10 Best Smartwatch for Texting Ultimate Guide 2022

Technology is doing wonders for the human race and the recent innovations in the tech world have totally blown the mind to an extreme level. It is quite astonishing to see to what extent modern anecdotes can improvise your lifestyle and daily routine. You are probably going through this article because you must be looking for a texting smartwatch.

First, they invented a landline, then the cell phone leading to a smartphone, and now a smartwatch is the talk of the town. That is pretty interesting! People do ponder the fact that why would anyone look for a smartwatch to text when they already have a fully functional smartphone? The answer to this question isn’t constant like the needs of every other person. Both of them vary from person to person because they are buying one for their different needs.

Back in time, there wasn’t even a concept of a smartphone, let alone a smartwatch. Science and technology have come a long way and now you can even have a smartwatch you can text from. The advancements in this tech world have eased life to an extent that all your smartwatch needs is a SIM card and you are ready to go with your texting business.

With the everyday revolutions in social media platforms, we discover a new application for smartphones and it expands us. The most trending ones include Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Viber, etc., and they are used for conversations. Similarly, a smartwatch comes with a lot of smartphone features, if not all. The best smartwatch for texting comes with a variety of features and options, hence enhancing the usability of the end-users.

How good can a smartwatch be?

Having the basic features eliminate the need of checking your smartphone periodically. Not only this, but you are also notified about incoming calls or messages even if you are distant from your smartphone. Isn’t it awesome? What else do we need if we are being posted? Due to the ease of access, the trend of smartwatches has dramatically increased. You will also come around a number of renowned brands who are releasing their latest editions of smartwatches you can text from on regular basis. The variety has not only exposed the users to a world of options and has also has enabled them to choose within their financial bracket.

For the people who are new to the concept of the best smartwatch for texting, we will enlighten you that what are the main benefits of having a smartwatch with you which will eventually help you in getting one for you easily.

Benefits of a smartwatch

No! Smartwatches are not a waste of money. This section will assure you of the various ways this little invention can be your savior at emergency hours. First of all, if someone believes that smartwatches are extravagant and a waste of money, he definitely doesn’t know the complete advantages. So, here we are briefly explaining a few of the many advantages which will help you in choosing better and economical as per your needs.

1. Feature-packed

The best smartwatch for texting is there for you to tell more of just time. It comes pre-loaded with a lot of basic features, similar to what a smartphone offers. Apart from its technical aspects, it really looks chic on your wrist and gives you a classy look. Apart from just calls or messaging, they come with alarms, a calendar, a notification panel, and much more to help you cruise through your routine tasks. Interesting, isn’t it?

2. Travel companion

It is your travel companion on wheels because it offers quite interactive features. If we take into consideration an Apple watch, it helps you navigate through the roads by vibrating on your wrist. You need to turn left, it tells you; you need to go right, and it lets you know. This not only saves the screen hassle but is also convenient in terms of efficiency.

3. Phone locator

Has the phone gone missing? No problem. The genie on your wrist will help you in finding it. The phone finding feature in a texting smartwatch is something really amazing. It turns out to be really helpful because we always tend to lose sight of our phones whenever we have to run some errands.

 4. Fitness tracker

They are not only your fashion accessories. They also serve as your fitness trackers. Keeping a track of your fitness activities and goals is the core feature of a texting smartwatch, hence it makes it stand out from the crowd. You must be thinking that what can a smartwatch possibly do? So here are some basic features which are present in every smartwatch including a sleep tracker, steps counter, exercise options, heart rate, and calories monitor, etc. If you keep on increasing your financial graph, then you will experience some luxurious features of a smartwatch too. Like Apple smartwatch comes with ECG and other similar health care options too.

5. Keeps you updated

The best smartwatch for texting doesn’t let the ones wait for long when it comes down to responding back because it acts as your alert machine. You can instantly reach out to them via text messages or calls because you will be notified at the very moment. We are away from our phones at home so this helps us in getting back to the people who have been trying to reach us out. We are certainly not saying that a smartwatch is an alternative for a smartphone but it can help in doing the basic tasks, a phone does and hence enhance the ease of access for many people around.

