Best Smartwatch for Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra

This article is related to be Best Smartwatch for Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra. As we know Smartwatches give you the ability to approach your digital life from your wrist because it’s not convenient to always carry your phone; whether in your bag or wallet, you don’t have to bother to take it out for checking notifications or for GPS navigation.

Moreover, you can simply reply or ignore texts and calls, skip a song on Spotify, remind yourself of the events you have planned on that day. In this way, smartwatches stand out as extensions of your phones that you can wear on your wrist. If you would like to see a general overview of smartwatches here is the Best Guide for you: Best Smartwatches.

Different Type of Smartwatches in Markets

 The smartwatches accessible in the market are technically compatible with both iOS and Android phones.

Here is the list of some Best Smartwatch for Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra:

There are two general types; one is for general purpose that is meant to be a supporting device for your smartphones, such as Wear OS and Watch OS devices. On the contrary, we have smartwatches that are meant for specific niches like Fitbit as a fitness tracker.

Hiking watches for extreme traveling in remote areas, diving, and flying watches offer indicators for objects like temperature, depth, and a moving map powered by GPS.

What market says?

According to market analysis, 47 percent of the smartwatch market share is ruled by Apple Watch, and it’s the only most expensive and technically advanced watch that does not go with any Android devices. 

Are you figuring out which Smartwatch is the best compatible for your Samsung Galaxy s21? If yes, then these top-notch watches in the list can be a perfect choice for you. By pairing Samsung Galaxy s21 with the right Smartwatch, you can enhance your experience.

Though, these watches are compatible with not only S7, S8, and S21 but also with high-end models such as Galaxy S10 and Galaxy S21.

Moreover, these watches also work with those devices that come under the low-end segment, and these are the Galaxy J series, A series, M series, etc.

How to Select the Best Smartwatch for Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra:

 Every Smartwatch has some interesting shortcomings; you can choose according to your interests. A few things that you should think about as you shop around are as follow:

  • Compatibility

Before you pick a certain smartwatch, you should check its compatibility with all the latest Galaxy Samsung models, which can be easily accessible on the product specs page. Generally, Android smartwatches would have the best compatibility.

  • Comfortable, Stylish design and display

The Smartwatch on your wrist should be comfortable. How it looks, its strap material, and the display it employs are such factors that are worth considering when it comes to selecting your wearable.

You should see if the strap is exchangeable and if it is easy to fasten or take off. Moreover, a smartwatch that has an excellent AMOLED display has more vivid colors and subsequently makes your experience of tracking progress a more fun process.

You have an option to go with a traditional design of round shape like the Samsung watches or Fossil Gen 5 has. Or you have the option of squared shape that Apple watches have. However, it’s essential to consider that the brighter display is, the shorter the battery life of your watch is likely to be.

  • Charging and Battery Life

On average, a good smartwatch should go between 1 to 3 days on a single charge, depending on the features in the watch. Though the more technically sophisticated the watch is, whether the smart or fitness ones, the less would be its battery life.

Some smartwatches can be charged with wireless chargers, while others use charging cables and docks.

  • Smart Features

After all, you are more concerned about the advanced technology in your wearable, such as Smartwatch will help you to keep up with your fitness programs by having the right sensors.

Some options are a fitness-tracker that has a heart rate monitor, a barometer, and GPS. The other basics include delivering notifications for call, email, and text messages, in addition to Facebook and Twitter app notifications.

Few smartwatches such as Samsung Gear S3 give the option of customization, in which you select notifications you receive by using an app on your phone.

Moreover, some smartwatches give you the option of NFC technology through which you can make online payments.

  • Water Resistance

Most smartwatches are resistant to water, such as diving watches, more specifically, even track swimming as an exercise and depth sensor. Thus, it allows you to wear it in the rain, pool, or shower.

Best Smartwatch for Samsung S21 Ultra

Now that you are convinced of having a smartwatch, we have listed many types of smartwatches that can meet your expectations and requirements. The best cannot always be a perfect fit for you. On the other hand, you should identify your operating system, check the specs, and select your one.

1. Samsung Galaxy Watch 3

The absolute best Smartwatch for your Samsung Galaxy is one of the company’s own smartwatches is the Galaxy S3. This watch is best for fitness-focused users. Though, this is the company’s most proficient wristwear yet that also works with an iPhone.

