Best Smartwatch for Battery Life

Technological advancements cemented the way for unbelievable inventions such as computers, laptops, and smartphones. With the increasing time, they continue to turn into more compact. Have you ever thought about how a smartphone or a computer would seem like sitting on your wrist?

Today you are welcomed to the world of best smartwatches that can be said as the mobile phones of the latest era.

Smartwatches with the ability to let you know the time, notify phone calls, messages, and monitor health movements, makes them the trendiest wearable device across the world. The battery life of these smart wearable differs considerably from other technology devices such as smartphones, laptops, and tablets.

Their comparatively tiny batteries have to cope with power and efficiency. As 4G/ LTE, GPS (Global positioning system), Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi battle for energy with heart rate trackers, accelerometers, pedometers, and an Always-on display constantly show the time.

  • More Functionality, short battery life.

Generally speaking,  a feature-packed smartwatch on non-stop use is not going to last for weeks, such as Apple and Samsung smartwatches, even with great high-end technology, they need to be placed on charging docks daily. Here another option is Hybrid watches like Withings, have they claimed to last for 25 days.

  • Featured smartwatches Vs. Hybrid smartwatches

The batteries of these smartwatches are similar to smartphones. Many companies claim that their Smartwatch lasts for 2 or 3 weeks on a single charge. Though, there is a “but” allocated with an add-on condition of disabling GPS or battery –snapping functions like heart rate monitor to preserve battery time.

Whereas the Hybrid smartwatches do a better job. They can support their charge for a year or don’t have to be charged at all. Though, the “but” behind these hybrid smartwatches is their similarity to traditional watches with additional smart features at the core and the absence of digital screens.

Fortunately, nowadays, if you explore further, you will find many numerous impressive powered smartwatches such as Willful, YAMAY, and letsfit with exceptional battery life and value-packed awesome features too.

In this guide, we gathered up 14 exceptional smartwatches with a long battery life that claims to range from a minimum of 7 days to 6 months and infinity, depending on whether it is a normal smartwatch or a hybrid smartwatch, body heat-powered watch, or a solar power watch. And carefully manufactured to squeeze out every last drop of battery life to reduce your worry about the next charge.

Why is smartwatch battery life important?

  • You can enjoy long holidays with no charger.
  • You can monitor your health throughout your day and night.
  • You will be able to keep your Smartwatch on your wrist longer.
  • The long battery will support an always-on display longer.
  • For a longer period of time, you can track your fitness level with GPS and high-end features.


Best Smartwatch for Battery Life


1.    Garmin Fenix 6X Pro Solar




120 days

2.    Matrix BlackOps Watch


3.    Amazfit GTR Smartwatch


Amazfit74 days

4.    Zepp Z Health and Fitness Smartwatch


Zepp Z30 days

5.    AmazeFIT T-rex


AmazFit20 days

6.    HUAWEI Watch GT 2 Pro


HUAWEI14 days

7.    YAMAY Smart Watch


MAY10 days

8.    Willful SmartWatch

Willful10 days

9.    LetsFit Smartwatch

Let sit10 days

10.Withings Steel HR



11. Skagen Hagen connected

Skagen6      months

12. UMIDIGI Uwatch 3


UMIDIGI10 days

13. Fitbit Sense

Fitbit7      days

14. Virmee smartwatch VT3 Plus


Vimeo7 days


1. Garmin Fenix 6s Pro Solar

Without any doubt, Garmin is the number one choice for battery life. Garmin introduces solar charging and improved power storage. However, this leads the looks on the bulky side on your wrist but perfect for hardcore adventures without missing any smart notification.

Impressive reasons why you should choose this watch:

Battery life

Generally, the battery life of this watch lasts for 120 days, 150 hours in GPS mode, and 56 days in expedition mode, depending on how sunny it is. Impressively this watch uses a Power Glass solar charging lens to attain

Smaller-sized solar-powered Multisport GPS Watch uses a Power Glass solar charging lens and custom power manager modes to achieve enduring battery life.


