Best Smartwatch for Small Wrists

How has small smartwatch changed the world?

Best Smartwatch for Small WristsThe invent of best smartwatch for small wrists has minimized the usage of smartphones. People who love adventures and want to keep track of their physical activities would love to have a smartwatch with them. Many people have been looking for a smartwatch for small wrist since every universal smartwatch doesn’t fit them. They look around on the internet, but they hardly find their fits. Smartwatches have originally been designed for every type of user.

The design and usage of the smartwatch depend upon your wrist health and fitness. You can get a smartwatch that completely aligns with your wrist and gives a chic look with your outfit.

Best smartwatch for small wrists is available in various designs in the market. They have been manufactured by keeping in view the customers’ needs and requirements. Every user is looking for a different type of smartwatch since their basic needs vary. Some are looking for authentic fitness trackers, which can record their sleep and heart rate; whereas some are looking for high-quality connected smartwatches. These smartwatches help keep you connected and posted with your social media happenings.

How can you benefit from a small smartwatch?

You must be thinking about a small smartwatch as a luxury, but let us tell you that it is becoming a necessity if you are a busy smartphone person. People are hooked with their smartphones these days. Some of them enjoy the web or social media browsing, whereas others like to interact and connect with their friends. Best smartwatch for small wrist is good news for all of the types of people mentioned above. Apart from being a very good connector between you and your social media, it also acts efficiently as a fitness tracker.

If you love to track your vigorous workouts in a routine, the best smartwatch for small wrist is the perfect option for you. There are a lot of smartwatches which come with a lot of sports and fitness tracking modes. You can, hence, choose the model you would like to be monitored for. Your small smartwatch will act like an inculcator for routine workouts. Awesome! Isn’t it? Everyone would love to have a smartwatch along with themselves to enjoy the advanced features of the technology.


There are a lot of reasons why should one possess small smartwatch. There are many advantages and perks of having a smartwatch tied on your wrist, which you might not even know about. We understand that products don’t come with a try before you buy a tag, else it would have been much easier for the consumers. Listed below are some of the premiums of having a smartwatch.

Notification management

Notifications and alerts are probably one of the best features of a smartwatch. You would like to stay connected with your phone by using the notifications and alerts feature. A small smartwatch’s core feature is notification management, and it doesn’t let you miss on your important business updates. Notification management is one of the best and most appreciated features of a smartwatch. Everyone wants to have the best smartwatch for small wrist to stay connected and updated with their phone notifications.

Small smartwatch does give an option to optimize and maintain your notifications. You can prioritize your apps based on their usage, and this is how the screen will display the notifications on your smartwatch. Awesome! We would all love to stay connected with our phone even by being away from it. If you are looking to do so, buy a small smartwatch for your needs online. Staying home is our motto for this year as well.

Etiquette maintenance

Going through the notifications of the smartphone in a gathering doesn’t include in our social etiquettes. It is considered rude and ruthless, especially when people are conversating with you. So what to do to not miss any update without checking the phone? Best smartwatch for small wrist can do the job for you. It acts like your speaker and vibrates on your wrist in case of an update. In this way, you can check the updates of your phone without looking at your phone.

Maintaining social etiquettes is necessary, especially during business and corporate meetings. Using a phone is strictly prohibited during the process. The developers have devised the small smartwatch which has reduced the constant worry of going through the phone during important meetings. In this way, you are checking your smartphone, just in a subtle way that it goes unnoticed. We need to thank the mastermind behind this gadget since it has eased our life out.

Home control

We have heard about controlling your smart home with your smartphone but doing all of this with a small smartwatch is something really interesting. We wouldn’t have believed all of this to happen a decade back, but we are heading towards the right direction with the advancements of technology. You can control and manage your smart home with the help of best smartwatch for small wrists. The entire control is wrapped around your wrist. The internet of things is evolving with our life, and fortunately, our smartwatches for small wrists are giving us the absolute control of it.

