Best Smartwatch Under $100 Buyer’s Guide 2022

Are you looking for best smartwatches under $100? As the technology in smartwatches continues to grow in popularity, more and more companies are now manufacturing these devices so far, it is very hard to find the best smartwatches under budget. Due to this supply and demand phenomenon works in your favor.

For the past decade, the applications are frequently upgraded year after year. Now, the users have plenty of choices which results in low-priced smartwatches.

The economical & best smartwatches can help you to stay connected without spending more than $100 for some smart gadgets on your wrist. These budget brands offer all the basic notifications and advanced activity and health-related features such as GPS and heart rate monitors as in high-priced smartwatches.

Criteria for choosing cheap & best smartwatches under $100

You can analyze the low price of smartwatches by the same means you do high price models:

  • By wearing smartwatches, see how well they fit on your wrist.
  • Easy display to read in direct sunlight
  • Watch capabilities: GPS, health trackers, Connectivity.
  • No of applications available on a smartwatch.
  • Compatibility with Android phones
  • Battery life
  • With all of this, must consider the money you pay for that watch that is the price.
  • If you love to be healthy and fit, you’ll need a smartwatch that is water-resistant and durable.

Best smartwatches Under $100 – Buyer’s Guide

productbrandCase sizePrice
1.    Amazfit Bip UAmazfit1.43 inches
2.    YAMAY Smart WatchYAMAY1.3 inches
3.    Willful  Smart WatchWillful1.3 inches
4.    Letsfit Smartwatch


Letsfit1.3 inches
5.    Ndur SmartwatchNdur1.4 inches
6.    Mugo SmartwatchMugo1.4 inches
7.    Virmee smartwatch VT3 plusVirmee1.5 inches
8.    UMIDIGI Uwatch 3UMIDIGI1.3 inches


1. Amazfie Bip U

The Amazfit Bip U is a stylish touch screen watch to move into smart fitness. This amazingly designed yet affordable watch weighs only 31grams, barely felt on your wrist.

Reasons why you should choose this watch:


This watch is compatible with Android 5 and plus, iOS 10 and plus. Moreover,it is operated with Amazfit OS.

Display size and color availability

This watch is featured with larger 1.43 inches; Transflective color display in square shape shows more information than round face watches of the same width.

Health apps

The Amazfit Bip U is a health companion in tracking women’s health by recording, predicting, and reminding female menstrual cycles. Other health apps include a Heart rate monitor, pedometer, blood oxygen tracker, stress level calculator, and sleep tracker.

Battery life

This watch impressively optimizes the power consumption of apps which results in a long-lasting battery life of 9 days and you are free from frequent charges.


Ultra light in weightNo LTE


Water resistant up to 5 feetCan’t respond to notifications


Premium stylish designLacks an app store


Accurate  trackingNo mobile payments


60 plus Workout modes


50 face watches



Bottom line

Overall this watch is decent and has smart features that are hard to find in another watch of the same price or even more.

2. YAMAY Smart Watch

YAMAY Company introduces the latest smartwatch that has more useful health features and makes an ideal choice for fitness conscious people to live life conveniently without going out of budget.

It is equipped with a female health tracker, music control to play and pause songs or to change them and provides timer and stopwatch. To meet the functional environment you find you can change screen brightness and also alter clock faces.

Reasons why you should choose this watch:


YAMAY smartwatch is compatible with IOS 8.0 and Android 4.4 above smartphones. It notifies you with the incoming calls, texts, emails and applications.

The best feature of this wearable includes reading messages directly on your watch when your phone is not in your hands for some reason. So, nothing important can be missed by you.

Battery Life

The battery life is much more than high priced smartwatches, it has easy to place and remove magnetic charging. With this, it requires two hours for one time full charge which supports for 10 days. By wearing this you can do hand washing, swim, and go in the rain as it is IP68 certified.

Health Tracker

If you are under stress, then with the help of this watch you can be relaxed by practicing breathing exercises with this guide. It precisely tracks your steps, your distance traveled, analyzes burned calories, and quality sleep. Users have all the motivation to stay active.

This watch is featured with the three most basic health indicators: Blood Oxygen, heart rate, and blood pressure monitor lead you to a better life and deep fitness understanding.


Swim proofCannot control volume and spotify
Light in weightNo swim data tracking
DurableLimited number of apps
Precise step counting
Comfortable band
Automatic screen brightness adjustment
9 sports modes
Available in blue, black, green, pink and gray

Bottom Line

Overall, if you are finding a budget fitness tracker in a stylish smartwatch with additional features like a blood oxygen monitor, it is worth buying.