This watch is embellished with a stainless-steel bezel with a 1.2-inch Always-on display. Moreover, it gives your wrist a sophisticated look.


This Smartwatch is compatible with both Android and IOS devices; firstly, you need to install the Garmin app in your Android phone that meets the requirement of the 6.0 Operating System or later and must have native support of the Google Play Store. For IOS devices such as iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch, it required IOS 12 or higher.

Smart tracking features

Surf-ready: Garmin Fenix 6s Pro Solar has a Surfline camera to track your surfing sessions. Furthermore, it contains preloaded TOPO maps, ski maps for worldwide 2000 ski resorts, and Multi-GNSS technology. To make your outdoor navigation easier and joy-able, this watch has a storage capacity of 2000 songs.

Heart rate wrist band monitors every bit of your heart rate even if you are underwater.


Best for outdoor trackingExpensive
Outstanding battery life
Body Battery energy monitor
Animated workouts
You can make contactless payments through Garmin Pay.
3-axis compass,
Gyroscope, barometer, altimeter

Bottom line

It is a refined smartwatch that is equipped with every application and sensor you possibly need.

2. Matrix BlackOps Watch

This Smartwatch does not need the plugin for charging at all, and its battery never dies. It only needs your natural body heat to generate power. Moreover, it contains a power meter to notify how much power you are producing by wearing this watch.

This watch stores all the data in its memory when you take it off, and when you wear it back, it starts from where it left.

Reasons why you should choose this watch:


It is a sleek and sophisticated watch, with a 1.2-inch display size and tough all-black soft watch strap that also ensures durability with stylish design and comfort.


This smart wearable is compatible with both IOS devices and Android phones.

Smart features

Matrix BlackOps Watch has the latest thermoelectric technology, which supports precise calorie count, sleeps monitoring, and counts steps.

Battery life

Its battery never dies, as it requires body heat to run for a long time.


Never needs chargingNo heart rate monitoring
Accurate health monitor
Wide range of custom watch faces
Waterproof up to 50 meters

Bottom line

This is an ideal watch for long period outdoor adventures, where you are away from electrical energy or even civilization.

3. Amazfit GTR Smartwatch

This is an elegant and classic smartwatch with a metal and ceramic body, designed by Huami. Amazfit GTR is fully packed with modern features,  operates with Amazfit OS, and comes in a circular watch face.

Reasons why you should choose this watch:


Amazfit GTR is featured with a dual-crown, 1.39-inch AMOLED display to give a more comfortable viewing experience.

Battery life

Buy this Smartwatch without a single worry about running out of battery. It has a revolutionary battery life of 24 days in a typical usage scenario, whereas in basic watch mode, it supports up to 74 days, and in continuous GPS mode, it will work up to 40 hours.

The built-in setting lets the watch off when you turn your head away from the watch face.

Health and smart features

This Smartwatch has incorporated an advanced heart rate monitor to notify you precisely in case of high or low heart rate. Further, it contains 12 sports modes and a built-in GPS with constant monitoring of your steps and tracks your sleep pattern.

Other practical applications include Weather forecast, sedentary reminder, stopwatch, and compass, etc.


12 sports modelimited apps
Automatic battery saver
Powerful battery
5 ATM water-resistant
326 PPI display screen

Bottom Line

An Amazing smartwatch option to avail, mainly when you often go on longer outdoor expeditions.

4. Zepp Z Health and Fitness Smartwatch

This Smartwatch holds the classic design with contemporary technology. It runs with Zepp OS, and by connecting your Android phone 5.0 and above with Alexa 11 in this Smartwatch, you can give commands to your home appliances, check the weather, and set alarms.

Reasons why you should choose this watch:


Sophisticatedly crafted Smartwatch with a nanotech-coated touch screen that prevents scratches and fingerprints. This wrist wearable has an Always-on display with 326 PPI displays that give you a wide spectrum of vibrant colors, so there is no chance of missing any detail.