With a few taps on your wrist, you can adjust the music and light system of your smart home. The advent and update of technology have made the user experience easier and delightful for everyone in recent times. So, yeah, the small smartwatch controls your smart home, and you are completely authoritative to do so.

Travel partner

A small smartwatch makes the travel easier for the user. You must be wondering how it is even possible? During Apple’s Spring forward event, Tim Cook’s statement amazed a lot of people around the globe. According to him, Apple’s smartwatch made the airport security process swift and easier for him. Apple watch displayed the user’s boarding pass on the screen, which saved him from the hassle.

If a small smartwatch makes the travel and boarding experience easier for you and you are a frequent traveller, would you purchase one for yourself? If your answer is yes, then there is good news for you. Apart from the ease of access, there are multiple features which will entertain you. So, a small smartwatch is all up to surprise you with its advanced features.

Answer/Decline your calls

Attending the calls can be a hassle when you are away from your smartphone. Unavailability is one of the reasons that we miss out on many important calls. A small smartwatch lets you accept or decline the calls and notifies the missed calls instantly. The chances of missing out calls drop drastically while you are wearing the best smartwatch for small wrists. Some of the smartwatches have in-built speakers, and when connected with a microphone, they let you answer the calls as well.

If you are on a hike or jogging around, many chances of accessing your phone won’t be easier for you. In this scenario, small smartwatch helps you in getting the job done. Without pulling out the phone, you will be able to answer or decline the calls efficiently. Technology has inarguably made life easier, and if you are an adventure lover, this is probably some good news for you. You will not need to pull out your smartphone again during your adventure trip because of this core feature.

Fitness Tracking

Fitness tracking is also one of the core features of a small smartwatch. Most of the people buy smartwatches for two reasons. Either they want to keep track of their phone notifications and incoming calls/texts or want it for fitness tracking purposes. Best smartwatch for small wrists provides a lot of fitness tracking options so that you can track and trace your physical workouts.

If you are looking for fitness tracking smartwatches, Google, Fitbit, Amazon etc. are some of the best options. They are loaded with features of fitness tracking, including heart rate and steps monitoring. With all of these fitness and health tracking options, small wrists watches are worth a purchase. You won’t regret having one with yourselves since they provide you with all the options you need.

Music Control

Jog around and walk around the park while listening to music on the go, and the best thing about this feature of the small smartwatch is that you can control your music with one tap. If you don’t like the track on your playlist and want to skip it, you have to tap the next option on your smartwatch. The music can be controlled and managed by using the best smartwatch for small wrists. You can play, pause, skip the track as you wish to.

Smartwatches have made the user experience easier for everyone. The entire music control experience is just a tap away. Apart from smartphones, now small wrists watches have changed the world as well. We can see the trend of smartwatches increasing nowadays, and many companies have launched their products.

These are just a few reasons why should one have a smartwatch. There are plenty of other characteristics of a smartwatch which have made the user experience smarter yet easier. Compatibility, interoperability and usability are the core features of a small smartwatch, so the users love it.


We live in a world of options, and many smartwatches meet the users’ needs. You can make your choice, which suits your wrist and suitability. Small wrists watches are designed for every type of person and every type of wrists. If you have small and thin wrists, we have carefully curated some of the best smartwatches for you. You can do your homework and pick the best choice for you. Below mentioned are some of the amazing and lightweight, small wrists watches for you.


NameDisplay SizeWeight
Fitbit Versa 244mm0.16 ounces
Apple Watch Series 540mm / 44mm1.7.6 ounces
Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 240mm6.4 ounces
Fossil Women’s Gen 4 Venture40mm1.8 ounces
Withings Steel HR – Hybrid36mm1.44 ounces



In the world of Apple and Google, Fitbit’s name fitted in between the queue is an achievement for the developers. Organizations have been working day and night to launch their products at a competitive level but haven’t succeeded yet. Fitbit has built its name and trust among the users in a considerably short period. There were plenty of small wrists watches introduced over the past couple of years, but Fitbit has launched some magical collection in the crowd. Fitbit Versa 2 is also the name of an innovative and user intuitive small smartwatch. The users love it because it is feature-packed.

