19 Best Smartwatch 2023 Buyer’s Guide & Reviews

Smartwatches in 2023


In today’s digital era of 2023, you can find that the best smartwatches just not only show notifications but they are a complete package that comprises a fitness tracker for healthier living, become a digital wallet, and sometimes a substitute for your phone.

A smart gadget with health features

These smartwatches are embraced life-saving features such as the heart rate monitor which alerts you in times of irregularity and connects you automatically to the emergency services. They work seamlessly when paired with compatible smartphones.

Even the latest models of smartwatches have advanced perks of Electrocardiogram (ECG) that detects the symptoms of atrial fibrillation and blood oxygen (SpO2) that helps to indicate respiratory health. They are smart enough to search the internet by voice command and track your current position with GPS.

Top Rated and Recommended smartwatch


In addition to that Superlative smartwatches are customizable from their strap size and color to their faces according to your style and preferences.

Specifications to consider before buying a best smartwatch 2023

Well, before deciding to purchase a smartwatch you are limited by the smartphone you own. For example, if you like to have an Apple watch you must have an iPhone.

Similarly, a Samsung watch goes only with Android phones.

According to your wrist, you choose the case size of a smartwatch that fits more comfortably rather than that smartwatch that gives your wrist a bulky look. The selection of watch style depends on your choice whether you want a circular shape like Samsung watches or you want square-shaped Apple watches.

In the smartwatches market, there are numerous latest brands that offer you great features with sleek and stylish design and more importantly long battery life.

List of Best Smartwatches 2023

This guide will give you insight into an intelligent & best smartwatches, their specifications, best features, design, and everything you would want to know before going for the one that has got all you wish for.

1. Apple Watch Series 7- Best-seller of 2023 (iPhone Users)


  • More durable with a Large display
  • Fast Charging
  • Thin-bezel display
  • Measure the blood oxygen level
  • Take an ECG
  • Track the sleep
  • Dust Resistance Certified
  • Swimproof in the pool & in the waves with WR50 water resistance
  • Apple watch series 7 are compatible with iPhone 6s or later with iOS latest Mobile

The Apple Watch 7 is still in the list of best smartwatches. There are a lot of features added in the Apple Watch 7 as compared to the Apple watch 6 one of the main differences is Apple Watch 7 has more durable with a large display always-on retina display has nearly (20%) more screen area than Apple watch series 6, making everything easier to see and use for users.

Apple watches series 7 is the best launch in smart wearables of 2023. The best operating system is WatchOS, with tons of apps that reduce the fuss of pulling out your phone for small tasks.

Apple made slight changes to the apple watch 6. Watch 7 features a total display size (41mm\45mm) where you see a full keyboard screen for hassle-free typing with a brighter display. Its intelligent and sleek crystal dial is crack resistant, water, and dustproof. You don’t need to hoke your watch for longer charging due to its faster-charging battery.

You can customize its band and screen color according to your mood and outfit from countless bands and fun screen colors.

Watch series seven comes with the best health and fitness specifications. It can monitor your heart rate and send notifications of low, high, or irregular heartbeats. The FDA-cleared electrocardiogram sensor can make a call in an emergency. It has a sensor to measure oxygen saturation in the blood (SpO2). It tracks your sleep and daily activities, particularly your favorite workouts like swimming, cycling, liftings, and running.

Now you can listen to music, pay your bills, get directions from maps and connect with your family through GPS right from your wrist.

Although there is no benefit in charging aspects while we are hoping the Apple watch 7 improves the battery life because of fast charging it doesn’t have any impact except it can charge in an hour, so you spend less time connecting to the charger.

Whether you’re looking for a smartwatch for fitness, answering a call on your wrist, or using the best Apple Watch app, this is the perfect smartwatch. Of course, if you have an iPhone.

If you are missing the following features: ECG, blood oxygen monitoring, an always-on display, you can get all these features in the Apple Watch 7 along with an optical heart rate sensor and fall detection.

  • Always-On Display
  • Optimized watch faces
  • Exciting health features blood oxygen ECG
  • Heart rate sensor
  • Sleep tracking
  • Fast Charging
  • Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and GPS
  • Wireless Data Transfer
  • Unlocking Face ID iPhones with Apple Watch 7
  • Apple watch series 7 not compatible with android
Is Apple Watch 7 series worth buying?
Yes, absolutely right and worth it to buy in my opinion Apple Watch Series 7 is the best smartwatch you can buy in 2023.

There are many features that have been added to the Apple Watch 7 like the big screen. Track your workout. Send a text message from the smartwatch and other many features.

The Apple Watch 7 series is a cool smartwatch that is still stylish, more powerful and highly recommended, and user friendly smartwatch only for iPhone users.

2. Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 – Best Smartwatch for android users


Samsung galaxy watch 4 is packed with almost everything you want in your Smartwatch. It has all the potential, from its slim and sleek stainless-steel looks to its fast operating system.