Battery life

Zepp Z smartwatch contains highly-optimized power management technology that supports 15 days of battery life in daily use mode, whereas it lasts up to 30 days in long battery life mode. Additionally, it comes with a wireless magnetic charger and is featured in providing fast charging.

Health and smart features

In today’s world, stress is becoming a major cause of diseases like diabetes. Whereas, this watch enables you to view deeper insight into your body’s heath and manages stress levels. With its accurate heart rate monitoring, this watch keeps an eye on your heart health.

Furthermore, it also holds a sleep quality monitor and indicator of the blood oxygen saturation level.

Light in weightExpensive but worth it
You can choose from 50 plus watch faces.
12 sports mode to make you active
Plenty of choice in color cases and bands
GPS and GLONASS Enabled

Bottom line

This Smartwatch is highly recommended because of the features it holds and its price totally worth it.

5. AmazeFIT T-rex

AmazeFIT T-rex is an Outdoor smartwatch with robustness and reliability to harsh environments. It has great resistant power, such as 70 degrees Celsius in hot temperature and -40 degrees Celsius in Cold temperature. This watch has a tough and solid body inside out and is a perfect partner in longer outdoor expeditions.

Reasons why you should choose this watch:


This watch is compatible with Apple IOS phones 10.0 and above and Android phones 5.0 and above, and available in five color choices: Gun Grey, Rock Black, Camo Green, Army Green, and Khaki.


Further, this Smartwatch holds a 1.3 inch AMOLED, 360 x 360-pixel resolution screen with a Powerful Always-On Display and vibrant colors. This makes it easy for you to read the information by raising your wrist even in direct sunlight. You have the option of selecting the watch face according to your personality as well.

Battery life

This Smartwatch has ultra-long battery life with 390 mAH  LiPO and thanks to the latest low-power consumption chip. It supports 20 days on a single charge in daily use and lasts for 20 hours in case of continuous use of GPS, where as in basic watch mode, it lasts up to 66 days.

Health and smart features

AmazeFIT T-rex has high precision GPS Dual-Satellite Positioning and highly optimized signal reception to meet your accurate positioning needs even in jungles.

This watch allows you to go to pools making a perfect choice for athletes. Moreover, it also monitors your heart rate and exercise duration with more efficiency and accurate stats. By giving you an alarm to stand up, encourage you in developing healthy habits to facilitate your daily life.

12 military certificationsNo other accessory comes with the watch.
Rugged body
AMOLED display
Water-resistant up to 50 meters
14 multiple sports mode
Weather notifications
Event and call reminders
Magnetic charging
Great price

Bottom line

Having all the impressive benefits of this watch in your daily life, you can’t get over this. So, it makes an ideal choice when it comes to exceptional battery life in a smartwatch.

6. HUAWEI Watch GT 2 Pro

The Huawei Watch GT 2 Pro is an implausible looking smartwatch, titanium built with a ceramic back and sapphire glass surface. It is operated with LiteOS and launched with some meaningful updates.

Reasons why you should choose this watch:


This smart wearable holds a sufficiently bright and sharp 1.39-inch OLED display. The feature of Auto brightness is a bit dull indoors but gasses up when you are out and enables easy UI visible. Moreover, it comes with both leather and silicone straps.


This watch is more compatible with Android phones, whereas, with IOS devices, it limits some of its features, such as the choice of 200 plus watch faces to match your style is not supported on IOS devices.

Battery life

The great battery life of the Huawei Watch GT 2 Pro is never a foregone choice, which lasts for up to 10 to 14 days, and in Always-on display mode, it lasts 5 to 6 days. With the solid Bluetooth connection with your phone, through this watch, you can receive, mute, or hang-up calls.