Apart from the usability, it offers generously; it is loaded with fitness tracking features and options. Fitbit is popular among users because of its fitness tracking options. Lightweight and amazing in design, Fitbit Versa 2 is known as one of the best user choices. It is comfortable to wear, which makes it more desirable among the community. The fanbase of Fitbit as the best smartwatch for small wrist manufacturer is increasing day by day. The combination of brilliant design, along with light weightiness is one of the best things about Fitbit Versa 2.


Alexa compatiblePhone has to be nearby to get notifications
50m water resistantStandard Spotify members cannot stream
Fitbit Pay compatible
Always-On screen feature


Loaded with all the premium features a smartwatch should possess, Fitbit Versa 2 is one of the best fitness tracking picks. It is composed of plenty of fitness options which will help you in tracking and tracking your workouts. Having a small smartwatch is necessary for people who are into fitness and gym. They have to keep track of their workouts to advise accordingly. Apart from being a fitness beast, the best thing about Fitbit Versa 2 is that it is compatible with Alexa. You can use the voice feature to operate your small smartwatch. The built-in Alexa feature enhances the entire usability of the smartwatch.

Alexa is one of the known AI voice assistants and makes the experience easier for the users. You can take Alexa’s assistance to start your workouts, and use the weather app as well. Alexa is used around the world as an AI assistant and is loved by the users. Integrating it within the Fitbit Versa 2, the developers have made the usage a lot easier for everyone purchasing this small smartwatch. Fitbit Versa 2 is water-resistant up to 50 meters which means you can swim and get soaked in the rain without the worrying about your watch being dysfunctional.


Fitbit Pay in Fitbit Versa 2

Furthermore, you can make your payments with Fitbit Pay, making everything easier for the users. Stream the music online without any single worry and pay using Fitbit Pay. Fortunately, Fitbit developers have made everything easier for users. Rechecking the small smartwatch for time and notification updates can be a hassle. Fitbit has removed this concern for the users by adding the Always-On feature. The users don’t have to switch on the screen of the smartwatch again to check the time.

There are a few limitations of using Fitbit Versa 2 and being a purchaser, and you have every right to know about them. The notification grabbing feature of Fitbit works best when the phone is nearby. If your phone has been kept at a distance, sadly the smartwatch won’t catch the notifications. For getting notifications promptly, your smartphone must be kept near to your small smartwatch at all times. Apart from this, if you are not a Spotify premium user, you cannot stream this app on your smartwatch. Overall, it is a decent purchase and you can know more about this product here.



Like every year, Apple introduces a product which puts the entire fan base in awe. It introduces a smartphone or an appealing small smartwatch which immediately attracts the attention of the users. Apple smartwatches are considered to be the greatest by the users. If someone can afford one, they will end up buying an Apple watch. Apple’s usability to its consumers is brilliant, which is why Apple is considered to have a loyal fanbase. People using Apple do not shift to other brands that easily unless they go broke. Apple has an expensive purchase section, but every feature of it is worth the price.

Apple is a tech beast, and every product it launches in the market is feature-packed. You cannot write Apple off when it comes down on innovation. From their iPod, iPad, iMac and other similar items, they focus on being user-centric and providing more options for their consumers. This time, we are talking about Apple Watch Series 5 and just like other Apple products, it is a brilliant choice. Apple Watch Series 5 comes with great variations. People would love to buy a smartwatch of their choice for their convenience. It is available with a 40mm case diameter, and the other variation is 44mm case diameter.


