Best Smartwatch for Big Wrists

Wearable technology has taken over the modern world by storm. Everyone is aiming to have one smartwatch with themselves to track health and fitness. Big wrist watches are also in style, which means that they have everyone covered with wearable technology. Smartwatches are available in various sizes and colors. They have been designed by keeping in view the needs of various people.

In a competitive tech world, the latest developments are introduced daily. Giant companies like Apple, Samsung, Google, etc., are coming forward with the big wrist watches. The competition between smartwatches has been leaving people with a world of options. Smartwatch companies are thriving to put their products out to grab consumers’ attention. It’s a tough world for everyone.

If you are a fitness freak and want to stay updated with your health and fitness activities, big wrist watches are meant for your rescue. They are available everywhere easily, in stores and online. Having one with yourself will put your health and fitness routine at the top and encourage you to improve it. Keeping you fit is just one aspect of many that a smartwatch brings to your lifestyle but comprehensively, it is loaded with benefits.


Big wrist watches are truly amazing since they are equipped with features and technologies. People are fond of technological innovations like smartwatches because they make human life easier by bringing everything at their finger touch. Listed are some of the core features you will find in big wrist watches.

Alerts and Notifications

The notifications displayed by a smartwatch differ valiantly than those displayed by a smartphone. If your watch is connected to your phone, it may simply act as a mirror to those notifications displayed on your phone. The main purpose of the notification feature in your smartwatch is not for you to miss any update that comes on your phone. Hence, it keeps you connected and updated.


Large wrist watches also come with multiple apps to keep you fit and healthy. Just like your smartphone, your smartwatch is equally capable of handling a lot of apps. You can go out for your physical activities, and they will get updated accordingly. The ecosystem that supports the app is either connected to Google or Apple, depending upon your smartwatch’s family. Apps within a smartwatch are built for a specific purpose, and the intent is to keep you updated about your fitness activities.

Texts and calls

The most convenient thing about large wrist watches is that they instantly notify us of incoming texts or calls. Some of them also allow us to respond without using the smartphone. The basic feature allows the user to get notified about the incoming text or call, which is pretty great. Sometimes, we might miss an important message because we are away from our phones. Having a large wrist watch tied with us will ensure that we stay connected and updated with our phone updates.

Fitness Tracker

People who are mostly concerned about their health and fitness opt for a smartwatch. Fitness focused smartwatch keeps them updated with their usual fitness activities and also suggests them accordingly. If you are a fitness freak, then a large wrist watch is your go-to gadget. Some of the large wrist watches require a SIM or Bluetooth connectivity. Their core feature also includes the users’ health and fitness updates. Wear one while you are working out or going for a morning jog – your smartwatch will update you with everything.

Extended battery life

The short-lived battery life is the major drawback of having a smartphone. It would help if you charged your phone regularly, and luckily, this is not the case with a smartwatch. The battery life of a smartwatch is remarkable and lasts up to days in most cases. A prolonged battery gives a moment of relief for the large wrist watch users since it reduces their workload of recharging their gadgets. Extended battery life is what makes it a favorite among the users. People who own smartwatches have shown trust and relief in this long battery life since the smartwatch has become their routine companion now.


Large wrist watches also come with a GPS, which facilitates the user with the location option. Mostly Apple watches help the user to navigate when they are on the wheels so that they don’t have to look at their phone screens again. Looking at their screen might distract them from focused driving. To keep safe, Apple has introduced the GPS feature in their smartwatch too.

Customizable Options

There are quite a few large wrist watches that come with the option of customizable features. You can easily customize the themes or the apps you would like to have in your smartwatch. It promotes ease of access for the users and makes it easier for them to navigate through the screen in the way they would like to.

Your mini smartphone

Large wrist watches act as a smartphone for you. Apart from alerts and notifications, they inform you about the incoming calls and texts and also let you know about your connections on the social platform. What else do we need? A mini smartphone on your wrist is one of the most innovative things that technology has introduced us.