In watch 4, Samsung introduces google Wear OS instead of its traditional Tizen operation system. Unfortunately, some apps are still oozing since Samsung’s shift to Wear OS. But hope for a good because google wear OS will attract more android phone owners to one smartwatch OS, consequently inspiring app developers to build more apps for the same platform.

Fitness and health features are already there to facilitate you to track your heart rate, oxygen (SpO2) level, and sleeping time. It monitors your HCG and blood pleasure accurately, but this function works specifically in Samsung phones. With its fast workout tracker, you can take advantage of every exercise, ranging from swimming, jogging, and rowing, in just 3 minutes.

This beautiful wearable comes with four lovely color bands you can choose from according to your personality. Its bezel dial has virtual navigation, but we observed many complaints regarding its sensor.

  • Slim and lightweight
  • Google Wear OS
  • Waterproof
  • Excellent health and fitness apps
  • Few applications only compatible with Samsung phones
  • Erratic battery life

3. Amazfit Bip U Smart Watch – Best Smartwatch in the budget


This fantastic wearable is perfect for you if you have a low budget. With Amazfit, you can enjoy all the expensive smartwatch features at less price. Amazfit has four built-in watch faces, you can replace two more from the Zepp App, and over 50+ faces are available online for personalization. With a brighter display, you can also use the apps in daylight. Unfortunately, the screen could catch scratches, so it’s better to be careful and buy a protector in advance.

It is water-resistant means you can wear it while swimming and can record your activities underwater as well. The sports tracker can check your speed, no. of steps, calories you burned and could tell you whether you are exercising in your fat-burning zone or cardiopulmonary strengthening zone according to your heart rate. Its fitness tracker can monitor your heart rate, oxygen level, and sleep quality.

The connectivity with the smartphone is also exceptional. You can attend the call, replay messages, and use apps while away from your phone. The battery life is good, but they claim 9-day longer battery life is fabricated. You can use it for 2,3 days without charging.

  • Value for money
  • Bright display
  • Exceptional features
  • The touch sensor is good
  • Connect through mobile GPS
  • Don’t have an AMOLED display
  • Material quality is not premium

4. Honor Magic Watch 2 – Smartwatch with best battery life


Honor magic watches 2 surprises you with its beautiful design and premium quality. Honor claims up to 14 days long battery life, and after a lot of research, I don’t find any complaints about it. So, watch 2 is the best in terms of battery life. After observing all its features and customers reviews, I can say that this watch has not only the most extended battery life but has the best features and specifications.

Honor watch 2 has an elegant leather strap and stainless-steel dial if we talk about its gorgeous design. Its always-on display is almost scratch-less and has many personalized watch faces, which means every time you raise your hand, a different photo will show up. However, few customers complain about difficulties in installing this feature.

Honor fitness app has 15 different goal-based fitness modes with voiceover guidance for a better experience. It also records your speed in running, walking, or cycling and tracks your hiking and climbing elevation. With a sleep tracker, oxygen saturation checker, and heart rate monitor, you can take good care of your health.

With its 4 GB built-in storage capacity, you can enjoy music without your smartphone while exercising or working, receive and make calls, messages and stay connected with your friends and family.

  • Beautiful design
  • Good battery life
  • Water-resistant and scratch less screen
  • Value for money
  • Difficulties may experience while installing watch faces
  • It doesn’t support iOS devices

5. GARMIN VIVOMOVE HR – Best Hybrid Smartwatch


You are left with minimal choices when you want a traditional watch with smart functions. Garmin vivomove HR is a decent selection of hybrid smart wearables under $300. As a hybrid watch, its look is classier and sleeker like an analog watch and has all features that you can expect from a smartwatch. The battery life is exceptional. You use it for up to weeks without charging as an analog, less like a smartwatch. But its battery remains 2-3 days if used with all innovative features.

It’s round, slim, stainless-steel dial snug on your wrist and looks fantastic. The strap is made of leather and can easily be changed. You can select the best from its six different stylish colors combo of dial and strap according to your persona, and large, medium, and small size according to your wrist. Its compatibility with android and iPhone makes it more worth buying.

This hybrid watch has almost every feature of intelligent wearable. It can track steps, monitor heart rate, count calories burn and distance coverage throughout the day. It has a wellness monitoring app that will track all-day stress and a relaxation timer that can help you to monitor sleeping patterns and manage stress levels. Though it lacks in-home GPS, it could connect with your phone GPS and give you music control, call and messages notification, and many more.

  • Beautiful analog design
  • Water-resistant
  • Decent smart features
  • Value for money
  • No built-in GPS
  • Lacks NFC payments

6. Fossil Gen 6 Smartwatch – Best OS smartwatch


Fossil Gen is the fantastic OS smartwatch that you want. With their faster processor, you can enjoy the hassle-free and swift performance of your favorite apps’. Bluetooth connectivity is also improved and could give you a faster data transfer and download rate. Cheers to its faster-charging battery; you could charge around 80 percent within just 30 minutes.

The always-on display has stainless steel dial with trendy leather straps. With tons of fun, watch faces, you can happily personalize your style.