Always-On displayOnly compatible with iPhones
50m waterproofLess battery backup
60 million music streaming available
Heart rate monitoring
Comes with Apple Pay


To save the user from the hassle of switching the watch’s display again, Apple has introduced the Always-On display in Apple Watch Series 5. Switching on the screen of your small smartwatch again can be a hassle and ends up in user’s frustration. Even to check the time, the users have to switch on the screen. So, Apple has made the users rid of all types of frustrating experience by offering an always-on display. Everyone loves this new feature introduced in Apple Watch Series 5, and it gives a chic look to the user. Moreover, it offers an entirely new experience to the user and pairs well with its wardrobe. The usability and enhanced user experience are one reason people are ready to purchase Apple’s products, even knowing that they are expensive.

Apart from the usability option, Apple Watch Series 5 is 50 meters’ waterproof. You can enjoy your hike in the rain, get soaked and even wear this small smartwatch during swimming. Being best smartwatch for small wrist, Apple Watch Series 5 is loaded with features and characteristics. It being waterproof is good news for the swimmers since they can track their physical activities while wearing this small smartwatch. The smartwatch also comes with the health monitoring options like heart rate monitoring which is good for the users. They can keep themselves posted with the latest updates and insights about their health.


Music streaming in Apple Watch Series 5

Workouts can become dull and boring without any music, and Apple Watch Series 5 allows you to stream across 60 million music streams available. Acting like your entertainer, Apple Watch Series 5 is a good option if you can afford one for yourself. Apart from the entertainment and health options, it comes with Apple Pay. Prompt payment means that you can easily make your transactions and payments using Apple Pay. It is safe to say that the latest technology embedded in Apple Watch Series 5 has eliminated many hassle and concerns for the users.

Just like other smartwatches, it has a bit of limitation as well. Being an Apple product, it only pairs with Apple’s smartphones, i.e. iPhones. If you are an Android user, you either have to shift towards the Apple family to avail its services or look for an Android supported small smartwatch because Apple Watch Series 5 is exclusive. Additionally, the battery backup is less, which is not appreciated. Overall, it is a good purchase for the ones who are Apple users and can afford this small smartwatch for themselves. You can review the product here.



If Apple is the standard for Apple users, then Samsung can be set as the standard for Android users. Most of the Android users have Samsung products, and they love the user experience. Offering the optimal user experience, people love to buy Samsung products, and they look forward to its newest launches every year. Samsung has designed one of the best smartphones and launched many user-centric smartwatches. Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 is also one of a kind that the users love because of its user-friendliness. It is also known as one of the best smartwatches used for fitness tracking purposes.

If you are an Android lover and are looking for a small smartwatch for yourself, Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 is the right choice for you. There are many small wrists watches available in the market, offering you their services in different price budgets. Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 is loaded with features and specifications which will be loved by you. It is not only good for fitness tracking but also offers user-friendly features as your notification manager and small smartwatch. The smartwatch’s dial size is 40mm, which makes it the perfect fit for people with small wrists.


50m water resistantA bit heavy weight
Android and iOS compatibleFitness tracking can be improved
5 days battery life
Brilliant notification management
Automatic workout detection
Stress monitoring feature



Small wrists watches come with many limitations and compatibility stands at the top of the ladder for them. Well, fortunately, this is not the case with Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2. It works completely fine with both Android and iOS smartphones. You do not have to worry about your smartphone’s OS family while purchasing this small smartwatch for yourself. It is compatible with both of the OS families and offers the best compatible services it can. Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 is good news for the swimmers as well. It is water-resistant up to 50 meters, which means you can easily track and trace your swimming workouts.

Many small wrists watches miss out on the water-resistant feature, and this is why the people can’t go swimming or soaked in the rain while wearing it. But Samsung has introduced the water-resistant feature to provide better fitness tracking for everyone. The battery of Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 lasts up to 5 days which is good. Some of the small wrists watches have a low battery life which is why people avoid purchasing them. They do not want to go through the hassle of charging their small smartwatch again after a couple of days. When it comes down to battery life, Samsung has provided a great option in the shape of Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2.