3. Willful Smart Watch

The willful company put forward this Smartwatch for both Men and Women, with the help of which you can track your heart rate, daily moves, and restful sleep time. It also alerts you about calls and texts.

Reasons why you should choose this watch:

  • Size and Display

Willful Smartwatch is sleek and stylishly designed with a 1.3-inch LCD display and soft elastic bands. It looks great with a choice of 3 cool watch faces, depends on your mood which one to select.

  • Fitness tracker

Besides tracking speed of sports activities accurately, it can also measure

Real-time distance and has an advanced 24 hours HR monitor. Furthermore,

It provides 11 exercise modes.

  • Battery life

This Smartwatch has large battery life. Its full charging time requirement is 2.5 hrs that can support up to 10 days, and its stand by time is 42 days.

  • Compatibility

This watch can seamlessly pair with iPhone and Android, requiring OS must be above Android 4.4 or IOS 8.0.

  • Additional features

This watch gives you a lot of practical functions such as a breathing guide, alarm clock alerts, and a stopwatch.


Water-resistant with IP68 certifiedDoes not control the music app
Exact fitness trackingNo swimming tracking
Sleep time monitorLack of accuracy in calories burned counting
Stylish design
10 days battery life
Stopwatch to develop concentration
Easy to navigate
Very affordable

Bottom line

By picking this wearable for your wrist, you can be confident about your health tracking and control your stress level.

4. Letsfit Smartwatch

For the Letsfit smartwatch, fitness matters the most, having all the possible health features, this watch gives you a joyful experience. Moreover, being a reliable smartwatch, it receives texts and calls notifications from apps including FB, Twitter, WhatsApp, etc. With this, you can also disconnect your calls from your wrist.

Reasons why you should choose this watch:

Software and compatibility

This smartwatch is compatible with Android phones with Android OS 4.0 or iOS 8.0 and above. For wireless connectivity, it contains Bluetooth and GPS.

Health apps

Letsfit smartwatch gives you 9 sports modes (walk, run, hike, climb, biking, hiking, treadmill, spinning, fitness and yoga) to motivate your healthy lifestyle. You can monitor your fitness with a bunch of latest features and stress training, which can automatically sync with Apple health.

Additional affordable functions, this watch tracks your steps, calories burned, breathing training and sleep quality score 24 hours a day.

Display size and colors

This watch meets your expectations with a 1.3 inch LCD large display screen, which is vivid enough to show you more intuitively your health stats and sports data.

Battery Life

There are 2 modes on which battery life depends. In regular use, you can enjoy up to 10 days of battery life and in standby mode, it will be extended to 30 days.

 IP68 certified for water Standard requirementsThe veryFitPro has language issues
9 workout modes
Excellent  Battery
Great price
User friendly
Music control


Bottom line

At this price, this watch has accurate stats of health features, so a perfect choice to go for.

5. Ndur Smartwatch

This smart wearable reveals that looks can be misleading because its price tag doesn’t go with its premium outer. This watch provides quality technology at an affordable price with the longest battery timing on the market.

Reasons why you should choose this watch:


Besides sleek design, this watch is compatible with IOS 9.0 + devices and Android phones having OS 5.0+. With this watch you can receive calls, messages, apps notifications and the facility of hanging up calls.

  • Multi-fitness features

Without spending a lot on a health tracker, this watch is a treat for fitness focus persons with an abundance of advanced features. It can track 7 workout types with the help of GPS.

Moreover, it has a blood oxygen saturation monitor, blood pressure monitor, and sleep tracker to calories burned calculator per day/week.

  • Display size and colors

This watch has a smooth metal frame with a comfortable strap and a 1.4-inch large and vivid touch screen with 240 x 240-pixel resolution, enabling you to read data in direct sunlight. Eight colors are available, you can choose with your outfit, that is, blue, pink, black, mint green, lavender, gray, gold, white.

  • Battery Life

The watch requires only 2 hours for a full charge and that supports up to 7 days of continuous use and 30 days of standby time.


 IP68 waterproof  up to 3 metersQuite large for wrist
7 workout modes
Long life Battery
Premium look
Sporty silicone strap
2.5D tempered glass screen
50 attractive watch faces

Bottom Line

The Ndur smartwatch is a gadget to reach your health goals much easily.

6. Mugo Smartwatch

Mugo Company was founded in 2018 and it is a professional seller of consumer electronic items, particularly specialized in smartwatches. These technological accessories make your daily life easier and enjoyable.