Fossil Gen has limitless fitness and health features for fitness freaks. It has a built-in wellness app that helps you count your calories burn, monitor your heart rate, and check your oxygen saturation. It also has a sleep tracker to monitor your sleeping progress.

Right from your wrist, you can now listen to music, control your smart home devices, pay your bills, receive and send calls and messages, manage your daily tasks, and get every smartphone notification.

  • Stylish design with tons of personalizes faces
  • Always-on display
  • Faster Wear operating system
  • Built-in GPS

  • Inconsistent battery life
  • GPS inaccuracy
  • Expensive

7. Withings Steel HR Hybrid Smartwatch – Best Smartwatch for small wrist


Although withing steel HR is a hybrid smartwatch and mainly for those, who feel more comfortable with analog watches, it also compliments small wrists due to its slim and unique design.

Withings steel can run up to months without charging. It comes in various colors, sizes and swappable wristbands mean you can change your band easily according to your outfit. Its slim and sleek dial is made with stainless steel. Now you can swim and take a shower with your analog wearable thanks to its water-resistant display.

This traditional-looking watch has excellent fitness and health features. You can achieve countless sports goals with its automatic recognition tech. Record and monitor your sleep pattern and score your sleep according to its duration, depth, and interruptions. Its automatic alarm can wake you up at the optimal point to achieve your sleep goal. However, some customers have experience inaccuracy in this feature, but this feature is based on research and lab tests, according to Withings steel.

Withings health mate facilities you to track your heart rate in a day-night and during a workout, by activity tracking you can watch your steps count, running and swimming goals.

BY GPS connectivity, you can use maps and send your workout data into any of your favorite partner apps. You can quickly receive notifications, calls, and messages on its digital screen.

  • Unique and slim design
  • Hybrid display
  • Long battery life
  • Inaccurate health and fitness data
  • Weak vibration

8. Fitbit Versa 2 Health and Fitness Smartwatch – Best Smartwatch for fitness


Fitbit Versa 2 is one of the best fitness trackers and intelligent wearables that you can buy for under $200. It has countless health and fitness features to satisfy your fitness urge.

With its easy-to-use fitness and health app, you can track your daily activities, like your steps count, distance, calories burned, climbing stairs, and so forth. Reminder to moves is a unique reminder for fitness enthusiasts, and it’ll tell you to move if you sit a little longer. You can personalize reminders in your Fitbit Versa 2 by setting goals to be followed, like your sleeping schedule, your step counts, your hydration level. Versa 2 has a sleep monitoring tracker which tracks your sleep, sends sleeping time reminders, scores your sleep, and much more. Besides these, its fitness features involve monitoring heart rate, cardio fitness score, oxygen level (SpO2), breathing rate, resting heart rate, skin temperature, and many others.

Well, talking about its design, it has a bit long face. Still, it will fit big and muscular wrists, AMOLED and durable Corning Gorilla Glass 3 display, personalized watch faces, and stylish bands to match your outfit. You can enjoy swimming and shower with your smart waterproofed Fitbit Versa 2. Consistent and longer battery life is also an edge of Fitbit.

Wrap around your wrist Built-in Amazon Alexa will tell you weather reports, set reminders for you, get and send text replies, find your phone and do much more by just a simple “Hey Alexa.”

  • Tons of fitness and health options
  • Value for money
  • Stylish and customizable design
  • Powerful battery life
  • You can not customize the AMOLED display
  • It lacks accuracy without GPS

9. Apple Watch SE – For iPhone users


Apple watch SE, is the most up-to-date version of a new line of Apple watches, a definitive device for an active lifestyle, with a magnanimous Retina display, it is more than you expected with a light on price yet heavy on features. This smartwatch is the best but worth able to buy only if you have an iPhone.

Apple watches have the finest operating system, watchOS 7, which is efficient to facilitate you in use of a lot of apps resulting in lesser use of iPhone. Moreover, it has a Built-in cellular connection to stay connected and enables you to receive calls, send texts, stream Apple music and talk to Siri, all exclusive of the phone.

Apple Watch SE is available in silver, gold, and space grey. Furthermore, there are two case sizes of 40mm and 44mm.

In the case of normal use, this Apple Watch SE survives only for 1 day on a full charge. Otherwise, the battery can consume faster when using LTE, in the navigation of maps for long period, and tracking a long workout.

This smartwatch notifies irregular heart rhythm, plus high and low heart rate indications serve as a health companion to you. Besides this, the Fitness app on iPhone helps to track your daily activity, workouts (running, walking, cycling, yoga, swimming, and dance), and fitness trends.

  • Swim Proof
  • Real-time elevation readings
  • Fall detection
  • Emergency SOS
  • Built-in compass
  • 2x faster processor
  • Sync with podcasts and audiobooks
  • Easy Streaming with Apple music
  • OLED display
  • Scratch resistance display screens are unavailable
  • mediocre battery time
  • The blood oxygen sensor is missing
  • No ECG app
  • Always-On display is missing

Whether you’re purchasing your first Apple smartwatch or upgrading from a few years old version, the Apple Watch SE is the model the majority of people should select. It has a great design, a large OLED screen, and is quick enough for apps, but some health-related features are unavailable.

10. Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 – Best for Samsung Users


Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 is one with the most stylish looks and functionality. This watch is ideal for fitness lovers and one of the most proficient wearables that work seamlessly with both Android and IOS devices. With more music storage capacity it retains many features from the original Samsung Galaxy Watch.

This smartwatch has advanced features with a slim and comfortable design. If you don’t bother to plug in your watch on the dock for charging after 2 days, it will be an ideal choice for you.

The Galaxy Watch 3 is a next-generation wrist wearable and operates with Samsung’s Tizen software. It has a sleek and slim body with a huge library of watch faces. The performance of this watch majorly depends on its 1 GB RAM, which is adequate for the quick loading and processing of apps.

8GB of storage space is more than the previous models and it can be paired with both Android phones and IOS devices.

If you’re finding a smartwatch that enables you to leave your phone behind, there’s also a 4G LTE-ready version, which requires an initial setup for standalone connectivity. You can use online apps and make phone calls while moving.

Samsung again makes a comeback with a physical useful bezel with this watch, it has an AMOLED and vivid display. Its traditional circular face overlooks its high technology but empowers you to enjoy cycling through menus on the screen. Two sizes are available in this watch: 41mm with 20 mm strap and 45mm with 22mm strap.

Furthermore, you have this stylish watch in two sizes, with 41mm for those who prefer small and 45mm for larger display lovers on their wrist. The Samsung Galaxy watch 3 has a dazzling display with 360 x 360-pixel resolutions, perfect for navigation and see the fitness tracking score. This watch is fully protected by Corning Gorilla Glass DX.

It comes in 3 color choices Mystic Black, Mystic Silver, and Mystic Bronze.

According to the high-tech features this watch owns, it has a satisfactory battery with light in weight in comparison to the earlier model. It takes 2.5 hours of time for a full charge. This watch pairs with wireless Qi chargers and it also rapidly gives you a wireless power share feature when pairing with a compatible phone.

The Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 in launched with FDA approved ECG app, which will be very helpful for people having heart-related problems. This watch is also equipped with a stress tracker, blood pressure monitor and serves as a guide for breathing exercises.

This smartwatch is super handy, and it will automatically trigger 7 fitness workout activities. These are cycling, walking, rowing, running, dynamic and elliptical workouts. It will ask swiftly when you completed a workout. Moreover, it tracks your sleep pattern and provides you with your quality sleep score.

The Samsung Health Monitor app in this watch lets you have your PDF ECG report.

  • Reliable and slimmer than original
  • Premium design
  • Rotating bezel
  • Military-grade durability
  • Water-resistant at 5ATM
  • Health companion
  • FDA approved ECG sensor
  • Samsung Pay for contactless Payments
  • 2 days battery
  • Bit pricey
  • Stuck with a conventional look
  • Health apps are not active in all markets

Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 leans more towards lifestyles with fitness upgraded features but comes with a cost. Thus, it is an ideal power and polished smartwatches in the list.

11. Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 – Best for Android


Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 delivers both traditional and sports look in a sleek design. Equipped with 39 workout modes gives the best user experience of Smart writ wear, you can use it with your Samsung phone or any other android smartphone or IOS device. It comes for a nominal price and complements your wrist with its digital bezel.

This watch has vast compatibility with both Android and IOS devices. It runs with Tizen operating system and has 4G and LTE connectivity that allows you to attend calls and read texts on your wrist without pulling out your phone from the pocket.

Galaxy Watch Active 2 is a comfortable fitness watch that holds an AMOLED dazzling and bright display in 40mm and 44mm size, with 360 x 360-pixel resolutions. This watch is noticeably small, easy to use, and provides you with seamless navigation via its digital rotating bezel.

Moreover, it is light in weight despite coming in stainless steel, plus embrace with a huge variety of watch faces.

Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 holds 4 options in colors that are black, pink, gold, and Silver.

The Galaxy Watch active 2 supports long battery life of up to 5 days on a single charge and you can also have an instant boost from your compatible phone with an element of wireless power-sharing.

This stylish watch has a built-in sleep tracker, advanced exercise modes and FDA approved ECG app, which in the diagnosis of Atrial Fibrillation. After updating this watch, you will get trip detection, the latest running metrics, and VO2 Max readings.

  • Gorgeous sophisticated design
  • LTE connectivity
  • Water-resistant up to 50 meters
  • Good battery life
  • Compatible with both Android and IOS devices
  • Offline Spotify storage
  • Variety of automatic fitness features
  • Rotating bezel
  • Two sizes with a bright screen
  • Bluetooth and Wi-Fi
  • Lack of ECG app at the time of its launch
  • Limited apps
  • Limited storage
  • Thick bezel
  • Some features are for a price
  • Glitches in sync with IOS devices

This watch can be an ideal option at a reasonable price with some added minor details and best looks.