6. Social media connector

Stay connected with your social media even when you are not on your phone. A texting smartwatch displays all the notifications of your social media world on its screen and hence it helps you in staying connected. You can instantly receive the notifications of your social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, etc. on the screen of your smartwatch. It is not a very easy way to reach out to the people but it certainly is the answer to urgent or emergency situations. While you are away, even then you are connected and keeping a check on all the notifications you will be receiving.

7. Long-lasting battery life

The battery life of certain smartwatches is remarkable which is why it overpowers the smartphone. One of the back draws of a smartphone is the limited time of its battery and we have to recharge them as required. The life of a texting smartwatch is days which means it can last so long and also does the job side by side. So, why not invest a few bucks on something which is your lifelong companion and stays connected with the world too?

8. The entertainer on the go

There are a few smartwatches that offer a lot of entertainment options. You can even watch a YouTube video while you are walking, so isn’t it one great source of entertainment? YouTube and other similar platforms have no match when it comes down to the big screen but smartwatches can also do the job in the meantime. If you are in dire need of any sort of entertainment, a texting smartwatch will be there for you.

Are smartwatches worth their price?

The next question that immediately pops out in one’s mind is that are texting smartwatches really worth the price. Do we really need one? Well, then let us clarify the fact that no one definitely ‘needs’ a smartwatch. It is just an add-on, depending upon the needs. If you want to stay connected with your phone and social media while being away, then a smartwatch is a reliable option. Smartwatches come in a variety of specifications, price ranges, and categories. Some operate with a SIM card, some over WiFi and then there are the ones that use Bluetooth connection.

Stay connected with your phone can help you cruise through a lot of routine problems. This is one of the reasons that people purchase a smartwatch and ease their lifestyle. A texting smartwatch comes with a lot of benefits, as we have mentioned above and if you want to enjoy any of those exciting features, then a texting smartwatch is tailor-made for you.

Best smartwatches for texts and calls

If you are looking around to make a purchase for a texting smartwatch, let us make that easier for you. Listed below are the top smartwatches you can order after reading their detailed review, which will help you in the choosing process.


NameBrandConnectivityCheck Price
Apple Watch Series 5AppleCellular, GPSCHECK ON AMAZON
Willful SmartwatchWillfulWirelessCHECK ON AMAZON
Yocuby SmartwatchYocubyBluetoothCHECK ON AMAZON
Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2SamsungBluetoothCHECK ON AMAZON
Frozen SmartwatchDisney FrozenUSBCHECK ON AMAZON
Samsung gear sport smartwatchSamsungBluetooth, Wi-Fi, NFC, GPSCHECK ON AMAZON
Amazfit GTS Fitness SmartwatchAmazfitBluetoothCHECK ON AMAZON

Apple Watch Series 5 (GPS, 40mm) – Space Gray Aluminum Case with Black Sport Band



Apple Watch Series 5 is totally featured-packed which makes it desirable among the users. The one thing that makes it different than the previous launched series is that it is always on. Yes! You don’t have to push any button to see the time, in fact, the time will be displayed at all times, for your convenience. Along with time, it will display other important data such as date and weather updates.

Along with this, it comes with an in-built compass that helps you through your adventures. The developers have got massive help because of this API and they can use this in their developed apps. Apart from these specifications, Apple has now developed the Apple Watch Series 5 in synchronization with the App Store. This helps the compatible apps to download and install within the Apple watch and the users can enjoy this feature limitlessly.


Built-in compassNot a good battery life
Updated specifications


This texting smartwatch not only lets you explore the contemporary features but also allows you to text and receive calls. This can be of great convenience since it will provide you with ease of access. So, if you are looking for a smartwatch for texting, this one is particularly made for you. It pairs with your Apple smartphone and lets you discover the new horizons of the latest technology.