Health and smart features

When it comes to the health and tracking features of Huawei Watch GT 2 Pro, it is totally packed with an accurate heart rate monitor, VO2 Max, and Route Back features, which tracks your travel route and leads you back with the help of GPS.

Further, you will be informed about sudden weather changes with the help of built-in altitude barometers, which identify air pressure changes in real-time. This Smartwatch also serves as a sports coach for Skiing, Snowboarding, and Personal Golf and helps to improve your pace and frequency. It tracks your movements and supports 17 professional workout modes and 85 custom modes.


Seriously premium designedLack of third-party app support
Convenient Qi wireless chargingNotifications are not interactive.
2GB music storage capacity
100 plus workout modes
Seamless Sync

Bottom line

Hence, this is an exceptional looking fitness tracker with extraordinary build quality and an ample features set. That said, but it is with some limitations, so this Smartwatch is not suitable for fitness enthusiasts who like to rely on third-party app support.

7. YAMAY Smart Watch

YAMAY Company launches the latest Smartwatch that is value-packed with health features, affordability, reliability, and IP68 waterproofing. Fitness enthusiasts will mostly like this watch to live actively. This watch can go with both iPhone and Android devices.

Additionally, it can go with your mood having the option to change watch faces as well as providing a female health tracker, ability to control in which you can pause and play songs of your choice. You can also adjust screen brightness according to where you are right now.

Impressive reasons why you should choose this watch:


YAMAY Company is known for manufacturing an extensive array of smartwatches that is affordable and trustworthy. This Smartwatch is seamlessly compatible with IOS 8.0 and Android 4.4 above phones, ideal for getting the benefit of quick sync with your device.

Further, it informs you about all the incoming calls, messages, emails, and applications. The best of this smart wearable includes reading texts directly on your watch, even when your phone is not nearby you. So, there is no chance of anything missing anything important.


YAMAY smartwatch has 1.3 –inch HD screen that provides great ease to see display yet in direct sunlight, with a strap size of 5.7 inches to 9.2 inches that can be easily fit on an Adult’s and child’s wrist.

Battery Life

Owing to the excellent battery life that is much more than expensive smartwatches, it comes with magnetic charging. With this, two hours for one time, a full charge is required to support 10 days of battery life. Thanks to IP68 certification, you can do hand washing, go swimming and enjoy rain by wearing this Smartwatch.

Health Tracker

This Smartwatch also serves as a fitness monitor to track your stress and helps you to do breathing exercises so you can be relaxed. It accurately tracks your pace, steps, distance traveled, sleep pattern, and calculates burned calories to motivate users to live active.

Moreover, this watch is equipped with the 3 most basic health trackers: SpO2, heart rate monitor, and blood pressure monitor, which leads you to build great fitness understanding.

IP68 certified water-resistantLack of control volume and Spotify
Lightweight and durableNo swim tracking
Accurate step countsLimited apps
Comfortable to use in longer expeditions
9 sports modes
Available colors: blue, black,  pink, green, and gray

Bottom Line

Overall, the YAMAY smartwatch comprises lots of impressive features and an excellent selection for anyone who likes an active outdoor lifestyle but stays on a budget.

8. Willful Smart Watch

The willful company introduces this Smartwatch with the sturdy build quality and powerful battery for both Men and Women. It supports low power Bluetooth 5.0 chip and notifies you about calls and messages without consuming much power, and retains the battery life.

Impressive Reasons why you should choose this watch:

Size and Display

Willful Smartwatch is sleek and designed with the best quality raw materials. It has a 1.3-inch LCD TFT display and soft elastic, comfortable bands. Moreover, a solid and shatterproof 2.5 D glass touchscreen prevents the watch from any rough handling.

It holds three brightness-adjustable settings and anti-glare technology for the best usable experience, even in sunlight. You can choose any of the 3 watches faces depending upon your mood.

Fitness tracker

Heart rate monitoring is the essential feature that a smartwatch should have these days, and you will get it in this Smartwatch with mid-price range and accuracy. It provides 24/7 heart rate monitoring with the option of tracking in Real-time.

