Best Smartwatch for Google Pixel Reviews 2021

Do you know there is a smartwatch for Google pixel? Want one for you or your loved ones? We are here to help you in choosing the right Google pixel smartwatch easily.

Google is offering its services through the Wear OS platform in the Pixel Watch. Wear OS features in smartwatches includes Google Fit, through which heart rate can be monitored. You can make payments by using Google Pay and through access to the Google Assistant that is hands-free.

Some of the best-selling smartwatches for Google pixel are listed below to guide you in buying and using the best smartwatch for google pixel features. Let’s check them out one by one without any further ado.

1: Diesel On Men’s Full Guard:






Heart-rate monitor


Social media usage

Brand  Diesel

Size 24 millimeters




HD Touchscreen

This extra-ordinary smartwatch is made especially for men. It’s trendy and fashionable looks makes it worth buying. Plus, It’s pretty popular among stylish men. Water-resistance is its plus point. You can wear it while taking a shower or swimming in a pool.

Fitness tracker makes it reliable for sure. Your heart-rate, pulse, activities, all can be monitored through it.

It comes with a charger that keeps your mobile charger for long periods (once you have charged it). Bluetooth connectivity makes it a wonderful device.  You can connect it with Android, OS 4.4, iOS 9.3, smartphones, and Wi-Fi 802.

When you dive in the water, make sure you wear it for just recreational activities. It is not made for deep diving activities and snorkeling.

Its display is clear and bright.

Pros Cons
·       Bright HD touchscreen

·       Don’t need to be worried when going into the water, it’s waterproof.

·       A fitness tracker keeps you fit, encourage a healthy lifestyle

·       Bluetooth connectivity is available.

·       Use social media apps anytime anywhere

·       Make calls easily, you don’t need to take your phone always with you

·       It cannot be connected with Android Go phones

·       Useful until 50m underwater


2: Garmin Vivoactive 4:




Body energy monitoring


Animated workouts

Brand: Garmin

Pulse ox sensors





1.3 inches standing screen


8 days of battery life

This smartwatch with a GPS has a battery life of up to 8 days. It will keep tracking your energy levels. It can tell you your pulse Ox, sleep and stress level, heart rate, hydration level, menstrual cycle, respiration, and more.

You can listen to your favorite music by just clicking on your smartwatch wherever you want and whenever you want. Download your favorite music and songs from Amazon Music or Deezer and enjoy your life.

You can have your moves recorded with the help of preinstalled GPS and indoor sports apps in your smartwatch.

Thousands of watch faces are available for FREE. Moreover, you will have access to thousands of widgets and apps from the IQ store of your smartwatch.

This is just like a phone. You can get smart notifications, calls, messages, reminders, and can use the calendar as well.

Above all, Garmin coach is available 24/7 to provide you 5K, 10K, and half marathon training plans, all for FREE. You can achieve your race goals very easily by having this amazing Garmin Vivoactive smartwatch.

Pros Cons
·       Garmin coach provides you assistance in achieving your race goals

·       Makes you active

·       GPS

·       Sports apps

·       Heart rate, respiration, periods, sleep, and stress can be monitored.

·       You have to buy earphones or headphones. They are sold separately.



3: Fossil Gen 5 Carlyle Stainless Steel smartwatch:



Touchscreen display

Brand: Fossil

Fitness tracker





Heart rate monitor


1.28 inches standing screen

24-hour battery life

USB cable

This smartwatch has a technology of Wear OS by Google. It can be connected with Android and iPhones. Its battery is remarkably good. The multi-day extended mode can be used according to your requirements. It can be charged up to 80% when you charge it with its USB cable and a magnetic charger in just an hour.

It has a Swimproof design 3ATM. This is the best choice you’ll make that is suitable for all your activities.

Fossil Gen 5 smartwatch has new wellness enhancements in it that are very useful for tracking your health levels. Google Fit and GPS are already installed. It can track your sleep, heart rate, restfulness, and last but not least you can set your sleep goals.

You can enjoy having your personalized looks on the display of this smartwatch. Hundreds of apps are always at your disposal to help you regarding making payments, playing games, listening to music, fitness assistance, social interactions, keep you updated with the latest news and more.

It has Qualcomm Snapdragon Wear 3100 platform that is responsible for delivering high-quality performance, best connectivity, smart sensing, and many more features.

Pros Cons
·       Can be connected with Android and iPhones

·       Have a waterproof design 3ATM

·       Wellness enhancement technology

·       You can make payments through it

·       Play games

·       Listen to your favorite music

·       GPS

·       Fitness assistance can also be enjoyed.

·       HD touch screen

·       Speakers are just amazing

·       The screen is unclear in direct sunlight.

·       Spotify is not accessible while you are offline.




4: Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2:




Brand: Samsung electronics

Size : 44mm


Sleep tracker

Heart rate tracker

It’s a very light and comfortable watch. You can easily wear it going anywhere. Moreover, you can set your fitness goals by using this amazing smartwatch. It has a built-in pace coaching, that help you achieve your fitness goals easily.

It comes with a range of different bands, faces, and finishes which you can truly enjoy.

You have a heart rate tracker with you by having this smartwatch. It tells you automatically if your heart rate is lower or higher than the normal one.

The sleep tracker is its valuable feature. It guides you in having a good night’s sleep properly.

The built-in calm app calms you down and monitors your stress level.

You can use it for up to 5 days after getting it charged only once. Isn’t it ecstatic?


Pros Cons
·       A heart rate tracker helps you keep a check on your health.

·       Sleep tracker

·       Calm app

·       5 days of battery life

·       Monitors stress level

·       You can make calls

·       Bluetooth connectivity



·       Cons: It’s not used for diagnosis of any disease, mitigation, or prevention of any type of disease

·       It’s not compatible with Non-Samsung Qi devices.