Smartwatches come with plenty of feature options that are customizable and easy to use. The trend of big wrist watches was rare in the beginning but as we are growing, a lot of people have adopted this technology. According to them, it keeps them connected with their phone, wherever they are. The ease of access has empowered people to switch towards innovative technology. It acts as an entertainer on the go. People going to the gym, adventures, hiking, and other trips have shown relief in large wrist watches since they can track their fitness.

A lot of tech brands have introduced their smartwatches in recent times. If you are looking for a smartwatch with a lot of features and specifications, we have compiled a list for you. The list includes various options for a smartwatch including price, compatibility, battery life etc.


If you are looking for watches for big wrist, we will present you with a lot of options here. You can go for your pick depending upon your budget constraints, features and battery options. The world is full of options and tech industry is introducing latest products, so we are making the curating process easier and smoother for you.

Name of smartwatchBrandSize
Apple Watch Series 5Apple44mm
Samsung Galaxy WatchSamsung46mm
Fossil Gen 5 smartwatchFossil44mm
Mobvoi Ticwatch ProTicwatch22mm
Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2Samsung40mm
Apple Watch 4Apple44mm
Mobvoi Ticwatch E2Ticwatch22mm
Fitbit Versa 2Fitbit22mm


Apple is known for launching the most innovative and top notch products, which is no different from the rest this year. Apart from smartphones, Apple’s smartwatches are well known too. If you are looking for watches for the big wrist, Apple has got you covered. Apple Watch Series 5 has been launched, which has introduced people to a newer technological product concept.

Apple Watch Series 5 is amazing and truly sensational. If you are an Apple user, you might have flicked over your smartwatch to see the time. Apple has truly discarded this concern of yours, and the latest edition comes with an Always-On display. Isn’t it amazing? After experiencing this feature of Apple Watch Series 5, you will note that this was something you would have always wanted in your large wrist watch. It is a convenient feature for adventure lovers, and they would love to have this always-on feature on the go.


Apart from this, Apple Watch Series 5 offers quite expansive onboard storage. This extended feature has put the users in relief because storage limitation is annoying. Limited storage mostly bugs many people, so Apple has been kind and generous in this way and hence has extended the storage to offer more to its users. Feature-packed, Apple Watch Series 5 is one purchase you won’t regret having among yourselves.

Always-On displayBattery life is short
Expansive on-board storageSleep tracking is missing
Feature-packedExpensive purchase

Apple products are costly, there is no doubt about that, but they are worth a purchase. If people can afford Apple products, they always wish to buy one for themselves. Everyone loves to have many features in their gadgets, and Apple Watch Series 5 is feature-packed. The charging method used for this one is wireless, and you don’t have to surround yourself with wires to charge it. There are quite a few limitations for this watch for big wrist. The battery lasts from 24 hours and goes up to 36 hours. Compared to other watches, this is a short span for a smartwatch battery.

Many smartwatches have long battery lives, which is why many users prefer them. Another feature has been missed out in this series, and that is sleep tracking. Sleep monitoring is one constant feature that is available in every other watch for big wrist. Apple Watch Series 5 has missed this out. Learn more about this product here.


In the world of technology and innovations, Samsung has also made its mark effortlessly. Samsung’s products are loved by the fanbase, which is why Samsung is expanding and launching daily. This time, the watch for big wrist we are talking about is Samsung Galaxy Watch. Samsung lovers will love this one if they want to spend their money on a watch for a big wrist.

If you are looking for a smartwatch with a slightly different style and design, go for the Samsung Galaxy Watch. It is loaded with features and functions you would love to have in your watch. Like Apple Watch Series 5, Samsung also supports the Always-on display feature. The always-on display makes it another competitor to Apple, and people would love to have such a feature-packed large wrist watch with themselves.