Further, it supports 11 multiple exercise moods, allowing you to have details of Real-time distance and speed.

Battery life

This Smartwatch contains a lithium metal battery with a capacity of 210 mAh that supports up to 10 days; in moderate usage, it lasts for 7 days and 42 days on standby mode. It also provides fast charging and only takes 2.5 hours to completely charge up.


The Willful Smartwatch is seamlessly compatible with Apple iPhones and Android mobile devices, requiring OS must be Android 4.4 and above or IOS 8.0 and above.

Additional features

In addition to the above features, this watch has a breathing guide, alarm clock alerts, and a stopwatch.


Waterproof with IP68 certifiedDoes not direct the music app
Precise fitness trackingInaccuracy in burned calories counting
Quality Sleep monitorA limited number of watch faces
Stylishly designedLack of sync with tablets, PCs, or iPads.
longer battery life
Stopwatch to help you develop concentration
Easy navigation
Very reasonably priced

Bottom line

By selecting this wearable more than other high-priced smartwatches for your wrist, you can be assured of your precise health tracking and manage your stress level.

9. Letsfit Smartwatch

A smartwatch that impressively offers a plethora of movement tracking, waterproof and compatible with Android and iOS users, all at a surprisingly low price.

For Letsfit Company, health matters the most; this Smartwatch gives you a joyful experience by having all the possible whopping health features. Moreover, being a dependable smartwatch, it notifies you about texts and incoming calls from applications including Facebook, Twitter, and WhatsApp, etc. Further enables you to hang up your calls from your wrist.

Impressive Reasons why you should choose this watch:

Software and compatibility

Compatible with both Android phones with Android OS 4.0 and iPhones with iOS 8.0 and above. Further, for wireless connections, it holds Bluetooth and GPS.

Health apps

Letsfit Smartwatch provides you with nine multiple sports modes (walk, run, hike, climb, biking, hiking, treadmill, spinning, fitness, and yoga) to inspire you with a healthy lifestyle. Moreover, you can track your fitness level with a bunch of advanced features and a stress trainer, which can robotically sync with Apple health.

With further affordable functions, this watch counts your steps, calories burned, breathing exercising guide, and quality sleep pattern 24 hours a day.

Display size and colors

This watch meets your expectations with a 1.3 inch LCD large display screen, which is vivid enough to show you more intuitively your health stats and sports data.

Battery Life

There are 2 modes on which battery life depends. In regular use, you can enjoy up to 10 days of battery life, and in standby mode, it will be extended to 30 days.

A plethora of accurate heart rate monitoringThe veryFitPro app has language issues.
The VeryFitPro sync with Apple health.
IP68 certified
Great performance
Music control
Easy to use
Water-resistant up to 50 meters
Excellent battery life


Bottom line

This is a watch with tons of features, open compatibility, and, most importantly, long battery life at an affordable price.

10. Withings Steel HR

This latest version of Withings SteelHR smartwatch was launched in 2020, with the advanced ECG app and other health features. This premium designed watch enables you to have all the calls and message notifications even from social media applications, either Facebook, Twitter, and WhatsApp, on your wrist.

Impressive Reasons why you should choose this watch:


Withings watch works seamlessly with iPhone 4s, IPad 3, and iPod Touch having 5TH generation.

Display size

This comfortable watch holds a digital screen with 2 sizes of display: 36mm and 40mm. Furthermore, elegant colors are available in this watch: Black, Blue, and white, which makes it an ideal choice for professional’s wrist wear.

Battery life

This smart wrist wearable provides an amazing 25days of battery life, and you can enjoy additional 20 days when used in power reserve mode. Though, It comes with a rechargeable battery.

Health app

The watch contains an optical heart sensor for accurate heart rate monitoring and instantly notify you about any irregularity found in heart rhythm.