Notification management in Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2

Notifications and alerts management is simply amazing. If you have been looking for the best smartwatch for small wrist to track your notifications, here is your pick. You can keep connected and updated with your smartphone while being away from it. Great! Isn’t it? Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 acts like one of the best notification manager for you. Apart from this, this smartwatch is loaded with health monitoring options. Sleep and stress monitoring meters are present in this small smartwatch, which provides you with a health monitoring option. Additionally, the automatic workout detection makes it user friendly, and they do not have to dictate the smartwatch about their workouts.

Just like other small wrists watches, it also comes with a couple of limitations. If you are looking forward to purchasing it, you need to know about this smartwatch’s drawbacks. The developers could have made Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 a bit lightweight since it is currently a bit heavyweight. By doing this, it will become comfortable to wear for the users. Also, Samsung could have improved the fitness tracking features for the best results. Currently, they can be ranked as average. Overall, it is a decent purchase and you can review the product here.



The tech giants like Apple, Google, Amazon, Samsung etc. have taken the world comprehensively. Every year, they launch such products which amaze the human mind. Innovation is the key to success in the tech world, and every organization is trying its best to be competitive in this ever-changing world. Giving a tough time by launching a user-centric small smartwatch itself is an achievement for Fossil. It is not easy to join a race where everyone is competing with advanced technologies. Fossil Women’s Gen 4 Venture is also one of a kind and exclusively designed for women.

The design of this small smartwatch is extremely elegant and is designed for ladies only. They won’t help but fall in love with the specifications and elegance it offers. Women mostly complain about the design of the small wrists watches being gender-specific, and Fossil has addressed this concern of theirs. Fossil Women’s Gen 4 Venture is an absolute choice for all the ladies looking for a smartwatch out there. The display of this smartwatch is fantastic, which boosts the overall look of the product. It also looks beautiful being tied to their wrists and pairs well with their wardrobe.



Fossil Women’s Gen 4 Venture is a lightweight, small smartwatch and quite easy to use as well. The user-friendliness it offers makes it desirable among the users. The dial size it offers if 40mm along with 12mm thickness. The watch has been primarily designed by keeping in the needs women will be looking for in a ladies-specific smartwatch. If you are looking for a smartwatch that instantly notifies you about your smartphone’s happenings, Fossil Women’s Gen 4 Venture is the absolute choice for you.

It has been carefully customized by keeping in the needs of the users. Women will be delighted with the design and the user experience it offers in a limited price range. The small smartwatch has been designed to make your routine life easier by keeping you posted with the alerts and notifications. Awesome! Isn’t it? Now, you are looking for a smartwatch designed exclusively for the ladies, and it works efficiently.


Customizable watch faceBuilt-in speaker missing
Built-in Google PayLess battery backup
Health monitoring features
GPS tracking
Comes with magnetic USB charger


The best thing about Fossil Women’s Gen 4 Venture is that it comes with a customizable watch face. Using this, you can enhance the user experience for yourself. Smart wrists watches with enhanced user experience have become the latest trend, and everyone would love to have one with themselves. It makes it easier for them to manage, maintain and control their fitness with minimum input. Apart from that, the transactions and payment process has been made easier and user friendly. You can now process your payments with the help of built-in Google Pay it comes with. The payments are no longer a hassle now; Google Pay takes care of everything for you.


GPS tracking in Fossil Women’s Gen 4 Venture

Additionally, some health monitoring features are present in this small smartwatch. The health monitoring features are present in almost all of the small wrists watches, but they are slightly underappreciated and have room for improvement. On the other hand, Fossil Women’s Gen 4 Venture has been taken care of with these amazing health monitoring features. In case, you don’t lose yourself, and a GPS tracker is present in this watch. It will navigate you rightly in extreme situations. The small smartwatch is heaven for swimmers since it is waterproof. You can easily go to the swimming pool while wearing this watch. It will help you in keeping track of your routine workouts.