The best thing about Samsung Galaxy Watch is that it comes in various sizes, allowing users to choose the one that fits them the best. The available versions are 46mm and 42mm. The colors are also eye-catching, and you get to choose either silver and black or rose gold and midnight black. The color combination has been made carefully by keeping the different outfits and outlooks in mind. So, you can easily choose the one which you think goes best with your attire.

Amazing battery lifePricey
Great rotating bezelUnappreciated assistant technology

Everyone wants a smartwatch that offers great battery life, and luckily, Samsung Galaxy Watch is one. The watch has been designed to keep the user experience in view, and they have offered the customers some great battery life. If you have been looking for a Samsung product that offers great battery timing, Samsung Galaxy Watch has been made for your rescue. The stainless steel looks make sure that the user looks elegant and classy while wearing it.

What makes Samsung Galaxy great?

Paired with its great battery life, it comes with a useful rotating bezel, which comes in 2 different versions. Both of them are comfortable and easy for users to wear and make them look attractive and chic. Your outfit combined with a large wristwatch boosts your outlook manifold. Choose your preferred color combination, and you are good to go with Samsung Galaxy Watch.

Few limitations put the buyers into serious thoughts before buying this smartwatch for themselves. Samsung Galaxy is an expensive purchase, and not everyone can afford it. Apart from this, Samsung Galaxy is missing out on some important apps which are quite useful. Trending and most-used apps like Messenger, WhatsApp, etc., are not compatible with this large wristwatch, which puts it in a red zone.

Technical assistants have topped in this trending world, and everyone loves to use them. The assistant technology is unappreciated in this watch for big wrist. People are mostly connected through these apps, and business owners use them a lot. It supports Tizen OS, which deprives it of many useful apps like Google Health. You can review the product here yourself.


Compatible with Android and iOS devices, Fossil Gen 5 smartwatch is one worthy purchase if you are looking for a large watch wrist. It has been loaded with features and functions and makes life easier for users. People who have been using this smartwatch are very fond of its design and user experience. A smartwatch with an excellent user experience always tops in the lot due to many reasons. This brand has been making watches since 1984, and people know Fossil because of their brilliance.

The price range it falls in is a medium-range, so this can be affordable for many people. It can be the right choice for the consumers since it is cheaper than both Apple and Samsung. So, if someone is looking for a watch for a big wrist, Fossil can be a definite choice for them. The feature that captivates the users in purchasing Fossil Gen 5 smartwatch is its elegant design. The design it carries is minimal, which gives a chic look to the user. People mostly look around for elegant watches in design and don’t look much noticeable on their wrists.

Designs matter a lot when it comes down to wearables. People specifically hunt for minimalistic gadgets because they are hard to find. Some smartwatches are loaded with features and functions, but they are gigantic. Perfect size with some terrific features is really hard to find in this daily-changing world. To get one, you need to have done your homework properly well. Fossil has introduced the world to comfortable options, and Fossil Gen 5 is one of them.


Smartwatches are created for more than just fitness and health functions. So, if they add a classy look to the user, it is a big plus. Most users go for the minimal design options, and Fossil Gen 5 smartwatch offers one. Apart from its design, Fossil Gen 5 is super-fast and performs all the functions very quickly. The swiftness and efficiency put it on the top and enhance the consumers’ user experience.


Elegant designPoor speakers
Nice battery life
Battery modes feature

If you have been on a hunt for a mid-priced and decent designed watch, Fossil Gen 5 is the absolute pick for you. It comes with an ideal combination of a beautiful design and efficient features that help in doing your work effectively. Not only this, Fossil Gen 5 smartwatch has a pretty decent battery life, which makes it desirable among the users. Smartwatches with short battery timing are a hassle, and people avoid going for such large wristwatches because they need extra care.

In this aspect, Fossil Gen 5 smartwatch is a decent purchase since it comes with a battery modes feature, which further boosts the watch’s usability. Big watches for men are plenty in number, but they aren’t user friendly or come with several feature options, unlike Fossil Gen 5 smartwatch. The only limitation of using the Fossil Gen 5 smartwatch is that it has poor quality speakers, disrupting the experience. Otherwise, it is a good fit. You can review the product here.