One of the major features of this Smartwatch is unquestionably the sleep tracking that allows you a deep view insight into your night’s quality sleep. For fitness lovers, there are loads of applications to track your fitness improvement. The GPS assists you to trace your distance traveled and average pace.

It has Built-in AlexaSpO2 missing
Waterproof up to 50mLimited fitness features
30 multiple sports mode
Interchangeable wristbands
Easy to use companion application

Bottom Line

This is a well-designed premium watch that may be pricer than its predecessor but fits well in the smartwatch market with an analog watch face and easy-to-use features.

11. Skagen Hagen connected

This is a stylish and gorgeous smartwatch on your wrist, and that is reason alone to buy it. Not having a wide variety of functions as it is a hybrid watch yet gives you exceptional battery life.

It comes with a silver metal case, and a leather strap gives a distinctive look rather than the toyish look of other smartwatches. Being a hybrid watch, it does inform you about smartphone notifications, activity tracking, and automatic time zone updates.

Impressive Reasons why you should choose this watch:


Skagen Hagen Connected Hybrid smartwatch is seamlessly compatible with Android and iOS smartphones, requiring Android OS 5.0 or higher and iOS 9.0 / iPhone 5 and above. Furthermore, it supports Bluetooth with an improved data transfer of 4.1 Low Energy.


This hybrid Smartwatch comes in a 42mm case size with a 20mm band size. The most popular style is a grey titanium case with a black dial and a genuine tan leather strap with buckle closure.

There are four colors available in this hybrid Smartwatch with leather or metal straps: Brown/Grey, Silver/Silver, Brown/Rose Gold, and Black/Silver.

Smart features

Additional benefits you will get by having these watches are activity tracking and sleep monitoring. It gives you a gentle buzz to notify about the incoming calls and texts.

Battery life

This watch does not require charging; it has approximately six months of battery life based on normal usage. Additionally, it works on a standard replaceable CR2430 coin size cell battery.


Phone finderNot for active lifestyle people
Water-resistant to 30m
Music control
Interchangeable straps
It enables you to snap photos.
No charging built

Bottom line

The Skagen Hagen Connected hybrid smartwatch is really an attractive piece of design while not feature-packed but assures you great battery life in the body of the classic watch, just enough to make your daily life convenient.

12. Fitbit Sense

Fitbit Sense is launched with more advanced features than the previous version of Fitbit Smartwatches, and during usage of those features, it supports great battery life. It is specially designed for fitness enthusiasts who want to muster all health-related data of their bodies.

A great health tracker has both traditional and sporty features. It further provides workout intensity maps with the help of a built-in GPS that inspires you for outdoor workouts.

Impressive Reasons why you should choose this watch:

Software and Compatibility

This watch is run with the company’s own Operating software Fitbit OS, and it works with both Android phones and IOS devices.

Display Size and Color Availability

Fitbit Sense has a radiant and bright 1.58-inch display, having 360 x 360-pixel resolution. 2 color choices are available: white/gold and carbon/graphite.

Most Advanced Health technology

In comparison to other smartwatches, the Fitbit Sense has the latest compatible heart rate application that monitors your heart rhythm abnormalities, which you can share with a health professional as well.

The most impressive and modern feature of this Smartwatch is Electrodermal activity (EDA) that automatically measures stress and your skin temperature. In addition to this, it evaluates burned calories, blood oxygen saturation level, and quality sleep time.

Battery life

Battery time lasts for 7 days, depending on usage during GPS connectivity.

20 plus multiple exercise modesLate touch screen response
Google Assistant and Alexa are built-in to give voice commandsSome time stuck ups during some applications.
Spotify to play and store musicSmall app store
90-day Fitbit Premium package for trail
Water-resistant at 5 ATM
Fitbit Pay to have secure checkouts

Bottom line

The Fitbit Sense smartwatch is the most ambitious option because it carries decent compatibility, an FDA-approved ECG sensor, and other fitness tracking features better than other smartwatches in this list.