Apple Watch Series 5 comes with a lot of bells, vibration settings in order to let you enjoy the variations of this fantastic innovation. But like all other products, everything has its pros and cons. We have explicitly mentioned some of the amazing pros of this product but unfortunately, it has a couple of shortcomings too. Apple Watch Series 5 is expensive and not everyone can afford it. After reviewing its amazing features, everyone wishes to have one with themselves but unfortunately, due to budget constraints, people cannot purchase it. So that comes as a major drawback when people wish to buy one but cannot. If this watch falls within your budget options, then it can turn out to be one of the best technology purchases you will ever make.

Accepting the fact that Apple Watch Series 5 offers some extraordinary features, its battery life is not very good. Unfortunately, it can last up to 18 hours only which isn’t great as compared to the rest of the watches. The other texting smartwatches which do not come with many advanced technologies can last up to days which is quite a convenient option. Apart from these things, Apple Watch Series 5 is quite a purchase and you will be happy to buy one for yourself.

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Willful Smart Watch for iOS and Android


The willful smartwatch is your all in one savior with a lot of features embedded within. This totally provides variety to the users which is why it is really desired among the consumers. It supports fitness, sleep monitoring, phone finding, and other basic features like alarm and calendar, etc. In order to connect with your smartphone, the Willful smartwatch requires Bluetooth connectivity. There are a lot of amazing features that can surprise you and make you purchase this texting smartwatch. A feature-packed smartwatch is what everyone needs. The willful smartwatch is the Android smartwatch that can text along with a lot of advanced feature options.

Supporting user-friendliness, this smartwatch is particularly a catch. The willful smartwatch is super compatible with iOS 8.0 and Android 4.4+ and comes with an app that will be installed on your smartphone. Besides, it is a great sport and fitness monitor which supports a lot of sports activities like exercising, treadmill, bicycle, hiking, Yoga, etc. If you are busy in a gym or are going on an adventure, a Willful smartwatch will assure you that it is there for you. Hence it is completely a win-win purchase for everyone out there.

Besides the exercising activities, it monitors and tracks your sleep records well. You can have a look at your sleep routine once you wake up and take care of your health accordingly. So this waterproof beauty is definitely the one made for your health and calorie maintenance.

User-friendly experienceStandard multi-tasking
Versatile display features


Everyone wishes to have a smartwatch that allows a user-friendly experience so that they don’t have to navigate around a lot. Fortunately, the Willful smartwatch offers a total user-centric experience and you will get to enjoy all the features it offers. Besides this flawless specification, the display features are amazing. It also offers smartwatch texting but additionally, it comes with an HD screen.

The screen is pretty much responsive, hence enhancing that user-friendly experience. The brightness is adjustable, which again offers the users to enjoy the experience at their convenience. The best thing about having a Willful smartwatch on your wrist is that it is water-resistant and will add a lot of life to your smartwatch. The only drawback this texting smartwatch has is that its multi-tasking ability is quite average which limits a lot of its functions, but overall, it’s a pretty good choice.

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YAMAY Smartwatch 2020


If you are looking for the best smartwatch for texting, then YAMAY smartwatch 2020 is the key for you. Along with its affordability, it comes with a lot of features that a smartwatch needs to possess. Not only it will ease your daily routine but also will allow you to keep connected with the world. YAMAY smartwatch is a good catch for people who are looking for affordability with basic features and it won’t disappoint you in terms of usage.

It is available in various colors hence making it a total fit for both genders. You want to pair your outfit with a black smartwatch, it is there for you and if you are a girl and would prefer a pink accessory, then YAMAY smartwatch has got that sorted out for you as well. It requires Bluetooth connectivity to pair with your smartphone and then you will be on the go.

Among the specifications it offers, the basic features are present. They include your sleep and health monitoring hence making you able about keeping a track of your health and other routines. It can measure the distance traveled for you and also offers exercising options. Record your gym activities and keep posted with your calorie burn proportions. Apart from basic exercising options, it also offers some advanced healthcare features like heart rate and blood pressure monitoring. In this way, it provides a wholesome package for those who want to keep a track of their daily activities.