Mobvoi is a new entry in the world of renowned brands, and we might not have heard the name as common as others. But, Mobvoi Ticwatch Pro is an impressive smartwatch, and with its amazing features, it has managed to compete with famous brands like Samsung and Apple. The designs produced by Mobvoi are effective and loved by the users. Mobvoi Ticwatch Pro has been launched after the successful stories of Mobvoi Ticwatch E & S. the consumers loved them, which is why the company decided to launch another brilliant product in the market.

Although Mobvoi is a new name in the crowd of the famous ones, it still has managed to produce some exceptional big wristwatches for the people looking for such amazing features in many others. Mobvoi Ticwatch Pro is also one of a kind, and it will be a perfect fit for someone who has been looking for some basic features at an economical price.


Enabling basic mode, you will experience some excellent battery usage experience. Not all smartwatches can produce such user-friendliness and battery effectiveness. There are a lot of big wristwatches that entirely drain the battery due to their optimal functions. Mobvoi Ticwatch Pro is one of a kind that has prolonged battery timing. If you are looking for a smartwatch with a long-lasting battery, this one should be your ultimate pick. Combined with a long-lasting battery, the high-quality design is the one to look forward to. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that Mobvoi has successfully launched a powerful gadget in the market, and people are looking forward to buying this one.

Long lasting battery life (in essential mode)LTE connectivity unavailable
Minimal designAverage performance
Innovative featuresLimited battery life (in smart mode)

With many innovative options, Mobvoi Ticwatch Pro is a good choice if you are looking for minimalist features in a smartwatch. The essential mode battery option is also amazing. So, the basics have been covered by many users. Rotating bezels are the trending specification in most of the large wrist watches nowadays. To interact with Mobvoi Ticwatch Pro, you need to see the display screen, and the full information will be present there. In this way, it is a bit unique from most of the smartwatches around.

No LTE Connectivity in Mobvoi Ticwatch Pro

With all these amazing features, there are quite a few limitations to using Mobvoi Ticwatch Pro. The prime back draw of using this large wrist watch is that it has no LTE connectivity, mostly present in other smartwatches. Connectivity issues put a huge question mark on the performance issues of the watch. Mobvoi Ticwatch Pro has average performance, which is mainly due to its limited connectivity issues. These performance and connectivity issues are alarming since the users won’t go for an average performing smartwatch. Mobvoi needs to work on its next launch over the performance issues to fix the problem. If you want to review the product in detail, click here.


It is safe to say that Samsung has marked itself as one of the most reliable and innovative brands in the tech world. Samsung users are growing rapidly, and they are always watching out for a new Samsung product launch. Here is another Samsung product that is a fit if you are looking out for a large wrist watch to account for your health and fitness. There might be many options in the tech world when it comes down to health and fitness measurement. Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 is a beast, and you won’t regret having it with you if your main goal is to cover your fitness routine.


The method used to charge Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 is wireless. This watch for big wrists was launched just six months after the launch of the original Samsung Galaxy Watch Active, and this is why you can almost expect the same features in both of these versions. There is a feature in Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 that outstands it from the crowd. It comes with on-screen dial control, and it is amazing. To promote user-friendliness, Samsung has devised this new feature for its consumers.

On-screen dial controlLimited third party apps
Minimal design
Decent battery life

You must be thinking that the rotating bezel is real in this smartwatch, but it is not. What is great about this unreal rotating bezel is that it uses haptic technology to make this work. Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 is efficient and intuitive since it is surrounded by contemporary technology. If you have been looking for a good enough smartwatch to track your health and fitness, then this watch for big wrists is the best option for you. Active 2 is active enough to support trending apps like YouTube, Spotify, Twitter, etc. Isn’t it great? Although it is a bit complex to read the apps on a small screen, users can avail of this feature for emergency purposes.