It’s a follow-up of the Galaxy watch from 2018, and it retains a lot of design elements from that device, but it refines on the original in a variety of ways. The Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 has a dazzling design, AMOLED display, and a lot of new fitness features; thus, it is lighter, slimmer, and comfortable to wear than the original one.

If you are happy to put your Smartwatch on charge after a couple of days for a few hours, then the battery time of the Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 may not be very disappointing for you.


The Galaxy Watch 3 features these specifications.

  • Dazzling design and vivid display

The Samsung design team has brought about another smartwatch masterpiece here. It has a dazzling design and a vivid display. Furthermore, you have the option of two sizes, with a smaller option of 41mm, and a 45mm model for those users who favor a larger display of watch on their wrist.

The Galaxy watch 3 has a display with 360 x 360-pixel resolution, which is perfect for looking at stats and makes navigating around the watch fun. The device is also protected by superior scratch resistance Corning Gorilla Glass DX.

Samsung has a traditional circular display shape and a rotatable bezel that empowers you to cycle through on-screen menus.

  • Available in three different colors

The galaxy watch 3 comes in three colors 45mm Mystic Black and Mystic Silver come with black leather a 22mm strap, the latter also available in smaller 41mm with 20 mm leather strap. The third 41mm Mystic Bronze color comes with a 20mm leather strap.

  • Software and performance

The Galaxy Watch 3 operates with its basic software over the last few years that are Samsung’s Tizen software, as long as the company gets off Google’s Android Wear platform.

Galaxy Watch 3 performs well in apps loading because of its 1GB RAM, which appears to be enough for processing. It has 8GB RAM for storage purposes and is compatible with both Android phones and IOS.

If you’re finding a smartwatch that enables you to leave your phone behind, there’s also a 4G LTE-ready version, which requires initial setup for standalone connectivity. You can use online apps and make phone calls while moving.

  • Fitness tracking

Fitness is a key element of the Galaxy Watch 3, and it is equipped with more features for tracking stress, heart rate, and breathing exercises. This watch is super handy, and it wills auto-trigger seven fitness tracking activities, whether or not you start the tracking. These are cycling, running, walking, rowing, dynamic and elliptical workouts. The Galaxy Watch 3 also works well for automatically tracked fitness programs; it’s smart enough to know and ask promptly when you finished a workout. Moreover, it greets you every morning with quality sleep reports and tracks your sleep patterns.

In addition to the above, you can have your ECG report in PDF by using the Samsung Health Monitor app.

  • Does battery time last for?

Satisfactory battery life according to the features it owns and with this somehow manages to lighten this device as compared to the previous models. Generally, it would take 2.5 hours from empty to full charge.

In its box, you get a charging pad for charging, and the watch is also compatible with wireless Qi chargers. Plus, depending on your compatibility with the Galaxy phone, it will always rapidly boost the Wireless power share feature.


  • The style you can rely on
  • Premium and great design
  • It has a useful rotating bezel
  • Military-grade Durability
  • Water-resistant up to fifty meters
  • a strong health tracker partner


  • Could have a better battery
  • A bit expensive
  • Stuck with a traditional look
  • The electrocardiogram monitor, BP monitoring, and SpO2 tracker aren’t presently on the Galaxy Watch 3 in all markets.

Bottom line

Comprehensively, the Galaxy Watch 3 gives you the best user experience as a smartwatch with its whole lot of upgraded features and technologies, even if it isn’t a budget-friendly watch on the list.

2. Samsung Gear S3

This watch is the previous version of Samsung watch 3; having great looks of an analog watch, the company built this watch with galaxy phones in mind, so it is suggested for those people who own expensive Samsung devices like Samsung Galaxy 20, S10, Galaxy S9 and Galaxy Note 9 and 10. In addition, it is also compatible with the budget-friendly Samsung devices.


  • Two models

The Samsung company gives you two options here you can choose either depending upon the style you like: The Samsung Gear S3 Frontier or The Samsung Gear S3 Classic.

  • Size

Both models have the same size that is 1.8 x 1.9 x 0.5-inches, but the Samsung Gear Classic is 0.1 ounces lighter in weight than the Frontier model at 2 ounces, with a 22mm standard band. The Gear 3 is comparatively a big watch weighing 59g and 46 x 49mm. For control purposes, the watch has two buttons on its side, one for the home screen and your apps, whereas the other is a universal black button.

  • Display

The watch has a bright enough display to give both in the day and at night quality vision. It has a 1.3-inch round shape AMOLED display having a 360 x 360-pixel resolution. Furthermore, the watch has a touch screen, which is confined by the Corning Gorilla Glass SR+ to prevent damage and scratches.