13. Virmee smartwatch VT3 Plus

You can start your life journey with the daily assistant Virmee Smartwatch VT3 plus as it is not only a fitness tracker and has multiple powerful sensors to track your body status.

Impressive reasons why you should choose this watch:


This smart wrist wearable is smoothly compatible with iOS devices 10.0 and higher & Android smartphones 5.0 and higher. With a plethora of new features, you can make your life convenient by using such as a timer, receiving calendar alerts, hang up calls, and accept calls and message notifications.

Display size and colors

Virmee smartwatch VT3 Plus gives you a sensorial experience with an amazing 1.5 inches large LCD touch screen and 360 x 320 pixels high-resolution displays. This feature brings you to have dynamic clearance to understand your fitness score. Moreover, it has a customizable option for the watch faces according to your style.

Battery life

Virmee smartwatch battery is made of 3mm mAH capacity and doesn’t dissatisfy you in battery timing. After 1.5 hours of full charging, it gives you seven days of usage time and 15 days of battery life in standby mode. Moreover, a magnetic USB charger comes in its box.

Health apps

This is an exclusive fitness tracker, and it continuously 24/7 monitors your heart rate and body health status. It is featured with all possible fitness trackers: blood oxygen saturation level tracker, calories burned evaluator, notify your stress status and guide you breathing exercises to relax. Further, it broadly analysis your steps and sleep pattern through the “VIRMEE” APP.

IP68 water-resistant certifiedDo not robotically monitor your heart rate.
A8 multiple exercise modes
You can control music and the camera.
Price Effective
Wrist friendly
VERMEER APP enables you to connect with Google Fit
Featuring three styles of bands

Bottom Line

By selecting this best Smartwatch for battery life, you will also get great features at a mid-range price. Just keep in mind to keep your wristwatch band hygienic and waterless to have a more comfortable experience.

14. UMIDIGI Uwatch 3

UMIDIGI Company is a fashionable health companion and launches a smartwatch with great capabilities at an affordable price and durable quality.

Impressive reasons why you should choose this watch:


This watch is highly compatible with iOS phones 9.0 & Android 4.4 above smartphones like other smartwatches in the list. So, there is no chance of missing any call or message and any other smartphone notifications.

Display size and Colors availability

UMIDIGI Uwatch 3 has 1.3 inches vibrant touch screen display, which effectively shows all daily exercise stats like step counting, distance traveled, pace and time in exercise workouts, and calorie consumption. 2 color choices are available in this watch: Onyx black and Cinnabar red.

Smart features

UMIDIGI Uwatch 3 has a radiant color screen, which makes a clear and crisp display of your daily multifunction activities with the help of GPS. All kinds of workouts are tracked by a veryFitPro app, which accurately monitors sleep patterns, and real-time heart rates 24/7.

Battery life

This watch holds an exceptional ten days of battery life, which also depends on usage with GPS.

Ultra-long battery timeLack of SpO2 monitor
Four watch faces available.
9 multiple sports mode
Waterproof up to 50 meters
Sedimentary remind
Music control availability

Bottom Line

Thus, it is a perfect watch with a stylish premium design and advanced features, which seamlessly pairs with your Android and IOS phones.

Final thoughts

So let’s recap what we have discovered in this article, two kinds of watches:

The first normal smartwatches have colorful digital displays and a plethora of smart features, whereas the second is hybrid smartwatches having no or very little digital screen and limited smart features but an exceptional battery.

This article includes those smartwatches which may not be from very famous brands such as Apple and Samsung but comprise great features and, most importantly, battery. Whereas, such high-end expensive smartwatches are very mediocre in having a good battery for long time use and that ranges from a few hours to a maximum of five days.

A smartwatch with body heat technology Matrix BlackOps Watch and another smartwatch with solar power Garmin Fenix 6s Pro are considered as top choices for exceptional battery and great smart features if you really don’t want sophisticated health features.