12. Fitbit Sense – Best fitness tracker


This is the new top-shelf health watch launched by Fitbit in 2023 with many health and fitness features, most prominent is the FDA-approved ECG sensor for detecting Atrial fibrillation. It’s not just a health tracker but also gives a holistic look at your fitness.

This watch is operated with Fitbit OS software, and it is fully compatible with both Android phones and IOS devices. Moreover, it comes with built-in GPS, a native app store, and voice assistant Alexa.

Fitbit Sense is the most ambitious Watch. It holds a 1.58-inch bright and colorful display and is made of stainless steel. With 360 x 360 pixel resolutions, its display has three brightness settings, that suit most wrists.

Further, it has 2 color options: white/gold and carbon/graphite with silicone straps available in different sizes.

Comparatively, the Fitbit sense watch comes with unique health metrics to provide you with a deeper understanding of health.

  1. Fully capable ECG sensor, to look at the signs of any irregularity in the heartbeat.
  2. Electro-dermal activity (EDA), measures body temperature and quantifies how stressed you are.
  3. Quantify burned Calories, measure the blood oxygen level, and a sleep tracker.

Depending upon the GPS usage and online apps, this smartwatch supports up to 7 days of battery life.

  • Always-on display
  • An AMOLED display
  • Highly reliable and dust-proof
  • Built-in Alexa
  • The Long battery life of 6 days
  • Fitbit Pay for contactless payments
  • Active zone minutes
  • Comprehensive 20 plus sport modes
  • Water-resistant
  • Fast charging with magnetic USB charger
  • Laggy touch screen response
  • Glitches in the use of apps
  • No LTE/cellular support
  • No Spotify storage

The Fitbit Sense smartwatch offers a lot when it comes to your health at a mid-range price as compared to Apple and Samsung watches.

13. Fitbit Versa 3 – Best for GPS Tracking


This is another third-generation fitness motivated smartwatch from the company Fitbit that compliments your wrist with GPS to track your pace and distance in real-time. This watch measures blood oxygen levels via SpO2 senor during sleep as well, which is a useful feature in this COVID-19 pandemic situation.

Fitbit’s Versa 3 is an ideal option for fitness lovers, as inspires you to ride and run without having a phone in your hand. Moreover, this smartwatch is lightweight and comfortable to wear on your wrist.

This smartwatch runs with Tizen software and pairs seamlessly with Android and IOS phones, thus enabling you to receive calls, texts, and social media notifications. Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 4.1 connections make your hands free to call and send voicemails.

Fitbit versa 3 has a vivid and colorful 1.58-inch AMOLED display with 336 x 336-pixel resolutions with different band sizes. Its case is made of aluminum with 1.4 ounces in weight this watch is a comfort to wear.

This smartwatch provides you integrated Google Voice Assistant or Amazon Alexa to control music, adjust volume, get quick news, set reminders, and moreover, you can simply control your home smart appliances from your wrist.

This watch is available in two colors that are midnite blue and gold.

Like Fitbit Sense, Fitbit versa 3 also gives you a PDF report of fitness stats, so that you consult with your health care professional in a better way. This watch tracks your heart rate 24/7 through its advanced heart rate monitor.

Quality sleep is becoming a trend of a healthy life, Fitbit versa 3 monitor your sleep during the night. If you don’t have adequate quality sleep this watch guides you with built-in programs to improve your rest time and even nutritional diet.

This smartwatch facilitates you with a 90-day free Premium trial package by Fitbit with personalized insights and guided exercise programs for new Premium users and it has more than 20 workout modes.

Fitbit versa 3 supports fast charging and claimed to charge your 100 % phone in 60 minutes and the battery of this watch will last for more than 6 days.

  • Attractive design
  • Large and always-On display
  • Fast charging battery and last for days
  • While sleeping measure blood oxygen level
  • Workout intensity maps on the Fitbit app.
  • Built-in GPS, speaker, and microphone
  • Supports Alexa, Google voice assistant, and Spotify
  • Supports Fitbit Pay
  • Lightweight on the wrist
  • You can store and play music also on Deezer and Pandora
  • Onboard music storage
  • Voice assistant
  • Spotify is not available offline
  • Poor side button
  • Unresponsive screen sometimes

Hence, Fitbit Versa 3 comes in the mid-range price category mainly for fitness-tracking purposes with a stylish, colorful display and premium design.

14. Garmin Vivoactive 4 – Solid Body


The Garmin Vivoactive 4 is a well-rounded, rock-solid smartwatch with a lustrous, sleek, and more compact design without a bezel. This smartwatch also leans towards health and fitness with those who love music, they can download songs from Spotify and Deezer.

This smartwatch offers integration with both Android and IOS devices. You can receive calls and messages from your contacts and media apps. It also supports Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connections.

This smartwatch offers you two sizes, one is 40mm and the other with a larger screen is 45mm. So, it appeals to a broad variety of people. In this smartwatch, you will also get a second side button that is a shortcut for preferred workouts for start and stop. In this way, you don’t have to use your touch screen with wet or sweaty fingers.