One of the amazing features of Gear S3 is Always On Display, which enables you to always see the time by keeping somewhat the screen light.

  • Compatibility

Filled with many outstanding features, bigger and bolder, it is one of the market’s best smartwatches. This Smartwatch is highly compatible with those select Bluetooth capable smartphones operating on Android 4.4+ and iOS phones with at least 1.5 GB RAM using iOS 9.0+.

  • Software and operating system

The Gear S3 uses Samsung’s proprietary Tizen software. This software has adopted many features from Google and Apple OS. Though perform well with the upgraded Android apps. For storage purposes, it has 4GB of RAM.

  • Resistance power

This watch is IP68 certified, which means that it’s dust and water-resistant. It can further handle extreme accidental drops and temperatures. The Samsung company also gives a 1-year warranty.

  • Battery life

Unlike many smartwatches, this device can deliver three days of usage on a full battery. Wireless charging technology is used here; battery performance can be better if you turn off always-on display mode.

  • Online connectivity

It has comprehensive connectivity with LTE, Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi internet.

  • Samsung Pay and S Health app

Through the Samsung Pay app on the watch, you can make payments by just tapping or swipe up your cards at any location with the help of a built-in GPS.

The other S Health app monitors your heart rate and tracks your routine to set goals. One more impressive feature is you can set alarms and reminders, make calls, or even view or send messages through Samsung’s voice search service.


  • More durable
  • Rotating bezel with a simple interface
  • It resists dust, extreme shocks, and temperature.
  • Having display which is always on
  • Prompt performance
  • Quality voice control
  • It has a heart rate monitoring app.
  • Built-in speakerphone


  • Limited variety of apps.
  • Activity tracking could be improved.
  • Heavy as compared to the new version

Bottom Line

Samsung Galaxy Gear S3’s performance is prompt and reliable, while it has a great and durable design. It is the perfect choice for those buyers who want a solid, durable Smartwatch on a medium-budget.

3. Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2

Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 is a combination of traditional and sports look in minimalist design. If you want the best user experience of Smartwatch, you can pair it with your Samsung phone and enjoy top fitness features, 39 workout modes, heart rate, and sleep monitor. It complements your wrist with a digital rotating bezel for a nominal price.


  • Compatibility

This watch pairs seamlessly with Android phones and Ios devices.

  • Size and Display

Galaxy Watch Active 2 is comfortably sleek and features an AMOLED display of 1.2-inch (40mm) or 1.4-inch (44mm) in size, with 360 x 360-pixel resolution, depending upon the model you chose. The display is dazzling and beautiful. This watch is comparatively small on your wrist than a lot of the other smartwatches in this list.

Easier and seamless Navigation through its digital rotating bezel, this watch is light in weight with a large variety of face bands despite coming in stainless steel.

  • Colors Availability

This watch gives you three choices in colors that is black, pink, gold, and Silver.

  • Connectivity

Like the new Samsung watches, it has 4G LTE connectivity besides the Bluetooth and WiFi-only connections that enable you to receive calls and messages on your wrist without having your phone nearby.

Battery life

The Galaxy Watch active2’s provides you with a long-lasting battery that can go for five-plus days on a single charge, and you can have a quick boost from your Galaxy phone with a feature of wireless power-sharing.


  • It has a rotating bezel.
  • Variety of fitness feature
  • Technically sophisticated design
  • Available in 2 sizes
  • Addition of LTE connectivity
  • Waterproof at 5 ATM
  • Heart rate, stress, and sleep monitors to check your health wellness.
  • Bright screen


  • Two days of short battery life.
  • Report glitches in syncing with IOS devices
  • Some features are paid.
  • Thick bezel as compared to others.
  • Limited storage

Bottom Line

Overall, this watch adds some minor details to the original. Having additional features at a reasonable price can be a good option for you.

4. Fitbit charge4

Other than Samsung circular-shaped smartwatches, the best compatible watch for Samsung Galaxy S9 is from the company Fitbit is Fitbit Charge 4, which comes in a rectangular shape and has both traditional and sports features smartwatches. The built-in GPS motivates you to do outdoor workouts, trace your pace and distance, and further show you workout intensity maps when you are done.


  • Most Advanced Heart rate technology

In comparison to other watches in the list, this Smartwatch has a more advanced heart rate sensor that tracks your resting heart rate 24/7 and better calculates calorie burn.