Variety of sizesLimited synchronization
In-built flashlight
Replaceable band
One year warranty


YAMAY smartwatch 2020 comes in a variety of sizes which eventually expands its user base. You can choose the best size for yourself and it will be there for you. Variety is always appreciated when you are in the product industry so that consumers get a family to choose from and they don’t switch to any other brand. There is a new feature present in the YAMAY smartwatch which is rare in other watches you can text from.

An in-built flashlight is present which helps you go through the dark places when needed. The flashlight feature isn’t quite common in other smartwatches so this gives YAMAY an edge over the lot. If you are looking for a decent purchase, then the YAMAY smartwatch is the answer. It comes with basic and some advanced features so it is completely worth the price. You can replace the band of this texting smartwatch as well but the only thing that limits its usage is that it doesn’t sync with all the digital devices like tablets, iPads, or PCs hence being a barrier to it from becoming universal.

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Yocuby Sport Smartwatch


If you are looking for a texting smartwatch with Bluetooth connectivity to keep a track of your sports activities, then the Yocuby sports smartwatch is one great pick for you. With a lot of basic features embedded with sporting activities, the Yocuby Sport smartwatch is one delightful option. This smartwatch is quite affordable and comes in various price ranges depending upon your affordability. The price is totally variant upon the features you want in your texting smartwatch.

It offers health and fitness options along with the basic display option you would like to keep yourself updated with. If you are looking for a simple android smartwatch that can text, Yocuby will prove sufficient for you. It comes with basic options along with heart rate monitoring, hence letting you explore more healthy options. Keep an easy track of your steps, activities, calorie burns, and heart rate effortlessly with the help of this texting smartwatch. It is your personal fitness instructor and will lead you through your fitness and gym ways.

If you have a disturbed sleeping pattern or if you are looking to monitor your sleeping schedule, then this option is also provided to you. Yocuby assures maximum user experience and benefits within a very economical price range. Serving as your personal health doctor, the Yocuby sports smartwatch has a lot of healthcare options. You can definitely maintain your health and personal fitness with this economical technical assistant.

Serves as personal-instructorGender-specific (Men only)
Wearable during rain or swimmingLimited connectivity options
Comes with a manual


Yocuby Sport smartwatch serves as your personal instructor and opens you to a lot of health and fitness options. Hence, with this advanced user-friendliness, it is a great pick as your personal instructor. You don’t have to read through much and will learn to operate this device within no time. This personal instructor will always be on your wrist and will help you to make important decisions for your health and fitness. It is totally waterproof and you won’t have to worry while you are getting soaked in rain. It will stay in place and won’t glitch out.

If you are a swimmer, you can wear the Yocuby Sport smartwatch during swimming as well. Great! Isn’t it? If a texting smartwatch offers you such exclusive features at an affordable price, then you won’t have to look around much for a perfect fit. This Android smartwatch that can text comes with a user manual. You can go through the instructions in case of any ambiguity. The main flaw of this smartwatch is that it has been designed for men only. So if you are a lady and you want to purchase this, you won’t be able to because the design won’t suit you. Chin up! Things happen. If you have a smartphone under Android 4.4 or iOS 9.0, then the Yocuby sports smartwatch won’t connect.

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LIFEBEE Smartwatch


LIFEBEE texting smartwatch can turn out to be one of your greatest purchases. It is very sophisticated and comes with Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity. If you are looking for a decent iOS smartwatch that can text, then LIFEBEE is your savior. It connects with both, iOS and Android smartphones so you don’t have to worry about this. Offering a 1.3’ touch screen, it has quite vibrant display properties and offers a user-friendly experience. You can easily run through the features and functions it offers. It comes in three different colors, one of them is Pink as well. Hence, it can be one decent purchase for the ladies too.