The other lower side button of this analog watch is for coming back when you are in-app. Moreover, if you long-press this button, it will quickly lead you to watch faces, activity history, and clock. Garmin Vivoactive 4 has a circular LCD touch screen, with a bright display to see fitness stats in direct sunlight..

The company gives you vast color choice options, which are black with a black band, light gold with a light pink band, Rose gold with the white band, Silver with a grey band

Garmin watches always support great battery life and this tradition continues in this watch also. This smartwatch battery life lasts up to 8 days in smartwatch mode whereas, up to 4 days in GPS and music playback. The transflective memory in this watch is the main reason for its long-lasting battery. Further, it also facilitates you with the features of fast charging.

Garmin Vivoaactive 4 has 20 preloaded exercise apps and it is more useful for distance runners because in this watch you can amazingly create plans for workouts and track them. Garmin also guides you with animated yoga, Pilates, and cardio exercises to strengthen your body.

Moreover, it provides you respiration tracking, heart rate monitor, measures blood oxygen saturation level, and sleep, tracker.

  • Offline Spotify playback
  • Two-button navigation
  • Comes in 2 sizes
  • Fall detection
  • Trainer for 5k and 10k marathon
  • Great battery time
  • Animated workouts
  • Precise and quick GPS
  • Can be personalized
  • Garmin Pay for smooth checkouts
  • 1.28 ounces in weight
  • Occasional syncing issues
  • Convoluted app installation process
  • Sleep tracker’s reading can be improved
  • No separate tracking option for hiking

The Garmin Vivoactive 4 offers onboard storage capability with a lot of smart, health, and wellness features, which certifies it to be an ideal smart device for people today.

15. Fossil Sport – All in one


Over the last few years, Fossil Company made its space in the tech market with a lot of expertise culminating in the premium design smartwatch. This watch lets you receive your calls, messages, and smartphone notifications on your wrist.

Fossil featured with Snapdragon Wear 3100 chipset and Quad-core processor with the speed of 1.2GHz that offers powerful and best experience than the previous Wear OS watches. This watch is operated with Wear OS by Google and is compatible with both Android and IOS. Other wireless connections include Wi-Fi and Bluetooth

This smartwatch is a combination of performance and value in the mid-range as compared to other smartwatches in the list, which primarily focus on fitness and workouts. Fossil Sport is a 40% more lightweight smartwatch than the other which is made of an aluminum case together with an 18mm and 22mm silicone strap that would not absorb sweat.

This is a durable and attractive smartwatch with a 41mm AMOLED display having 390 x 390-pixel resolutions. The watch holds a touch screen with a brighter display and you can also customize watch faces and choose a color from a wide range of options according to your style.

This lightweight watch embraces many health features and serves as the best gym companion. You can monitor your workout, speed, and distance and even during swimming. This smartwatch has a heart rate tracker to monitor your pulse.

This smartwatch holds GPS and facilitates with you magnetic USB rapid charger which charges your smartwatch up to 80% in an hour. The battery life lasts up to 2 days on a single charge. The battery life of the smartwatch can be extended for more days depending on smart battery modes.

  • IP68 certified
  • Lightweight design
  • Powerful watch
  • 4GB Onboard storage
  • Google Pay
  • Interchangeable strap bands
  • LED flashlight
  • Built-in microphone and speaker
  • Music control
  • Alerts and reminders
  • Weather notifications
  • A little pricey
  • GPS can be slow
  • Lack of high-end features

Fossil Sport is an incredible smart wristwear for fitness-focused people. Nevertheless, this high price smartwatch is coupled with the ultra-light design, especially for a gym companion and it would be tough to find a better alternative.

16. Fossil Gen 5 Carlyle – Best Budget Watch


Since 1984, Fossil Company made a great reputation in the tech market with the introduction of eye-catching smartwatches which are loaded with the latest features and great performance at a reasonable price.

This Smartwatch operates with Wear OS by Google, So, this is compatible with both iPhone devices and Android Phones. The watch has an amazing fast chipset of Snapdragon Wear 3100 together with 1GB of RAM offers fast performance and that makes the watch demanded to buy on the list.

Fossil Gen 5 Carlyle is a stylish and sleek watch that holds an AMOLED display screen with 328ppi pixel resolution and offers you great readability in direct sunlight. The watch has a 44mm display size combined with a 22mm band. The watchband can be interchanged with other Fossil 22mm bands.

Moreover, this watch has seven options of bezel/band with a huge range of classic stainless steel cases to the black silicone rugged look.

This smartwatch enables smooth checkouts with the feature of Google Play. This watch also has a heart rate sensor to track your pulse rate via the Google Fit app. Moreover, you can also give commands from your wrist as this watch is equipped with a Google voice assistant.

This watch is equipped with 3 battery modes that are Daily, Extended, and Time only. However, the battery life of the smartwatch depends on the usage in these modes. It also saves your time with a fast-charging feature that enables you to charge up to 80% within 1 hour.