  • Compatibility

It is easily compatible with Andriod and IOS phones.

  • Editions

This watch comes in two editions: regular with black and rosewood color and special with granite color.

  • Active Zone Minutes

Active zone minutes accurately understand your body and give an alarm to concentrate on your workouts and rejoice when you produce extra minutes of your exercise. You can further track your workout during swimming and more with 20 plus exercise modes.

  • Battery life

Battery life varies with the use and other built-in GPS factors as it lasts for up to 7 days and 5 hours during GPS connectivity.

  • Fitbit pay

The Fitbit Company enables you to make secure purchases with its feature of Fitbit Pay, through which you receive call, text, and smartphone apps notifications when you make purchases and payments.

  • Fitbit Premium Membership

Charge 4 smartwatch gives you a 90-day free Fitbit Premium trial package with personalized insights and guided workout programs for new Premium users. Plus, it comes with more than 20 exercise modes. With the Spotify app, you can control, play, and store favorite songs.


  • It is water-resistant to 50 m
  • Dust-proof
  • Unmatched for sleep, nutrition, and water tracking.
  • Measure your skin temperature


  • I stuck up the screen during some functions.

Bottom line

This watch, with limited functions as compared to other Fitbit Smartwatches, is the best option for good looking and decent compatible Smartwatch in the list.

5. Fitbit Versa 3

If you are a fitness-focused person and searching for the latest Smartwatch, which best compliments your wrist with advanced fitness features and also compatible with Samsung Galaxy S9, then your search can stop on Fitbit Versa 3 from the company Fitbit rather than Samsung or Apple.

Fitbit’s Versa 3 smartwatch is a great choice for fitness, as it motivates and inspires you by tracking your distance and pace during rides and running without having a phone in hand. This new version of Fitbit Versa has built-in GPS, the display is a bright and crisp AMOLED display, and furthermore, it is more light and comfortable to wear on the wrist.


  • Compatibility

Like previously discussed smartwatches, this watch is also compatible with Android and IOS phones. So, you can select it if you have a Samsung Galaxy S9.

  • Colors Availability

It is available in 2 colours, midnite blue and gold, with 1.59 x 1.59 x 0.49 inches in dimensions.

  • Fitbit Advanced heart rate monitor

This watch provides you a PDF report of Fitbit fitness stats, which enables you to converse better with your healthcare professional. Its enhanced heart rate monitor tracks your pulse rate 24/7.

  • Fitbit Voice Assistant

Versa 3 smartwatch gives you Built-in Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa to control Spotify, adjust volume, receive quick news, set alarms, and furthermore, you can easily control your home appliances all from your wrist.

  • Fitbit Premium Membership

Versa 3 smartwatch gives you a 90-day free Fitbit Premium trial package with personalized insights and guided workout programs for new Premium users. Plus, it comes with more than 20 exercise modes.

  • Battery life

This fitness watch provides you 6+ day battery and fast charging in 12 minutes. Therefore, it makes sure to motivate you to reach your fitness goals.

  • Connectivity

Through Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 4.1 connectivity, you can make hands free calls, send voicemails.

  • Built-in Guidance

With better sleep at night, you can better start your day. This watch understands the aspects of sleep, which needs to be improved, gives you a Sleep score report, and guides you through programs to enhance your rest time.

This watch guides you to improve your nutritional diet. Amazingly, plans for your workouts to help strengthen you in various areas and show you workout intensity maps through the Fitbit app.


  • It has Built-in GPS
  • Comfortable and light-weighted on the wrist
  • You can see the workout intensity map on the Fitbit app.
  • Stock up and play music on Deezer and Pandora
  • The flat back gives your wrist no discomfort.
  • ECG app
  • Heart rate alerts for high and low
  • The onboard storage of music


  • It has a Poor side button.
  • Spotify is not available offline.



Hence, Fitbit Versa 3 is an affordable smartwatch mainly for fitness-tracking purposes with a pretty, bright display and stylish design.

6. Garmin Vivoactive 4

The Garmin Vivoactive 4 is a pretty rock-solid option with a lustrous, smooth, and more compact design in the absence of the bezel. This watch specifically for those who love music.


  • Vivoactive 4 Music

This feature is for those users who love music; without any trouble, you can download or include songs playlist in your watch from Spotify and Deezer.

The gives you detailed stats, including ones about your heart rate, and even a notification when it falls below or rises above a specified target zone.