Minimalist design of Active 2

The design of Active 2 is minimal, which is again an add-on in this competitive world. Some smartwatches are complexly designed, which doesn’t go well with all the outfits; Active 2 has completely discarded this concern of yours. You can pair this smartwatch with any outfit, and it will look equally good. Apart from the design, it has very decent battery life. So this can be a great fitness companion for you on your adventures. You can go hiking, swimming or climbing, etc., with Active 2 by your side, and it will keep a record of all of your physical activities.

With all of these qualities, Active 2 has a couple of limitations. First of all, it supports limited third party apps, which puts the consumer in buying this. Other smartwatches are easily compatible with a lot of third-party apps, and Active 2 isn’t. But, the core purpose of this watch is fitness tracking, which does the best. You can review Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 here.


Apple has easily made its mark in the world of innovations and technology by introducing top-notch products. People are mostly fond of Apple’s smartphones and laptops, but there is also a high percentage of people who look up to their latest edition large wristwatches. New and even exciting product is introduced by Apple every year, which steals many other products’ limelight in the market. Smartwatches introduced by Apple are also an equal catch since they are equipped with features that you mostly don’t find in other smartwatches. The budget constraints are mostly common among certain people, but if they come across an economical Apple product, they buy it.


Apple Watch 4 is considered a mid-priced product, so if you are on a hunt for a large wrist watch that is not very costly, this can be your potential pick. It is efficient and will help you in performing the tasks quickly. The versatility is the main bargain for this product since it is swift and performs many tasks in no time. It is a family lower than Apple Watch Series 5, but people who opt for Apple 4 rather than Apple 5 are looking for an affordable product, rather than an expensive one. Hence, it will prove to be light on your pocket as well.


Clear and large display featurePoor battery timing
Decent speakersNot easily available in the market
Light weighted

Apple Watch 4 has a crystal clear display, which enhances the overall display quality of the product. People always love a high quality display large wristwatch, and this watch is one of a kind. Apple Watch 4 is quite similar to Apple Watch Series 5 when it comes down to the design. It is an inexpensive option if you have been looking for an almost similar looking Apple 5 watch. The Apple Watch 4 display is in-arguably top-notch, and you will enjoy the user experience it provides.

Apple Watch 4 has decent speakers

There is a common problem observed in many big wristwatches, and that is they are missing quality speakers. Having indecent speakers’ harms usage, and this is why people change their minds about buying them. Unlike other big wristwatches, Apple Watch 4 has decent and high-quality speakers. They not only boost the entire user experience but also enable the users to enjoy the vocals. Moreover, it is a light weighted product, so it doesn’t feel heavy on your wrist. You can easily pair it up with your outfit and carry it without any worry as well.

Similarity with Apple Watch Series 5

Apple Watch 4 is an extremely good purchase, and you won’t regret having one with yourself. With every product, there are a few limitations as well. Apple Watch 4 also has a couple of limitations, and you need to know before deciding for yourself. Because of high-quality features and the latest technologies, Apple Watch 4’s battery timing isn’t much appreciated. It drains down quickly, and this is why you have to recharge it timely. The poor battery life negatively impacts the features it offers, but that always has been a problem with Apple products. They do not offer a long-lasting battery, so that is a given.

Apart from that, since it is a comparatively older product, it is not easily available in the market. Apple Watch Series 5 has overtaken the longevity of Apple Watch 4. If you want to go through the product in detail, click here.


Mobvoi has been successful in launching another brilliant smartwatch in the category of watches for big wrist. In a competitive world with Samsung and Apple as rivals, it is an achievement to see your brand giving a tough time to these big names. Earlier with Mobvoi Ticwatch Pro making it to the list, Mobvoi Ticwatch E2 has also joined the queue. The presence of many options in big wrist watches gives a tough time choosing for the people. A detailed review needs to be read through by the users to make an absolute choice for themselves.