  • Long battery life
  • Google pay
  • Stylish design
  • Fast performance
  • You can customize your watch face with thousands of options
  • Three battery modes
  • Water-resistant up to 3ATM
  • Poor quality of speakers
  • Buttons on the side sometimes protrude with gloves

Fossil Gen 5 Carlyle is a decent smartwatch for seamless and smooth communication, has many health and fitness features made specifically for those people who prefer basic health features at an affordable price.

17. TicWatch Pro 3


Mobvoi TicWatch Pro 3 is the latest big yet sleek and stylish wearable to watch. Mobvoi Company made their space in the tech market with successful marketing strategies by focusing on fast and high-end features and on the other hand cutting down expenses on the apparent body.

TicWatch Pro 3 is a sophisticated smartwatch having basic workout and heath features, specially made for those who can compromise on some features yet save some cash.

TicWatch Pro 3 is one of the best smartwatches powered by Wear OS by Google. It has fast and quick Snapdragon Wear 4100 Platform combined with 1GB of RAM. It facilitates you from receiving calls, messages, and email notifications previews to workout tracking without a hitch.

This versatile smartwatch featured with 1.4-inch OLED display and is considered one of the market’s premium smartwatches at a much cheaper price. It is made of stainless steel bezel, has a vivid and sharp display with 2 screen display modes that are Smart and Essential.

TicWatch Pro 3 is the Ultimate Fitness partner and quality sleep monitor. The watch supports 6 exercise moods embraced with Tic pulse technology to track your heart rate 24/7 and notifies you in any abnormal conditions relates to your pulse rate.

However, TicMotion technology quickly tracks your movement and monitors your workout activities. It further tracks your sleep pattern and provides your sleep score.

This smartwatch excels in speed and looks having the latest dual-layered screen technology. This is one of the major reasons for extended battery life for 45 days in essential mode whereas; the battery life lasts for 3 days in Smart mode.

  • Durable design
  • Waterproof and IP68 certified
  • Different battery modes
  • Long battery time in essential mode
  • Built-in GPS
  • Google Pay for contactless payments
  • Light in weight
  • NFC payment
  • Fast chipset
  • Crisp and high-resolution display
  • No 4G /LTE
  • Lack of Impressive battery life in smart mode
  • Sometimes poor interface
  • Sleep tracking is not that great

Mobvoi TicWatch Pro 3 is a refined and sleek smartwatch with a matte finish on the case in black color. The watch has a thin bezel and a glossy dial combined with silicone interchangeable bands and fitness features. This is all and you will get at a low range price as compared to the chunkier rivals.

18. Amazfit Bip U – Good Battery life


Amazfit Bip U is featured with different designs and an advanced transflective display that majorly supports its long battery life. Lightweight with 31 grams comfortable on your wrist. You can wear it during workouts and sleep at night for monitoring. Further, you can customize your watch with 4 built-in watch faces.

Amazfit Bip U is powered by Amazfit OS and is compatible with Android phones and IOS devices. You can further customize its watch face with the 40 plus option visa Zepp app.

This smartwatch has a large 1.43-inch HD square screen display, which offers more information than the round watch face. Its ultra-light design supports you to achieve peak performance without even feeling this watch on your wrist.

Amazefit Bip U holds 320 x 320-pixel resolutions with a TFT color screen display which is protected with 2.5D Gorilla Glass 3. Moreover, you can also detach the silicone rubber straps. You can choose a color from 3 available options: Black, Pink, and Green.

This smartwatch has exceptional 9 days long battery life. The watch intensely optimizes with power consumption technology to give long-lasting battery life and you can easily avoid frequent charges.

Amazfit Bip U features an accurate heart rate sensor, that measures the blood oxygen level, sleep and stress tracker, step counter that guides you with breathing exercises. Menstrual cycle tracking, to predict and record the cycle and notifies you with reminders.

  • More than 60 sports modes
  • 50 meters water resistant
  • Super light weight design
  • Camera and music control
  • Weather forecast
  • World clock
  • Gyroscope
  • Accelerometer
  • Anti-fingerprint coating
  • Lack of third party app support
  • Cheap build quality

A smartwatch with good touch screen response and amazing features with a long-lasting battery is a pretty impressive smartwatch is a must-buy option.

19. Fitbit Versa Lite


This is easy to use a designed watch with one button on the side. You can create many looks with its accessory bands. It comes at a low price with some features dropped. This watch connects with your phone with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

Fitbit Versa Lite is powered by Fitbit OS software. This watch is compatible with both Android and IOS devices. You can get calls and texts when your phone is nearby.

This smart wristwatch holds an LCD touch screen with 300 x 300-pixel resolutions. It has a bright and colorful screen with a thick bezel to navigate the Fitbit apps and functions.

This smartwatch tracks day and night. It holds a heart rate sensor to discover your cardio health level and helps to evaluate your calorie burn. Further, it calculates real-time distance and pace and recognizes exercise workouts for you. As a health companion to women as well, this smartwatch helps to track patterns and trends of periods through the Fitbit app.

Fitbit Versa Lite featured 4 days of battery life and charge with a magnetic connecting pin.