  • Garmin pay

The company’s own amazing contactless payment system comes in it, which enables you to pass checkout lines smoothly.

  • Size and display

Seems like an analog watch due to its traditional circular faced design. It has

1.78 x 1.78 x 0.5 inches display and 1.28 ounces in weight.

Moreover, it comes in 2 sizes: one is 40mm and the second is 45mm.

  • Connectivity

Wireless communication technologies include Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connections.

  • Charging and Battery life

It’s a decent watch with a great battery life, which lasts for up to 8 days in smartwatch mode, but up to six hours when in GPS and Music mode. Moreover, it saves time and has a fast-charging option.

The impressive feature of Garmin Vivoactive 4 is transflective memory in the display, which is a significant reason for its long-lasting memory.

  • Availability of Colors

The company gives you vast color choice options, which are black with a black band, light gold with a light pink band, Rose gold with the white band, Silver with a grey band.

  • GPS and Indoor sports app

Garmin Vivoaactive 4 has more advanced 20 preloaded apps to help strengthen you in running, swimming, and yoga.


  • Serve as a personal coach and train you for 5k and 10k marathons.
  • Great battery time
  • Training feature for animated workouts
  • Accurate and quick GPS.
  • Can be personalized
  • Onboard music storage


  • Sleep score breakdown can be improved.
  • No separate hiking activity option
  • Limited functionality with apps

Bottom line

As the name shows, the Garmin Vivoactive 4 provides storage onboard storage capability. Additionally, it offers a lot of smart, health, and fitness features, which certified it to be the best smart device for Samsung S9.

7. Garmin Vivoactive 3

As the new version, Garmin Vivoactive 3 is also the best fitness-focused Smartwatch, offering many smart notifications and GPS, with heart rate monitoring sensors in sleek and slim lightweight devices.


  • Size and display

The watch comes in a 1.3-inch with 240 x 240-pixel display, which allows you to read smoothly in direct sunlight. Moreover, like any other watch on this list, it is also big and seems to be oversize by 43mm.

For accessing menus, The Vivoactive 3 has just one side button, and for other controls, you can enjoy the touchscreen.

  • Availability of colors

It is available in two colors, black, and Silver.

  • GPS Connectivity and Indoor sports app

Garmin Vivoactive  3 has 15 preloaded apps, less as compared to the new version, for providing support in indoor sports such as swimming and yoga.

Furthermore, this watch has Android and IOS devices compatible.

  • Charging and Battery life

Garmin Vivoactive 3 has an extraordinary battery life, which goes up to 7 days on a single charge. The charging process is also pretty straightforward; you just need to plug-in into the small four-pin charging port on the back of the watch.


  • Bright display, easy to read in direct sunlight
  • The watch has precise distance tracking.
  • Accurate GPS and heart rate monitoring sensors
  • Long-lasting battery time


  • Lack of onboard music storage
  • Garmin Pay feature isn’t available in all markets.
  • Inaccurate sleep score breakdown tracking

Bottom line

Unlike its new version, it lacks some features, but you can choose for the fitness features and impressively long-lasting battery.

8. TicWatch Pro

Mobvoi TicWatch is a new participant in this field, and being a new brand with new stuff, new business strategies, and sound designs managed to capture its share in the market. At this moment, we have the Mobvoi TicWatch Pro with 4G LTE, which is the finest and the most innovative product to date.

The company is known for making out artificial intelligence voice technologies, smart home appliances, and intelligent wearable. This company’s main focus is adding on high-end specs on a budget by being thrifty on external designs.

But here, with TicWatch Pro 4G LTE advanced technology model is equipped with high-end design, quality specs, and innovative features.


  • Size and display

With upgraded style and multi-functional design, Mobvoi Ticwatch pro is one of the market’s finest watches. It comes with stainless steel bezel and dual screens (AMOLED/LCD) with options of two display modes: Smart and Essential.

This watch is protected by Corning Gorilla 3, which prevents dust, scratches, and water. Plus, light-weighted. Two buttons are given. The top one is the home button, while the other is a programmable shortcut.

The top screen is made of LCD, which is used by Essential mode that impressively requires low power, and in this mode, time and date, step calculation, and heart rate can all be viewed even in direct sunlight.

Underneath this layer is a more power-eager display of 400×400 pixels resolution is present for other Navigation and display of main functions.

  • Battery life

The dual-layered combination of screens is the main innovative feature that keeps the battery running for days without charge. The watch gives you 2days battery life in Smart mode, whereas you will get up to 5 days in Essential mode.