The 1.3’ TFT color display makes it look quite elegant as a whole. The top glass is durable 2.5D which ends up enhancing the image and display quality. It covers all of your sports and routine activities by offering those specific functions. So if you are running and you want to record to activity, that can be easily done. Similarly, it offers the same features for other sporting activities, hence covering your fitness overall. If you wish to track your sleep pattern or make your sleep better, that can be done easily.  With 11 sport modes and other basic functions, LIFEBEE offers a very authentic purchase in the name of this texting smartwatch.

Protective 2D glassLimited Bluetooth connectivity
Activity results are displayed on the screenLimited OS compatibility
Water-resistance up to 50m
Fast battery recharge
Round the clock technical support


Having a lot of unique characteristics makes LIFEBEE one sophisticated catch. The 2.5D display glass makes sure that it isn’t shattered easily, hence it is prolonged. You can enjoy the brilliant display characteristics and various sport modes too. The glass not only enhancing the imaging quality but also protects this texting smartwatch. Moreover, the display is boosted manifold because the activity results are displayed on the screen. This further enhances the beauty of this smartwatch, hence making the display top-notch. You will not be disappointed by its display characteristics because it ensures that users get the best display experience.

It is water-resistant up to 50m which means if you are rain-soaked, it won’t get affected. This not only relieves you of certain worries but also lets you wear this watch while you are swimming. It just requires 2.5 hours for a full recharge and the battery lasts long around 7-10 days. The battery long life automatically makes it desirable and if you still have any concerns, the company offers 24-hour technical support. The only limitation LIFEBEE smartwatch comes with is its limited connectivity. Be it Bluetooth or OS, it doesn’t connect with the devices having Bluetooth below 4.2. Similarly, it only supports smartphones with Android 4.4 or iOS 8.0.

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Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2


In the world of everyday innovations, Samsung has produced some top-notch products to date. It includes electronics, smartphones, and texting smartwatch. Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 is one exceptional purchase and a very good launch by Samsung. It has a very elite design hence most customers get attracted towards this watch because of its beautiful design. It comes with a sleep monitor too, hence helping you to record and monitor your sleep patterns. If you are troubled with your messed up sleeping schedule, record them, monitor them and this will surely help you in improving it.

This texting smartwatch comes in 3 different colors, hence offering a lot of variety to the users. You can definitely choose the color which suits you the best. The main purpose of the Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 is to reach your fitness and health goals. The entire smartwatch has been personalized to get you towards your milestones. In this way, you can stay fit and active and also keep a record of your fitness under one umbrella. You need to install the associated application on your smartphone and then you are on the go with this one.

Enhanced sizeECG detection absent
Beautiful displayNo app support
Long-lasting battery life
Comfortable to wear


Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 was launched 6 months after the launch of the original Galaxy watch. It has a very attractive design and an enhanced display. This further boosts up user experience since the display is very vibrant. Overall, the footprint has been lighter on this one. One of the reasons for its popularity among the users is that it is very comfortable and easy to wear. Hence, this characteristic is entirely loved by its fan-base. You won’t feel a thing while it’s on your wrist.

Paired with a long and good battery life, you will totally enjoy the experience which Samsung has promised to deliver it to you. The design of the device is so elegant yet sophisticated that it looks like a normal watch. This has been one of the best compliments Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 has received. With its super comfortable wearing feature, you feel at home. It can go with any outfit so you can pair it up easily.

There are a couple of drawbacks when again limit the usage of this texting smartwatch. When it was launched, no ECG monitoring was present so this is quite a flaw since users would love to have a health monitor tied to their wrists. ECG monitor would have easily boosted the health experience of the users and they would have easily kept a track of their cardio health as well. Users who have purchased this product reveal that the 39.5mm is a bit too small hence they would go with the 40mm one. The app support is also missing which again limits the use of Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2. In case, you are planning on buying one for yourself.

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Frozen Smart Watch


If you are looking for a perfect purchase for your kids, that too at a decent price, then Frozen Smartwatch is the answer to your question. It has all the features you need for your kids to have in their texting smartwatch. The frozen smartwatch comes in blue color, hence per the theme of the famous animated movie, Frozen. The blue color sits perfectly on the design of this watch and the audience for the watch. This Android smartwatch that can text is feature-packed, the kids will ultimately enjoy using one.