Reasons why you should choose this watch:


Mugo smartwatch is compatible with Android 4.4 above phones and Bluetooth 4.0 and above. After pairing this smartwatch with your smartphone, you can enjoy all the notifications from contacts and social media, and can read messages on your wrist as well.

Moreover, it is also equipped with powerful chip Nordic 52832, which provides low power consumption and leads to longer stand by time.

   Health apps

This smartwatch cares for your physical and mental health, it uses intelligent algorithms to track heart rate, BP and sleep quality at night.

Display size and colors

Besides, having 1.4 inch TFT LCD display screen this provides exceptional HD quality. It offers you custom dial also from APP Hero Band III or DIY screen adjustment. Moreover you can take pictures of whatever you want from the watch face. Available in three colors: Gray, Brown and Black.

Other Practical Tools

This smartwatch also equipped with many other practical tools like sedentary

reminders, weather display, alarm clock setting, stopwatch, brightness

adjustment, and find your Phone.

  Battery Life

This watch has an excellent technology that supports a smartwatch for seven

days of usage time.

 IP67 waterproofDoes not constantly track your heart rate
8 sports modes
Excellent  Battery
New upgraded CPU
Custom dial
Music and camera control
Long battery life
Easy to set
Different watch faces suiting your mood

Bottom line

Mugo smartwatches make their share in this market by giving interactive experience and offering rapid access to activity data. This fitness tracking smartwatch can be ideal gift choices to inspire people to live more healthy and more active.

7. Virmee smartwatch VT3 Plus

You can begin your life journey with healthy choices like Virmee smartwatch VT3 plus as it contains powerful sensors to monitor body status.

Reasons why you should choose this watch:


This smart wearable is compatible with iOS phones 10.0 above & Android phones 5.0 above. With a bunch of new features, you can make your life easier such as timer, receiving alerts of the calendar, disconnect calls, and receive calls and text notifications.

Display size and colors

Virmee smartwatch VT3 Plus is featured with an amazing 1.5 inches large HD touch screen and 360 x 320 pixel resolution displays. This feature enables you to clearly understand your fitness stats. Moreover, you can customize the watch faces according to your mood.

Battery life

Virmee doesn’t disappoint you in battery timing; you can use it anytime, anywhere as it requires 2 hours for charging and supports 7 days of usage time and 15 days in standby mode. Moreover it comes with magnetic USB charging.

Health apps

Serve as an exclusive fitness tracker, by being with you continuously and tracks you body health status. It is equipped with all basic fitness trackers: Real-time heart rate monitor, blood oxygen level, calories burned, stress status, count your steps and sleep stage. And give broad analysis via the “VIRMEE” APP.

 IP68 waterproofDoes not automatically track your heart rate.
18 sports modes
Music and camera control
Cost effective
Wrist friendly
Long battery timing
Easy to set up

Bottom Line

Best features at a low price. Just remember to keep your watch band hygienic and dry to have a more healthy and comfortable experience.

8. UMIDIGI Uwatch 3

UMIDIGI Company provides you, fashionable health companions, at an affordable price and with reliable features.

Reasons why you should choose this watch:


Like other watches in the list, UMIDIGI Uwatch 3 is also compatible with most iOS phones 9.0 & Android 4.4 above phones. No chance of missing any call or message as this watch reminds you about every notification.

Display size and Colors availability

It has 1.3 inches touch screen display, effectively records and shows all daily exercises such as step counting, distance and time in workouts, and calorie consumption. Two-color options are available: Onyx black and Cinnabar red.

Fitness apps

UMIDIGI Uwatch 3 has a high-quality color screen, which makes clear the display effect of your multifunction activities with GPS help. All workouts are recorded by a veryFitPro app which precisely monitors sleep mass, and tracks real-time heart rate All day.

Battery life

This watch supports 10 days of battery life also depending on usage with GPS.

Ultra long battery lifeLack Blood oxygen monitor
4 watches faces to choose
Sedimentary remind
5 ATM waterproof
Music control
9 modes activity tracker
12 months free replacement or refund service

 Bottom Line

Thus, an ideal watch with a stylish design and the latest features will seamlessly pair with your Android phones.

Final Verdict

If you are looking for a smartwatch? That covers all the basics but at a fraction of the high-end competitors, like Apple, Samsung, Fitbit, Garmin, and Fossil. Then don’t worry we have got you covered with the best smartwatch brands, who may not be much famous but best fit your wrist and style and budget of under $100, fully equipped with all the health and latest features you want.