  • Cellular Connectivity and Operating System

This watch enables you to activate 4G and LTE by using the Verizon app and Verizon Website. Moreover, it is operated by Wear OS by Google.

  • Fitness companion and sleep tracker

This Fitness Companion watch has six sports modes. Through Ticpulse technology, the watch monitors your heart rate 24/7 and warns you of abnormal conditions. Whereas, TicMotion technology quickly sensor your movement and tracks your activity.

Sleep technology on the watch monitors your sleep pattern.


  • Cellular connectivity by using the Verizon app.
  • Stylish looks and design
  • Durable design with IP68 Certification
  • Great innovative Dual screen
  • Long battery life in essential mode
  • Ready to swim as it is Water resistant
  • It has built-in GPS
  • It provides Google pay for purchases.


  • Non Impressive battery life in smart mode

Bottom line

Mobvi TicWatch Pro, in terms of price, is an affordable watch as compared to other company smartwatches, with good looks and other advanced fitness tracking features.

9. Fossil Gen 5 Carlyle

Since 1984, Fossil Company, in their 35 years, developed a great reputation in the watch-making business. Fossil Gen 5 Carlyle is another eye-catching smartwatch loaded with advanced features and best performance at an affordable price.


  • Size and Display

Fossil basically a fashion company that produces stylish watches accordingly. It has an AMOLED display with 328ppi pixel resolution and can be readable in direct sunlight.

Display size is 44mm with a Band size is 22mm; the band can interchangeably use with other Fossil 22mm bands.

On the exterior, this watch has seven choices of bezel/band with a range of classic stainless steel to the black silicone sporty look.

  • Software and operating system

This Smartwatch is powered with Wear OS by Google, So, this goes with both iPhone and Android Phones. The amazing chipset of Snapdragon Wear 3100 makes this watch workable on the Wear OS platform. Having 1GB of RAM gives the fastest performance.

  • Google pay, Google Assistant, and Google fit

You don’t have to carry your wallet with this watch as it gives you the option of Google pay. For tracking your heart rate and move minutes, the watch has a Google Fit app. moreover, the watch is

It is also featured with a Google assistant speaker, which helps to give voice directions from your wrist.

  • Battery Life

This watch is featured with three battery modes: Daily, Extended, and Time only; thus, the battery life depends on the usage of Smartwatch in these modes. Plus, its fast-charging enables you to charge your watch up to 80% in under 1 hour.


  • Stylish design
  • Pretty fast performance
  • Long battery life
  • 3 Battery modes
  • To personalize your look, it has thousands of watch faces.
  • Swim proof with 3ATM


  • It has a poor quality of speakers.
  • It has three buttons on its side, which sometimes protrude with gloves.

Bottom line

Hence, it is a decent watch for seamless communication, specifically for users of Android devices.

10. Willful 025 Smart Watch

The willful company brings Smartwatch for Men and Women, with which you not only keep tracking your heart rate, moves, and quality sleep time but also notify about calls and text by staying in your budget.


  • Size and Display

Willful Smartwatch has a Stylish design with a 1.3-inch display arc LCD and comfortable elastic bands. It further offers three choices to watch faces.

  • Fitness tracker

    Besides the basic accurate tracking with GPS, it also has an advanced HR monitor.

  • Battery life

This Smartwatch has large features with modes that save battery. Its full charging time is 2.5 hrs that can be utilized for up to 10 days, and its reserve time is 42 days.

  • Compatibility

This watch works well with most smartphones, including iPhone and Android, requiring that your phone operating system is above Android 4.4 or IOS 8.0.

  • Additional features

Furthermore, it has 11 sports modes and gives you a lot of useful functions like a breathing guide, alarm clock vibration, and stopwatch.


  • Waterproof with IP68 certified
  • Accurate fitness tracker
  • Sleep and awake time monitor
  • Stylish looks
  • Ten days of Battery life


  • Does not control the music app

Bottom line

By selecting this watch for your wrist, you can be sure about your health monitoring and manage your stress level.

Final thoughts

Evidently, the top 3 options in this list are Samsung Smartwatches that’s mainly because they are meant to design for Samsung smartphones with 100 percent compatibility. But, it doesn’t mean you go wrong with any other of them as Samsung Company is synonymous with high-quality products.

But, If you want to select other than Samsung Smartwatches in this list, they are equally packed with Amazing features and So, Compatible with Android devices by Samsung Company.