It is also quite reasonable reviewing the price, so it is pocket-friendly for you too. One of the unique features it has embedded within is the selfie cam. The kids can enjoy clicking their photos with this exceptional feature of a smartwatch. The frozen smartwatch can turn out to be a source of entertainment for the kids. It comes with a voice recorder and 3x games. The kids can easily pass their time with this smartwatch tied on their wrists and parents can be at ease too. If they want to count their steps, a pedometer has been built in as well. Such features prove to be a complete package for kids if they are wanting a reasonable smartwatch.

USB connectivityBasic features include pedometer and alarm only
Video sharing and download option
Long-lasting battery
Comes with a gift wrap
Composed of durable material


Moreover, The fun selfie camera and video allow the kids to record their photos and videos and hence download them as well. The frozen smartwatch has been built by keeping in the modern needs of the kids and this is one of the reasons that it is majorly selling. The packaging is quite convenient too and it is also a good option if you are thinking to give someone a gift. Kids always are happy after receiving such gifts. The long battery life, hence adds a plus to this as a buying option.

USB connectivity helps in fast data transfer, which is always appreciated by users. The kids can fast track and transfer their data and the best thing about this smartwatch is that it already comes with a USB cable. It saves everyone from a lot of hassle. Kids can click and store their pictures easily within no time. The frozen smartwatch comes with a gift wrap so if you are thinking to present this one, they have got you covered.

You can easily wrap it up, it is easy to carry for the kids and user friendly too. This texting smartwatch has been composed of durable material so that it doesn’t wear out. With the kids, we always fear that they might use the product roughly so it is necessary to take care of the little details. The only drawback of the Frozen smartwatch is that the basic features it comes with are very limited, just a pedometer and alarm only.

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BOZLUN Smart Watch


BOZLUN smartwatch is one decent purchase and you would love to tie this around your wrist. It ensures you that you can enjoy a healthy lifestyle by keeping a track of all your health and fitness activities. If you want to stay fit and keep a track of your fitness and sleep schedule, the BOZLUN smartwatch is the perfect fit for you. Enjoy the various sports modes this watch offers, at a very reasonable price. Most of the time, we want our smartphones to record our steps and other similar activities. Unfortunately, smartphones can’t do the job of a smartwatch. So, if you want a pedometer at a reasonable price that can keep a record of all your steps and walking activities, BOZLUN has the texting smartwatch for you.

This not only keeps a track of your fitness activities but also comes embedded with basic features like messaging, alarm, reminders, notifications, incoming phone calls, etc. Not only fitness, but it also offers basic healthcare features. Sadly, If you have a messed up sleeping schedule and you are wishing to improve it, its sleep monitor will help you with that. It records your sleeping routine and sleeping schedule, hence making you aware of your sleeping patterns. Helping you in staying connected with your social media platforms is also BOZLUN’s job. You will receive your social media notifications on your screen, hence helping you in staying connected. So, if you want to stay updated with your social accounts while being away from your phone, even that has been made possible for you now.


HandyNot a universal design
Comes with a heart rate monitorLimited battery life
Tracks menstrual cycleConnectivity issues if the phone is far away
Sleep monitor


This fitness watch has an IP68 waterproof design which is great news for swimmers. You don’t have to take this off repeatedly, wash your face, enjoy the swim, run in the rain without the worry of texting smartwatch getting glitches. It will perform and operate with the same efficiency, hence making it a universal option for swimmers. Not only they can track their sports activities but also the waterproof design will relieve them of worries. It is lightweight, weighing only 1.1oz which makes it comfortable to wear.

BOZLUN smartwatch is the health monitor on your wrist. You will be receiving instant notifications on your wrist just after pairing it up with your smartphone. What else do we need until and unless the technology is keeping us posted about our health and fitness? It comes with a featured heart rate monitor hence personalizing your health for you. Upon an incoming notification, the BOZLUN smartwatch vibrates and informs you in the best way it can. This is one of the reasons that it is chosen by many people who are looking for a texting smartwatch.