To charge this watch, a magnetic USB charger is present, helping you in the fast and quick charging of this watch. Like other smartwatches, it has a couple of drawbacks that put users in thoughts of purchasing it. Fossil Women’s Gen 4 Venture has missing built-in speakers who are not good. The presence of the speakers would have boosted the entire user experience of this smartwatch. The less battery backup is a main drawback of this smartwatch and the developers could have improved it. Besides, it is a decent purchase and you can review the product yourself here.



In a world of Apple, Samsung, Google, Amazon; Withings sounds like an alien name to everyone. So, to introduce the brand, let us tell you that it is a component of Nokia. Nokia was one of the leading mobile manufacturers when Apple and the smart world took them over. We might not have seen or observed much of Hybrid smartwatches in the market nowadays. So, we are just adding this Hybrid small smartwatch is a good addition to the family of best smartwatches for small wrists.

It is a common myth that Hybrid smartwatches are no good for fitness tracking. The entire concept is wrong and incorrect. Hybrid smartwatches work as good and efficiently as normal small wrists watches. If you have ever wanted to purchase a Hybrid watch for yourselves, Withings Steel HR is the right choice for this. It is good with fitness tracking and comes with health monitoring options for better user experience.


Sleep monitoringFitness tracking is inaccurate
Sports monitoringLimited notifications
Notifications displayed on digital screen
Strap changeable
25 days battery life
Automatic workout detection


Withings Steel HR is an absolute choice as a small smartwatch since it comes with many health and fitness monitoring options. The best thing about this smartwatch is that it comes with a sleep monitoring option. The smartwatch will perform its duty of monitoring your sleep while you close your eyes with the watch on your wrist. Apart from the basic sleep monitoring feature, there are plenty of other features that amaze you in a suitable price bracket. We have heard that hybrid watches have sports monitoring features, but this is not the case here.



Withings Steel HR has amazing sports monitoring features which have been linked with the Health Mate app. This app will allow you to monitor, track and trace your sport and workout features and help you achieve your health and fitness goals. As a hybrid watch, Withings is a good purchase and will introduce you to many sports and sleep monitoring feature options. Awesome! Isn’t it? With the advent of technology, hybrid products are becoming common. However, small wrists watches are not very friendly with the hybrid concept, so Withings is a different yet valuable addition to the family.

The battery life is mostly in question when it comes down on smartphones, and small wrists watches. The battery drains quicker, and people have to go through the process of recharging the watch again and again. Withings Steel HR saves you from the charging process. It was the speciality of Nokia phones as well since they had a long-lasting battery. However, Withings provides you ultimate 25 days of long-lasting battery termed to be excellent when it comes down to smart wrists watches. You might not come across the smartwatches with a remarkable battery life daily. So, if the short-lived battery has been your concern, it shouldn’t be anymore. To display the notifications of your smartphone, a small digital screen is present.


Changeable straps in Withings Steel HR

Moreover, the best thing about this smartwatch is that the straps it comes with are changeable. You can always change them whenever you feel like wearing a new color. The straps are available in several colors, and you can instantly choose the one you think suits you the best. Additionally, it comes with automatic workout detection, making the entire experience easier and swifter for you. Within no time, your smartwatch will be recording all of your physical activities and advising you accordingly. You will be a happy customer after experiencing and wearing Withings Steel HR on your wrist.

Just like the rest of smartwatches, it comes with few drawbacks as well. A few limitations become a hurdle in the way of the user experience it offers to its consumers. It contains inaccurate fitness tracking which can cause problems. The developers can improve fitness tracking, which will end it up as making the perfect fit for everyone. Apart from this, this small smartwatch supports limited apps which can be improved. People use variations among apps, so they need to be made available with options. Overall, it is a decent purchase. You can review the product here.