5: Fitbit Versa 3 Health and Fitness smartwatch:



Voice Assistant

Brand  Fitbit Alexa



Heart-rate monitor




Sleep Monitor

You can do all your activities freely without having a phone, by just having your smartwatch with you. Do running, hiking, biking, and have your smartwatch monitor your real-time pace and distance recorded.

It has a built-in GPS. You can make calls, and also watch time on the display.

You can be notified abruptly when your heart-rate goes up or down the normal limit.  Active Zone Minutes track your exercise levels and heart rate levels. Pure Pulse 2.0 is a built-in app for these purposes.

Apart from enhanced heart rate technology, it can track your blood oxygen levels as well.

Sp02 clock faces are available in a wide variety. Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa are built-in features. They help your sleep goals, set alarms, accessing news quickly, set reminders, and also helps in controlling your smart home devices. You can just talk to your smartwatch for help and your work will be done without any further ado.

Fitbit’s Free 90-day premium trial makes it a better choice than the other google pixel smartwatches.

Deezer and Pandora make you enjoy time by playing your favorite music and podcasts. You can also control Spotify easily and conveniently.


Pros Cons
·       Track your real-time pace and distance

·       Make calls

·       Heart-rate can be monitored

·       Blood oxygen levels can be checked

·       Free 90 days premium trial

·       Enjoy music using Deezer, Spotify, and Pandora

·       Sleep monitor

·       Voice assistant

·       Alarm system


·       You have to cancel the free premium trial before the limit ends, otherwise, you’ll have to pay the subscription fees.



6: TicWatch Bundle with TicWatch S2 Smartwatch:



Brand Ticwatch



Wireless earbuds



It is certified by US military Standard 810G. Buy this watch and make your outdoor activities a lot more comfortable than before. This is best to wear when you decide to travel the natural landscapes, forests, rivers, etc.

TicWatch S2 is waterproof. That means you can wear it even when you go for swimming or enjoying the rainy season, having fun with family and friends. 5ATM Waterproof technology is your best companion for such times.

You can connect with other devices within 10 meters via Bluetooth 5.0 technology.

30-day money-back guarantee is another plus for buying this product. If you require quality-related assurance, the TicWatch company gives you a 12-month warranty as well.

Google Fit and TicMotion make your routine activities. Improve your lifestyle and add an activity to your slow colorless life by buying this amazing product.

Pros Cons
·       Certified by US Military standard 810 G

·       Waterproof

·       Outdoor activity tracker

·       30 days money-back guarantee

·       Activity tracker

·       Connectible via Bluetooth



·       Spotify is not available

·       The screen can’t be seen properly in direct sunlight.



7: MorePro Smartwatch IP68:



Brand MorePro

Size 1.2 inches


HD touch screen

Heart rate monitoring

Sports apps

Auto-sleep tracking

Alarm clock

7-day battery life

Remote camera

HR reminder

Get your MorePro waterproof smartwatch with an HD touchscreen. It is an IP 68 certified device. You can swim in cold water by wearing it but you can’t keep it on your wrist in hot water and saltwater. Screen brightness and duration can be managed easily according to your likes and dislikes.

It can track your heart rate and blood pressure with its in-built modern sensor. It will be easier for you to monitor your daily activities and health by using this device’s extraordinary features. It helps you in adjusting the intensity of your routine workouts.

Auto-sleep tracking and sports apps track your distance, calories, steps, calories burned, and heart rate. You can also transmit your exercise data by using smartphone applications.

Your sleep patterns between 8 am to 6 pm, light sleep hours, and awake hours can be monitored with your smartwatch as well.

Psychological period reminder, remote camera, alarm clock, HR reminder, other numerous features make this smartwatch worth buying.

As far as battery life is concerned, charge your smartwatch for 2 hours it will last for up to 7 days.

Pros Cons
Enjoy HD touch screen

Auto-sleep tracking system

Activity tracker

Remote camera

Women psychological period tracker

Blood and heart rate monitor


Alarm clock

7 days of battery life



 It’s not compatible with a PC or tablet.



8: Garmin Venu smartwatch:




Bright display


Brand  Garmin


Body energy monitoring

Animated workouts

Pulse ox sensor


1.2 inches standing screen


Garmin venu has a brighter display touchscreen for your convenience. Also, it has GPS installed. It’s a smartwatch that has got a Five-day battery life when you put it on a smartwatch mode. Likewise, the battery stays up to 6 hours when it’s on GPS and music mode.

Health monitoring features keep an eye on your stress levels, your sleep cycle, checks your heart rate, energy, and even your menstrual cycle. Voila!

You can download any song on your smartwatch from Amazon, Spotify, or Deezer. You can easily make your playlists to enjoy anytime anywhere, having headphones along with the Garmin Venu smartwatch.

You can enjoy more than 20 sports apps. These GPS and indoor sports apps are preloaded. You can have Yoga, pool swimming, running, and many more exciting games to enjoy whenever you want.

Whenever you want to work out you can get easy-to-follow workouts like animated cardio, pilates, strength, and yoga on your smartwatch.



·       Pulse ox sensor

·       GPS

·       You can use Amazon Music, Spotify and Deezer

·       More than 20 gaming apps are in-built

·       Water-proof

·       Easy-to-follow workouts

·       Bluetooth



·       headphones are not included. You’ll have to buy them if you want to listen to music.

Smartwatches are a revolutionary addition to our lives for sure. Hopefully, the information we gave you is going to benefit you while you decide to have a smartwatch for yourself or anyone else in your relations. Smartwatches have proved to be one of the best gifts ever for your loved ones. Keep on using smart devices and make your life easier than before. Chao! J

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