This can turn out to be one great pick for ladies since it tracks the menstrual cycle hence keeping you posted about your days. BOZLUN smartwatch comes with a couple of flaws that can be really concerning for some. The design of the smartwatch doesn’t suit everyone so they won’t necessarily like it. Also, this battery has a limited battery life which isn’t a very good thing since you have to recharge it repeatedly. If your phone has been placed far away, you will possibly be facing connectivity issues.

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Samsung Gear Sport Smartwatch


Samsung has always been one of the most innovative ones when it comes down to gears and technology. Samsung Gear Sport Smartwatch is a texting smartwatch that comes with a lot of features with a very decent price range. Basically, the technology offered by Samsung is top-notch and this has been consistent since the beginning. Samsung lovers always opt for Samsung because of its super innovative technologies. Similarly, this texting smartwatch comes with all the basic features with the calls, messaging, notifications, and alerts features. Besides, you can also keep good track of your health and fitness with the help of Samsung gear sport. For connecting with your phone, you require Bluetooth connectivity. It is available in blue and black color.

Fitness modesUnderwhelming design
Connected with Samsung PaySamsung Pay MST missing
Circular touchscreenGPS drains battery
Standard strapping


With plenty of fitness modes, you can always keep an appreciable track of your sporting and fitness activities. It makes sure that you reach your fitness goals in no time and you don’t have to go through it much because it offers user-friendly features. This is one of the reasons that consumers love its usability because it is super friendly. NFC-supported Samsung pay features are also available in the Samsung Gear Sport smartwatch which helps you in choosing between your registered credit cards and you can make a transaction by selecting one of them.

The circular touchscreen apparently looks like a dialer which is somewhat unique and totally shows a different design of a smartwatch. The standard 20mm strapping feature is good enough and adds beauty to the design. Overall, the design is not pretty much appreciated by the users and the GPS feature also adds up in draining down the battery which is not good. You would always want your smartwatch to live long for GPS. You can view the product below.

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Amazfit GTS Fitness Smartwatch


Available in 3 different modes, the Amazfit GTS Fitness smartwatch is your personal fitness trainer. Offering multiple sports modes, you will be totally satisfied with the purchase of the Amazfit GTS Fitness smartwatch. It makes sure that you remain at the top of your fitness activities because you can happily maintain a record of all those side activities you have been missing out on. Additionally, Amazfit is amazing when it comes down to fitness record maintenance. This will be one worthy of purchase and it won’t disappoint you.

The best thing about Amazfit is that it comes in a variety of colors so you can pick and choose the best one for you. Not every smartwatch offers this many colors as Amazfit does. As a texting smartwatch, it comes feature-packed, including all the features you have been possibly looking for in a smartwatch. You will be receiving alerts and notifications, alarms, calendars, incoming calls and messages alerts, etc. in a very affordable price range.

The display is always onCannot reply to calls or messages
12 sporting modesDoesn’t operate third-party apps
Heart rate monitoringUnreliable pedometer
Battery saving mode present


With the always-on display, you can always monitor your notifications and sporting modes. Even when you are exercising, you can keep a track of your fitness for yourself easily. The heart rate monitoring offered by Amazfit GTS Fitness Smartwatch is constant, hence it takes good care of your health as well. You won’t be disappointed after buying one for yourself. Since it offers a battery-saving mode, So you can optimize the entire setting according to your need. But along with all good things, there are certain flaws in the system which limit the usage of Amazfit as a texting smartwatch.

Unfortunately, you will only be notified of the incoming calls or messages but you cannot reply to them. There are a lot of smartwatches that allow responding to calls and texts. Amazfit is not one of them. Apart from this, it also doesn’t run third-party applications. Overall, it’s a decent Android smartwatch that can text, and if you want to know more check below.