How To Restart Fitbit Charge 4?

How To Restart Fitbit Charge 4?

Even though the Fitbit charge 4 is not available yet, it has already leaked to the market. This tracker looks like the new model of the fitness watch style. The heart rate monitor will be embedded in it. It’s not sure if there are other smart features in the band because it appears that there … Read more

Apple Watch Series 6 44mm – Best for Apple User’s

Apple Watch Series 6

Apple Watch Series 6 comes with the new S6 processor and the Always-On display is one of the stunning Apple watches you get this year. It contains comprehensive and motivational health features as in this pandemic hand washing is a must and this watch has an automatic hand wash timer. Main Specifications of Apple Watch … Read more

Best Luxury Rose Gold Watches for Ladies

best luxury rose gold watches for ladies

Rose gold watches have taken the industry by the storm with the luxurious and classy looks that women love to wear. This color has become a trendsetter for every style, season, and personality and is a valuable addition to your wardrobe.  So, if you are also thinking of upgrading your looks with minimalistic yet contemporary … Read more

10 Best Smartwatches For GrandParents

best smartwatch for grandparents

Why should we select the best smartwatch for grandparents? Grandparents nowadays are far more tech-savvy than past generations. New technology such as smartphones and wearable devices has led to a generation of young people who look up to older relatives as mentors and resources rather than just one’s own parents. Technology has also played a … Read more

How to Hard Reset Smartwatch Forgot Password?

how to hard reset a smartwatch forgot password

If you are looking for how to hard reset a smartwatch forgot password? look at this there are a few steps to do. 1. While the watch is on, press the Mode button until you see the time and date screen (you can also enable Always On to make it easier.) 2. You will see … Read more

Top 5 Best Smartwatch for Whatsapp

Best Smartwatch for Whatsapp

The advancements in technology are unpredictable. Have we ever thought that the watch we wear solely for watching time will turn into our next mini smartphone, and we would be receiving calls and notifications right on our wrists?  Hundreds of smartwatches offer WhatsApp compatibility these days and allow you to send text, send or receive … Read more

How to Get Snapchat on Apple Watch in 2022?

How to Get Snapchat on Apple Watch in 2022?

How to Get Snapchat on Apple Watch in 2022? Here you can see: I think it is a great time for you to make each day count, don’t you? I know how much fun and meaningful life could be. You can capture every moment in your life with your friends via Snapchat on an apple … Read more

Are Apple Watch Bands Hypoallergenic?

Are apple watch bands hypoallergenic?

Apple Watch has been a really hot gadget since its unveiling. Of course, the pundits have been talking about everything from what it can do to how nice it looks on your wrist. In terms of specs, there’s nothing you can’t get elsewhere for cheaper or more powerful. Sure, Apple did a great job in … Read more

Best Cheap Smartwatch for iPhone 2022 – Buyer’s Guide

Best Cheap Smartwatch for iPhone

The best cheap smartwatch for iPhone 2022 is going to your life easier. The wings of technology are putting its arms in divergent spheres. It has already put its hands in more than half of the world, still, it’s pushing hard stones to cover the remaining areas. This time it put its hands on the … Read more

Does Fitbit Track Blood Pressure?

Does Fitbit Track Blood Pressure?

Fitbit has partnered with the American Heart Association to help you take charge of your heart health. Fitbit is a device that tracks your daily activities and helps you stay active and also helps you to achieve personal fitness goals. This article will show you how Fitbit can track blood pressure? Yes! Fitbit allows tracking … Read more

What is the Best Smartwatch for Heart Monitoring?

What is the best smartwatch for heart monitoring?

If you are looking to buy a smartwatch for fitness and health purposes, having heart rate monitoring is one of the most important features. The heart rate sensor actually monitors your pulse. The more exact it can measure it (accuracy), the better exercise programs you can get on your wrist because it will be less … Read more

Best Fitness Trackers Under $50 to Buy in 2022

Best Fitness Trackers Under $50

Fitness trackers are not confined to tot up your steps but improving. Now, they become a tool to acknowledge your efforts towards fitness goals in a more enjoyable way. Whether inside the gym or outside, accurate fitness trackers provide you with a holistic approach to health. Your every heartbeat is monitored, your burn calories are … Read more

Best Automatic Watches Under $1,000

best automatic watches under $1,000

Automatic watches come under the luxury timepieces that are away from most people’s pockets. Everyone believes these astounding, self-wound, and exceptionally designed watches are for watches enthusiasts. People nowadays prefer automatic mechanical watches to manual ones because they work with human movement without disruption. On the other hand manual mechanical watches have difficulty of time … Read more