  • More than 15 exercise modes
  • Bands can be replaced
  • Solid battery life
  • Low price
  • Small and comfortable design
  • Water-resistant up to 50 meters
  • Lack of onboard storage
  • No GPS
  • No Fitbit Pay
  • Lacks on-screen workouts

If you don’t want to spend a big amount on a smart wrist wearable then Fitbit Versa Lite is an ideal choice at a reasonable price with all necessary health features.

The best smartwatches buying guide

Are you thinking about buying a smartwatch that makes you stand out in the crowd but confused among dozens of brands with different looks and tons of specifications?

Well, don’t worry, we did intense research that you’ll love to read before making your final decision and help you choose from the countless brands the best one that perfectly matches your personality and lives up to your expectations.

In today’s world, where technology has become part and parcel of our lives and made our lives comfortable, smartwatches are no more just wearable devices that tell you time and notify you about the calls and messages but can do a lot more than that. They are now equipped with unique features like a mini smartphone and perform small tasks while away from your phone, your fitness trainer, health guide, and (GPS) location tracker; it has become a digital companion wrapped around your wrist.

Buying guide for the smartwatches 2023

Smart wearables are a fantastic alternative of smartphones wrapped around on one’s wrist that can have features such as GPS tracker, portable media players, fitness and wellness trackers, call or text message alerts, thermometer, oximeter, and loads of more. After analyzing the Smartwatch’s features and specifications, I can say that there are many things you should keep in mind before opting for the best Smartwatch that suits your style, budget, and personality. A smartwatch is something you carry every day, so it should be comfortable and versatile. Features are also significant and should be considered before making a final purchase.

For buyer’s convenience, we made a list of things that should be considered:

How much are you willing to spend on a smartwatch (Budget):

Setting your budget goal is the first thing you should think about. After making up your mind to buy a smartwatch, you must keep in mind the money you want to spend on your smart wearable because the price will make the difference in the features, quality, design, specifications, and many more things.

Some Luxury smartwatches will cost you more than your most expensive smartphones if you want a premium one, then it will cost between $500 – $300 and don’t belittle if you’re going to spend $200 to $100 on this smart device because many brands offer decent features at this price too.


It is imperative to match your smartphone’s compatibility with the intelligent smartwatches you want to purchase. Some smartwatches are compatible with iPhones, many with android, and a few with both. Like our best-seller, the apple watch series 7 is the best in terms of features and specifications, but it is not worth buying if you don’t have an iPhone. Our second-best Galaxy watch 4 is compatible with only android phones. Few smartwatches don’t support all of their features over some smartphones. So must 1study the compatibility of your Smartwatch with your smartphone.

Quality and Design:

After checking the compatibility of your Smartwatch, the next important thing is the design and quality you prefer according to your comfortability and the way you carry your Smartwatch. Many people like to wear smartwatches as a fitness tracker, or many like them as traditional watches. Some want to use them in everyday life in offices, at the workout, and so forth. So, the design and quality selection matter a lot.

Many smart wearables provide you with different attributes.

If we talk about the bands specifically: it comes in various materials like stainless steel, platinum, leather, silicon, ceramic and Nylon fabric. You can personalize bands also. Still, the choice is limited once you purchase your Smartwatch.

The display screen should be waterproof and ensure the depth it covers; some brands offer 5m some 50m. The display screen size must match your wrist to snug and look stylish. Thanks to personalizing watch faces technology, now you can change watch faces according to your attire and mood. So, you have to choose wisely.

Health, wellness, fitness functions:

Health and fitness features are significant for fitness freaks, elders, and other health-conscious people. Almost all smartwatch brands offer basic features like heart rate, saturation level, deep sleep checker, and sports features like running, climbing, following up distance, playing, and setting different sports goals. Your watch could record all of them and put your performance goals.

But the main thing you should analyze is its accuracy because many smartwatches come with the same feature but do not deliver accuracy.

User interference and other features of the Smartwatch:

A smartwatch is a mini-computer on your wrist; current smartwatches give a local touch screen interface for daily use. Some smartwatches use Wear OS, some iOS. Some brand focuses on looks and some on built-in function and features. So, it is your choice to go for looks only or features. Before buying a smartwatch, you should go through its basic notification features, built-in GPS, AMOLED screen, watch faces personalization, call and massage receiving, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity, and so forth.

Battery Life:

It is the last option but not the least because a smartwatch is something you carry all day. Some of you might also track your sleep at night, so the battery of your smartwatch is the most important thing. Many brands claim long battery life. Many hybrid smartwatches could work months without charging, but with an always-on display and all smart functions working, your watch may not run a day-long or two. The most extended battery life is three days. You may also check the faster battery charging option. So, choose the one which will give you desired battery life.

Our Final Verdict

After reading the buying guide, I hope you select the best smart wearable according to your preference and personality. It will not only help you understand and set your goals to make a final decision but also, you’ll learn about various brands of smartwatches and their capabilities.

The last call is yours. “Happy shopping.”