6 days.

Fitness tracker: This feature is one of the main reasons, why smartwatches succeeded in taking the attention of many audiences? This feature will help you to maintain your health and keep a check on your cardiac activity. They have a Global positioning system that will help you navigating runs. Some companies also offer additional features such as saturation measurement, stress measurement, and auto- exercise detection.

Water resistant: This feature is now common in many all-purpose devices. If you want to measure your body activity while swimming, a waterproof smartwatch will help you in the best way. It will also help you to get rid of taking out the watch again and again while washing hands, dishes, or doing laundry.

Near Field Communication (NFC): It’s annoying when you go out and halfway you suddenly realize that you forget to take your wallet or debit card. But if you have an NFC system in your smartwatch you don’t need to worry about that. NFC is a wireless technology deployed. Once you save your debit card information you can hold your smartwatch up to an NFC reader to pay for anything. This feature will help you to make secure transactions and exchange digital content. So, you can pay for your dress without your wallet or debit card. So, if you want to make your life easier consider this feature while buying smartwatches.


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