You would be wondering that what is the one thing that makes Mobvoi Ticwatch E2 unique and better for the users. It is super cheap as compared to its competitors and the features it offers. Everyone loves a cheap smartwatch that is loaded with features and functions. It might not be fashionable to look at, but it is feature-packed. The latter indicates that the company has preferred functional specifications over design specifications, which is amazing. If you are one of the users looking for a functional rather than classic looking smartwatch, Mobvoi Ticwatch E2 is the top pick.

Decent battery lifeNFC payments unavailable
Swim tracking available

A decent battery timing is all we are looking for in all of our gadgets. Be it a smartphone or a big wristwatch; battery timing matters a lot. There are quite a few smartwatches with a battery drainage issue, which is why it has a limited customer base. People are generally not comfortable with gadgets that offer a limited battery experience, unlike many smartwatches out in the market. Mobvoi Ticwatch E2 has a very decent battery timing. Mobvoi has eradicated the need to charge the smartwatch again. You can go easy for a full day without recharging this large wristwatch. The prolonged battery feature again depends upon the usage of the watch. Lesser the usage, the more the battery containment.

Swim tracking feature in Mobvoi Ticwatch E2

Apart from the good battery feature, Mobvoi Ticwatch E2 has introduced a swim tracking feature as well. Fitness focus smartwatch should be good news for the swimmers if they are looking for an economic smartwatch under their budget, which tracks their swim and turf. You can record your physical activities regularly, especially if you are a professional swimmer. Maintain your activity record and then plan your exercise accordingly. There is a limitation of using Mobvoi Ticwatch E2, which is that NFC payments are unavailable, but overall it is a decent purchase. If you are an NFC user, you might have to face a problem while using this smartwatch. You can review the product here.


You might have come across the name of a large trending wristwatch named Fitbit Versa 2. It has given strong competition to many smartwatches in business, and people love the specifications it has. Apple Watch Series has ruled the smartwatch industry for quite some time now, and Fitbit has successfully been competitive with Apple, which is huge. It looks like Apple’s dominance is over in the market since there are a lot of big names taking over the smartwatch industry now.


Fitbit Versa 2 is also one of a kind, and the word is being circulated that this smartwatch is why Google wants to buy Fitbit. It is a power smartwatch, and you would love to have one with yourself. Speaking about the battery timing of Fitbit Versa 2, it is really good. The long-lasting battery timing that comes with Fitbit Versa 2 is amazing and boosts the entire user experience. Apart from the battery timing, Fitbit Versa 2 is quite a catch if you want your sleep to be tracked. Disturbed sleeping patterns can be pretty annoying, and you will need to fix them at one point.


Amazing battery timingGPS unavailable
Comes with Always-On displayGoogle Fit or similar health integrated app missing
Perfect for sleep tracking

Big wrist watches can help fix your disturbed sleeping routines, and Fitbit Versa 2 is here to help you if you need it. Focused entirely on fitness and health, Fitbit has introduced one precious watch for big wrist, which revolves the user experience around health. Fitness freaks can readily purchase this smartwatch to keep a good record for themselves. Tracking physical activities is necessary and can be needed when you have some goals for yourself. It is water-resistant, so you don’t have to worry about it when you are getting soaked in the rain.

Fitbit Versa 2 as a real competitor

Another amazing feature introduced by Fitbit Versa 2 is that it carries an Always-On display. You can have a look at your notifications, time, and alerts anytime you wish to, without pressing a button to turn on the watch. The always-on feature promotes the smartwatch’s classy look and cuts down the hassle of turning the smartwatch on again and again. With all these amazing features, there are a few limitations of having Fitbit Versa 2 usage wise.

In case you are looking for a smartwatch with good GPS options, then Fitbit Versa 2 is not the product for you. It doesn’t have the GPS option, so that is a concern for those who need to track or trace locations. It doesn’t integrate with the Google Health app or any other similar app, a back draw. Overall, it is a decent purchase since it comes with a lot of feature options. You can review the product here.